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Hello, Does this plugin create users during regular purchases by customers? That is the feature I am seeking. Or does this plugin only create WP users when an order is manually entered?

WooCommerce does this already, our plugin extends the fields and enables you to create additional info when creating the customer user.

I don’t fully understand the purpose of this plugin. Does it remove the “Create an Account” option from the checkout page and automatically create a new account if the purchaser’s email is not an existing user?

I purchased your other plugin WooCommerce Additional Checkout Fields and saw this plugin as option to extend it’s functionality…

To save data into the user fields on the backend and frontend, you need our WooCommerce Automatic Customer Creation plugin

On the frontend yes, on backend no ;)

I think I understand now. This plugin automatically creates a new user when “someone from my company” manually enters an order in the backend. This is foreign to me because we never create orders for customers. I did not know that you could even do this from the backend.

That’s it! You can, and many people do it ;-)

what about customer login password? does it send automatically?

Yes, the customer get an email with a link to choose the password.


Couple of things: 1- The documentation file is not there, I click to see the documentation and its 404.

2- If I have a multilanguage website, the plugin is not useful because when the customer clicks to set there password it always sends the default language link, and not the proper language. (I’m using wpml)

Hello Tigre,

1) We will take a look into whats going on.

2) We will also take that into account in a future release.

Thank you so much for your input!

i want to send sms notification for username and password.

Hello umerrock,

That is not possible right now. Passwords change notifications are made by email only.

But if you need send us an email to hi@hellodev.us for custom dev. Thanks!

the plugin works as it actually creates the users but I have got 2 problems 1. The user created is not automatically assigned to the order 2. the link contains links in english, we need to translate the “here” word Please advise on both problems thanks a lot

Hello andresasc,

We have already launched a new version regarding your reported issues. Until we launch a new one you can personalize the link as you need on:

- Line 142 of includes/hd_wooacc_customer.php.

Best regards.

Hey im still waiting for the update, Ive got tons of orders without a customer assigned, is there anyway to assign customers to orders in bulk?? thanks

Hello andresasc,

We’ve launched an update on September 24th regarding the issues you raised.

That feature is a little out of the scope of our plugin, but there might be a plugin that does that here or at the WordPress plugin repository.

Best regards.

What about creating a new user while checkout with another user? For example: Lets assume that we have a salesman user. He/she logged in to front-end and purchased a product for his/her customer. But in the meantime our salesman have created a new profile for his/her customer as well.. What about this scenario?

Hello ugurterzi,

That scenario seems to call for a different plugin altogether. One that creates an account and logs in that precise account before creating a order associated with that customer.

Our plugin right now allows automatic customer creation on backend orders.

Best regards.

Are we able to search by name for customers in the back end?

Hello Caseyu27,

I don’t believe I follow, can you elaborate? WooCommerce allows you to search customers on the backend. Our plugin creates a new customer when creating a order on the backend and a user does not exists.

Best regards.

Looks great. Best of luck with sales

Thank you for the kind words :)


NunoAreias Author Team

Hello andrew55,

Currently it is not.

Best regards.

Woocommerce subscriptions compatibility?


NunoAreias Author Team

Hello Carla,

Currently it is not fully compatible no.

Thank you so much for your interest.

Best regards.

O plugin ainda funciona com as versões mais recentes de Wordpress e Woocommerce em PHP7?