WooCommerce Apply Coupons Automatically

WooCommerce Apply Coupons Automatically

WooCommerce Apply Coupons Automatically allows you to link your coupons to users, roles and/or groups. They will then get the coupon automatically applied on the cart or at checkout.

This way you can easily use the power of WooCommerce default coupons to create instant discounts for:

  • Merchants, resellers…
  • Registered customers (for Free Shipping)
  • Special sales (Black Friday, Cyber Monday)
  • or just good friends of yours

Main Features

  • Easy to use
  • Select users or/and roles
  • Support for “Groups
  • Combine multiple coupons
  • Set a custom label for the coupon
  • Activate/deactivate the automatic mechanism
  • Restrict coupons to selected users/roles/groups only


We believe in strong support. Just use the comment form to contact us. Also, please contact us before rating less than 5 stars to get your problems solved ;)

Installation and Updating

See our installation and updating documentation.

Upgrading to 2.0

Please check your configuration after updating to version 2.0.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Create a test customer
  2. Create an arbitrary coupon
    1. For instance for 10% cart discount
    2. Activate the automatic coupon applying
    3. Assign the user through the “User(s)” selection
  3. Login with your test customer
  4. Put some products into the cart
  5. Check your cart or checkout



20% discount for dealers


Free shipping for registered users


Example cart for free shipping


Example cart with two different coupons applied


Example cart for dealer discount


2.0.1 (14 March 2018)

  • Checked compatibility with latest WooCommerce (3.3.3)
  • Improved internal logging

2.0 (1 Dezember 2016)

  • Removed Vafpress and TGM and
  • Used WooCommerce internal UI instead

1.2.2 (14 April 2016)

  • Improved WPML/translation compatibility
  • Updated TGM
  • Updated included links to our new url

1.2.1 (23 April 2015)

  • Security Updated TGM to latest version

1.2 (12 March 2015)

  • Coupons are checked to be generally valid before applied. This avoids annoying messages for instance for one time use coupons

1.1 (27 February 2015)

  • Support for “Groups
  • Restrictions for selected users/groups/roles only

1.0 (14 February 2015)

  • Initial release

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