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You demo is down.

What are you trying to do?

8 products versions on one product page that allows for the customer to purchase as individuals or as a subscription… allowing mix and match. But if they purchase a subscription they can’t purchase the individual version.

Yeah, sounds like you may need a custom solution!


Hey there! I like your variable product attributes plugin and want to buy it, however had one question.

On selecting a different color variation on product page, instead of just changing the image on the page, can we redirect visitor to that color product page with all the images. This makes product / inventory management a lot easier.

Check this site for example: https://biink.com/products/biink-athleisure-hoodie-black?variant=18585063301

On choosing different color it actually redirects visitor to that page. Which is perfect!

Please advise.


Hey, no – I’m afraid not. However, I have considered making a plugin for this before. Drop me a line at support@iconicwp.com if you want to discuss further!

I did your update but this is the error:

Fatal error: Class ‘Iconic_WBP_Licence’ not found

Hey yes, sorry about that – got an update in the queue but waiting for Envato to approve. Drop me an email to support@iconicwp.com and I can send it over.

Hi, I updated and it isn’t working now

Hey, yes, there’s an issue with the update. Got a patch in the queue, but it’s a slow approval process.

Hi, I am working on the site of a customer who bought your plugin. Swatch type has been set to “default” which shows a tooltip on desktop and they like that. But on mobile you need an extra “click / tap” as the 1st tap shows the tooltip & the 2nd tap selects the requested variation. Is there a way to skip that tooltip on mobile (but keep it on desktop)? Example: https://www.anubiscare.be/product/behandelstoel-munchen-olympic-4-deluxe/

Thanks! Jurgen

Hey Jurgen,

Thanks for the info – I’ve noticed that too and will release a fix in the next version. Drop me a line at support@iconicwp.com and I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Great!! :-)

I would like to make the image swatches larger, so it’s easier for customers to see it. How can I do that?

Hey, what version are you on?

I just got the newest version to work (there were errors when trying to connect to your new recommended website) and found the settings in the Attribute. All set. Thanks!

Hey, yeah – sorry about that. Glad you’re sorted!