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1. Can this plugin auto apply a coupon for example if the cart quantity is greater than 1?

Thanks, Sachin

Never mind my previous question, just used the minimum purchase rule. But how to remove the auto applied coupon or any or all coupon applied when the user empties the cart?

Currently when the user empties and then adds a product it shows the auto applied coupon label and value as blank. But soon as the minimum purchase amount is met the value is reflected.

I just want the applied coupons to be cleared as soon as the cart is emptied. Kindly help. Thanks.

Hello 6spins. We are glad you solved the problem with the minimum amount. Regarding to your second question, it doesn’t matter what is in the cart or the amount of money that is in the cart, the coupons will be applied only if their conditions are met. If one of the conditions is not met, the coupon becomes invalid. Just make sure you click “Update Cart” when you make changes, this is how Woocommerce work. We hope this makes sense, if you still have problems, send us your website and the scenario you are using so we can make some tests. Thanks, AlexMillerDev


I need on my woocommerce site, when peoples’ spending has reached some certain amount, no time limit, or with time limit, they will automatically get some certain discount for their next buy.

Does this plugin deliver this task?


Hello aguskc Sorry but our plugin doesn’t perform this taks.

Hi Alex, thanks.. I saw that it can give certain discount when people spend some certain amount …? I think I can use that too….

No problem. Of course, you can use our plugin for the first discount.


Would either of these scenerio work:

If customer has purchased 10 or more items within the last month take 5% off their order.


If customer has spent $1000 in the last month take 5% off their order

Hello likedbydesign, sorry for the late response. Yes both of the scenarios work, you just have to setup the coupons. Cheers.

Great… just noticed it only works on Woocommerce 2.3

I have 2.0 and cant upgrade due to custom work.


Would this work if i wanted to just give a specific customer 10% loyalty every time they checkout?

Hello. Unfortunately our plugin doesn’t offer this possibility because Woocommerce coupons don’t have this feature by default.

Hi, before I get the plugin can I just check, is it possible to auto add say 10% discount only for new registered users?

Hello @sabrinasg, you can only autoload coupons that can be created in Woocommerce. You cannot do such coupon in default Woocommerce. I am afraid our plugin cannot help you.

Hi, i have to download 3000 coupon codes from an excel file and apply it for one or two products. Is it possible? thanks