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Hi. Can you please tell me which bulk importer plugin is able to export the swatch images? At the moment I’m using a different swatches plugin (Variation Swatches and Photos) but when I use any exporting plugin every field is exported apart from the swatch images. I want to buy your plugin but first need to know this very important detail. Thanks!

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sorry for the repetitions. Internet glitch I have tried wpallimport with the existing plugin I have – not with yours. Are you please able to do a quick test from your end just to see if it will export the swatch image files so I can buy your plugin? If the test in negative then please just please tell me the field type and I’ll do more research. Thanks

Hey, I’m afraid I can’t run the test at the moment. However, happy to give a refund if you can’t get it to work.

Does this plugin work with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin(https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-subscriptions/) ?

Hey, I wouldn’t have thought they’d really interfere with each other!

Hi James, I had an issue with the latest update. The option “Show swatch in catalog” is not available in the product meta page anymore. All options available are Swatch Type, Swatch Shape, Enable Tooltips?, Show Large Preview?. Therefore, I cannot override the swatch setting for each product.

Please help to check.

Hey, Yes, I had to remove the show in catalog per product override as it was causing some issues. Is it something you required?

I find that option “show in catalogue” extremely useful. Without it, I cannot show the attribute in the catalogue if I override it in the product options. Hope you can bring it back in the next version. Currently I rolled back to version and it works fine.

Hello, I want to make it more simple for UI/UX! May you help me? https://s28.postimg.org/982c50pvx/user_interface_simple.jpg

Hi i have your plugin but am looking at a way of making the swatch images on the front end appear on the page a bit bigger, currently they are a bit small, i have enabled the tooltips which shows a slightly bigger preview but as a lot of our swatches are going to be fabrics they need to be big enough to see the detail. Is there a way of adjusting the swatches on the front end so that when clicked on you can see a bigger size image?

Can i please get some feedback on this?

Hey, it’s possible with some CSS, but I’m also going to add sizing as an option. just debating the best way to do it, as I don’t want to bloat the options panel!

PRE-SALE question!

Hi guys, your plugin looks good, before I replace our current one, I have few questions:

1. if using text labels like small, medium etc…, and a variation is out of stock, does your plugin shows it somehow to the visitor EVEN BEFORE they click on any size label?

2. is your plugin compatible with https://codecanyon.net/item/woowaitlist-woocommerce-back-in-stock-notifier/7103373 ?
I am asking this, because when a variation is out of stock and the user clicks on the out of stock label, then the Woowaitlist opens a contact field to subscribe for re-stock notifications… Just checking if clicking on out of stock labels works with your plugin…

3. If I use variations like S M L XL XXL 3XL 4XL, is it possible to make all swatches the exactly same width?

4. If using text swatches, is it possible to have the swatches’ shapes NOT rounded (like on your demo age), instead straight rectangular / square?

Thanks in advance! Micheal


1. In some cases, yes, in others, it will only say it’s out of stock once all options are selected. It basically replaces the select fields exactly as they are, so runs off the core Woo method. If you select Blue, and S is not available, S will be greyed out. The user could still click it and choose another colour, should they wish to.

2. I can’t say for sure, but I can’t see why not. As above, it only replaces the select fields.

3. You could do this quite easily with a line of CSS!

4. Again, CSS would sort this quite easily! (I can provide once installed).

Thanks, James

Hi there. Presale question: My products can have up to 5 added elements. Each one has a set of up to 100 attributes to pick from. Does your plugin allow for this kind of setup? thanks!

Yep, whatever Woo can handle, the plugin can handle!