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Do you have a backend demo I can try, by chance? Thank you.

Hey, sorry I don’t! But can give a refund if it doesn’t work out for you.

Hi, Plugin does not appear in the product category. I make a ticket https://iconicwp.ticksy.com/ticket/1096419/

Hey, you should have had an answer now. Speak soon!

Hello, before buying, I’d like to know if it is possible to display the colour swatches on the shop page only? I want to keep the dropdown in the single product page.

Thank you

You could probably do it if you dequeue the scripts via your theme’s functions.php file!

And would you be able to help me with that?

Yes, should be able to! Just submit a support request at https://iconicwp.ticksy.com along with your WP logins (where applicable!).


I’ve activated and are using the plugin at http://northtwentytwo.com/store/page/2/

However, the function “Catalog Swatch Method” -> Change product image does not work, could you guys please assist?


I think this is to do with how your theme adds images to the catalog pages. Try submitting a ticket at iconicwp.ticksy.com with Wp logins and I’ll take a look!

Hi, i’ve started a ticket already, please check and get back to me!

Really appreciate it!

Hi, I submitted a ticket last week as I cannot get the swatches to show on the “shop”page as per the demo. can you please respond ASAP? thanks :)

Hey, sorry – hopefully get onto it in the next few hours!

Still having the same problem as bonjourescargot, please see my ticket again :)

Will check!


I want you to be able to select the attribute (size or color) of the products and to be added to the cart without leaving the product page


don´t undestand, could you explain?

Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re asking!

OK sorry,

Inside the page of a specific product I need to select in the cross sale the size or color without leaving the product page.

In your example appears in the cross selling select option and when you click you are redirected to the page of that product. I do not want to leave the main page

Do you understand?

Hi! I’d like to order your plugin, but i’ve got some questions about the images.

Let’s say I sell a silver box with white cover, but it’s also available in gold and black with different covers.

Is it possible to hide the images that aren’t the selected color? And is it possible to have multiple images for each color (from different angles)?

And if not, is it possible to hide all the thumbnails for the images and have just the selected color visible?

Thanks a lot!

Hey, I think I understand, but want to be clear. Could you prepare a mockup of how you’d want it to look?

Here’s what I’m looking to do (I realize your plugin alone won’t do this – perhaps you can point me to other plugins that would be complementary):
  • Product catalog mode (no price or cart/checkout)
  • variations with swatches, dependent variations (select one kind of wood, have those stain options appear with swatches), multiple variations (drop downs in addition to previously listed), custom variation section where people can type their own things in
  • request for quote / add to quote with using the variations
Can you help??

Hey, there’s potential I could help (working on some similar things!). Drop me a line at support@iconicwp.com and we can discuss :)

Hi I can see your size was as a text swatche, is that adaptive, I mean the name of my products are long, and can they be listed vertical Wish to hear from you soon.

Basically I am using woo-tours if this plugin doesn’t work with my current website(woo-tour). Can I apply refund? Or do you have a demo website I can test my plugin? Thanks

Hey, yeah with a little CSS we should be able to do vertical stacking. Happy to give refunds if we can’t make it work for you!

good plugin, I was wondering if it is possible to set the attribute for all products in bulk, I meant to say Global settings to apply specific attribute for all products under specific category, this would be helpful and useful for stores having thousands of products
thank you

Hey, you can set your swatch settings on a global attribute level, but not per category. unless you use an attribute with the same label, but different slug for each category?

Please, can we hide swatches that are out of stock?

Ok, i realize that i can disable variation that won’t be sold anymore… but swatches of disabled variation still showing at catalog