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Any chance anyone knows what custom field names are so I can export and verify what notices I have left? thanks


Here are the post meta field keys: _availability_instock_notification _availability_lowstock_notification _availability_outofstock_notification _availability_backorder_notification

I hope this helps you. :)

Thanks and God bless!

Yes it does, thank you and have a great thanksgiving! :)

You’re welcome! Happy Thanksgiving as well! :)


reboot Purchased

Do you know a SQL query we can run to basically reset this so we can start fresh? I deactivated this a while ago due to some issues and now want to use it again but don’t want to comb through products to see what statuses they were left with?

Please look @ this screencast:

It’s still not working on WP 4.9.1 – Woo 3.2.5 and WAN 1.2

Don’t know what I did wrong for you to not respond to my support questions anymore, but you should still try and support this plugin!

I have a questions, I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not. A little background for clarification. We are a retailer, we have a retail store, and our shipping warehouse separate, we use Woocommerce inventory management for tracking in stock quantities in our retail store only, warehouse inventory is tracked in a different unrelated system….

Woocommerce settings are Enable Stock Mngmt On, low stock threshold is 0, out of stock threshold is 0, stock display is “never show quantity remaining in stock” and I have a custom message in in stock notification that says “In Stock – Store – Available for same day shipping or pickup” and in the out of stock field I have “In Stock – Warehouse – Available for same day shipping only”

On the individual products, I have “Enable stock management at product level” checked, then the stock quantity, allow back orders set to “allow” and stock status set to “in stock”. I need them this way because if I change in stock, to out of stock, it disabled their ability to buy online, and if I change back orders to not allow, it tells them the item is back ordered (which it’s not) EDIT If I change the item to stock status “out of stock” I get the out of stock message, but the add to cart button goes away”, also if I change it to back order not allowed, I also get the out of stock message, but I need back orders allowed because it’s not really a back order.

With these settings as is, if there’s a positive number in the stock quantity, I get my In stock – Store message I want, when the inventory quantity goes to 0, I get no message at all.. What can I do to get it to display my “out of stock” message when quantity is zero, but stock status is set to “in stock” and back orders on “allow?

If it’s on our website, the items are in stock, I just need stock status to let people know if it’s on the shelf in our store, or if we’ll be shipping from our warehouse.

I hope this makes sense, I’m sorry it’s so long

So yeah… There’s no support for this plugin. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy it.

I need a way to also update the Cart text – for backorders, it still shows “available for backorder”

There is no support for this plugin

Hi, how do I get support on this item? I purchased the plugin but it does not recognise, Low Stock and Out of Stock items, so those message don’t come through. My setup appears correct, so not sure what is causing the problem, can you help? Cheers.

Hello fourfoot,

Can you please message me your site and site credentials on the contact form here in CodeCanyon so I can check?

Thanks and God bless!

Hi, thanks for the reply, i’ve sent the credentials in the form. Please let me know your findings. Cheers, Miles


our error log is being inundated with the following:

22-Mar-2018 15:52:48 UTC] PHP Notice: WC_Product::get_total_stock is deprecated since version 3.0! Use get_stock_quantity on each child. Beware of performance issues in doing so. instead. in /home/xx/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3839 [22-Mar-2018 15:52:48 UTC] PHP Notice: The woocommerce_stock_html filter is deprecated since version ! Use woocommerce_get_stock_html instead. in /home/xx/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3839

Can you please update the plugin to use the newer WC function names please?


Hi – any update on this?

Has this plugin been abandoned?

Hi there,

I have your WooCommerce Availability plugin and its great. However we need the message in the product page to show in the cart. At present it is only showing the generic – backorder?

Can you please sort this asap – Thanks



Hi there, I left a message on Saturday.

Can you please tell me how we can have the order message on the Cary and checkout page. At the moment we only have the default Backorder notice.


This is super urgent – Thanks!


Hi! One pre-sale question.

Is it possible to add different backorder notifications for different products in the “view cart” page? Some of our products are backordered every 2 weeks, some of them every 4 weeks. Can I indicate this by product basis?


Nick615 Purchased

Hi there!

I just wanted to know if it’s possible to hide the message when the product is in stock? I only want a message to show if the product is out of stock (to show the relevant backorder information).

Thanks! Nick

Hello Nick615,

Yes, you can hide the message for in stock with a CSS. Can you please message me via my contact form with your site details?

Thanks and God bless!


jukka18 Purchased

Hi there,

I have been using your plugin on our site:

and have noticed the following issue with some variants having the following error although set up like all other backorders:

Enabled Manage Stock Allow Backorders Notify Customer Back Order notification – ship in 4-5 days

It is showing:

Sorry, this product is unavailable. Please choose a different combination.

Yet it is set up exactly as everything else that is working. If you update the product and don’t actually change anything it starts to work again?

Do you have any idea what this is the case we have over 6000 products and this is proving to be very worrying.

Can you please advise asap – thanks



Steve141 Purchased

Hi The out of stock notification should appear where? I have downloaded this plugin and ticked on the out of stock notification but it is nowhere to be seen on the product pages.

Hello Steve141,

Thanks for purchasing the plugin.

You can find the Out of Stock notification message when a product goes out of stock in your WooCommerce via the Single product page. You can tweak the messages in WooCommerce Settings under Products then Inventory settings or under Single product settings.

If you are still having issues, please send me your site details via the CodeCanyon contact form so I can directly check it on my end.

Thanks and God bless!

I just purchased this product yet I am unable to get the stock notifications to show on items. Is there special coding needed? Where do I edit the notification colors, etc?

Hello mamick6012,

May be your WooCommerce shop wasn’t enable to do Inventory Management settings. You can enable this at WooCommerce > Settings > Product > Inventory to enable product inventory management.

You can change the colors at: WooCommerce > Settings > Product > Inventory

Thanks and God bless!