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It would also be really handy when doing mass mailing of opt-in subscribers to be able to optionally have a link added to outgoing messages that when clicked by an interested recipient, that would automatically add the coupon(s) to the user for that session regardless of login status.

I’m not requesting that any mailing features be added to your item as that’s way outside the scope of this item and also feel that WooCommerce handles this fine (even more so when extended), I think.

Hello WPWiseOwl,

Sounds like a nice idea. I will add it to our backlog, but can’t promise anything as of now.


Any plans on adding support for groups too?

I need groups support before I can buy this. Thanks


I don’t want to have to install another plugin and there was no mention that your plugin was dependent on another. I’d prefer to just get a refund.



I’m reallly sorry to hear this and even trying to provide top-notch support and implementing a feature just for you in the first place, without asking you anything for this in response (you didn’t had to buy it anyway).

To get a refund please follow the steps (and links) on this page and raise a support ticket with Envato.

You may link to this thread to prove my permission for getting a refund. After getting the refund I kindly ask you to remove all copies of the plugin.

Btw. did I forgot to say, that the requirement essentially is mentioned in the installation documentation, which is publicly available from the items description? Okay, I have to admit that it is not set to be required there (I will correct this later), but you could have asked.

Please also check your 100+ purchased items and you will see that many authors aren’t even asking you to install some additional framework or write it on their items description. Especially WordPress themes from here come with one or another options framework directly embedded. We just separate this from our plugins to keep the plugin and core slim.

Thanks, I will delete the plugin once I get the refund. As it stands now I have not gotten any use out of it because I don’t want to install that framework.

The requirements for the plugins I buy will vary depending on the sites/application they are being used for. In this case I cannot add a third-party library.

I did appreciate you adding support for Groups as requested. However you will not lose by adding it because it adds more features for your own plugin so more sales in the future.

All the best.

Pre-Purchase Question:

Can set only for new-register user? And one time valid?

Cheers! Elvin

Hello Elvin,

I just tried it and it is like I feared:

  1. The customer is only able to use the coupons once -> Ok
  2. But will get a message like “Coupon usage limit has been reached.” on later orders -> Not okay

I will put this on my list, but will probably able to release a new version at the end of next week earliest.


Hi Adrain,

Thanks for your quick reply. I’m looking forwards the latest update to fix the problem. =)

Hi Elvin,

We just published an update, which should solve this problem.



I need a plugin that will apply free shipping all day for all products and all customers but only on 2 specific days per month.

I could see this working for that purpose if it had a date condition.

Is that something you might release?

Hi dogrescuer,

Thanks for your request.

Some kind of date condition (specific date) is already on the roadmap (was one of my first ideas as well), but there is currently no release date for this.

Can you please provide more information about your date requirement? Would it be feasible enough to defign specific dates or would you like to be able to use some calculated dates like “every X sunday per month”?



What the customer does is that the first and third friday of every month is free shipping for U.S. orders only. Automatic scheduling is ideal but just the ability to have free shipping on a specific date within a specific zone is the real requirement.

I have a clumsy workaround but has two problems: - it should be forced on for the scheduled free shipping day - it should exclude all but U.S. UPS Ground Shipping, i.e., only customers who qualify for that shipping type get free shipping.

- create a start-date for the coupon (WooCommerce Coupon Schedule) so that the coupon has a 24 hour lifespan

- the coupon is a cart discount of zero, allow free shipping, no other restrictions

- freeshipping is on and requires a valid free shipping coupon

—other shipping methods are hidden using WooCommerce Jetpack Hide all when free is available

- coupon is available using WooCommerce Coupon Selector

So the first problem is probably solved with your plugin, if I auto-apply this coupon it will force open free shipping. But on the other hand, maybe that would not work, because then the coupon would always be getting applied even on days when it’s not valid.

Ideally, it would work as follows:

Schedule start and end time for free shipping If customer qualifies for UPS Ground, and the time is within the scheduled free shipping time, then turn on free shipping, select free shipping, and hide all other shipping methods.

Wow, thanks for your explanation. I will link this to our internal ticket and hopefully be able to provide at least some of the needed functionality.

But as I said, unfotunately no estimation date yet. I will respond here, when we have an update, so you may have a look then.


Is your plugin still being supported? : )

Hi Kwilliamroman,

Yes, we still support this plugin. 


Hi Adrian,

I realize this might not be worth your time, but would you consider supporting WooCommerce Memberships, as it seems to be where WooThemes wants to take group/role-based stuff these days?

Since it’s a GPL-licensed product, I could send you a copy for testing if you’re interested.

Hi Czargyle,

Sounds good as we are also always looking for some new features. And this might be easy to implement, as it seems to be similar to Groups.

You may contact me at contact [at]



Does this plugin support multisite ?

Hi Kumarbus,

Should, as our demo (where we took the screenshots) is running on multisite.


Thanks. Was thinking of purchasing now. Does it require any other framework or plugin to be installed for it to work ? I see some old comments where there is a dependency on other framework.. Could not understand if still this requires another plugin

Hello Kumarbus,

Yes, it requires (an improved) version of Vafpress to be installed.

You could install Vafpress manually before purchasing to be sure, it doesn’t cause any issues.

What about compatibility wordpress 4.31?

Hi lohasscout,

There should be no problem with WordPress 4.3.1.  Just contact me, if you have some.




Can this be cutomized so i can apply a discount to all products on the cart once the quantity requirements are reached, i don’t want to select specific products, categories or any other complex logics..just only set the discounts based on quantity and apply to all products on the cart if requirements are met.


Hi Nameez,

I will take it on our idea list, but can’t give a release date for this.


Does Discount Calculation show on invoice with “WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips”?


Do you a link to the plugin? If it is a free plugin I can test it.

Generally the plugin just applies coupons, so normal coupon behaviour should apply.



Do not understand your reply – Is your plugin working on invoice?

As I said, our plugin applies coupons (just automatically) on orders, which are a core feature of WooCommerce. So from this step onwards it is standard coupon behaviour.

That means, it depends on how  “WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips” handles coupons, but I can’t anything about this as I don’t know the plugin you mentioned.



Just one question before i buy you plugin…. Do you think your plugin gonna work with “All in One Currency Converter” plugin?


Hi Jpjacobs,

Generally it should work, as the plugin just uses the standard WooCommerce coupon system. But as I don’t know the plugin you mentioned, I also can’t asure that it works. Feel free to send me the plugin at adrian.moerchen [at] moewe [dot] io, so I may try it.



Funktioniert das Plugin auch wenn die Bestellung im Backend in Woocommerce eingegeben wird.

Freundliche Grüße Alex

Hallo Alex,

Nein, nur im Warenkorb bzw. der Kasse. 

Im Backend kann man ja einfach selbst einen Rabatt eintragen.

Viele Grüße,


Hi Danke für die schnelle Antwort Schade

Hi, Is your plugin still being supported ? And does it work with WPLM ? Thx a lot

Just uploaded the missing version for review ;)

Hi Adrian,

Thank you for your answer. Do you have a demo online ?

I have variable products. My client wants a coupon to apply not on total cart but on total product, for specific user/roles.

Does it work with variable product ?


Hi Ponyx,

Unfortunately we currently don’t have a demo for this plugin.

This plugin just applies standard coupons, so

  • If you can create a coupon which applies on just the variant you have 
  • you can use this plugin to let this coupon automatically be applied on checkout for specific users/roles.

Hope this helps.


Is this possible?

When a customer have a coupon, give them a free product (like a buy one get one, but using a coupon to get the free item.)


Our plugin doesn’t have such functionality.

What could work, but I don’t know:

  • You use another plugin, which adds this type of coupon
  • and use our plugin, to let this coupon be applied automatically


Pre-Purchase Question:

Can user remove coupon if the coupon applied automatic?


Hello Atteam,

No, this currently not possible, as coupons will always be applied automatically again. It is a good idea though.



Hi there, can this plugin be set to give logged in, registered user or certain roles an automatic coupon. We want to be able to give people who register a coupon/discount right away (automated) instead of giving it manually. Hpe to hear from you. PS> Is that framework plugin still required?

Just a side note: it is currently not possible to create automatic coupons for anonymous users.

Thanks. This helps and look promising. Any chance you can tell me if this framework will be a limit to the theme? Do i need to use this framework to build the site? In other words, what does it do? Thanks in advance!

The framework is used to build the ui for configuring the coupons (which is really ugling in WordPress without such a framework).

Normally this should work without any problem. Some themes/plugins are not compatible or already provide the framework itself. Especially in (user) frontend cases there are sometimes problems. But we use it only for backend within this plugin.

You may just download and install the framework plugin from:

Please let me know, if it provokes any errors with your site.

Hi. You can apply free shipping coupon for “first purchase”? Thank you

Hello Genuxio,

Not directly. You can create a coupon, which can used only once per user. But this also would be applied for exisiting customers.



It didn’t prompt me to install anything when I activated the plugin, it said no valid header.

Thanks! Steve

Helle Steve,

Please download and install manually:

We are also working on a new version, which doesn’t need Vafpress but uses internal WooCommerce UI. But still needs some weeks to be published.

Greets Adrian

Thanks Adrian, all is good and plugin works great!

On plugin install – Plugin does not have a valid header :(

Hello Twodesigns,

This sounds like a typical “CodeCanyon/Themeforest” problem.

You probably tried to upload the full package, but only need to upload the plugin.

Please extract the full package and only update the plugin or download the “WordPress only file” from you download section.

Hope this helps,


Hi scrobbleme, I like very much the plugin but there is one thing I don’t understand and is why poor anonymous users can’t have the “Automatic Coupon”? I need to apply the automatic coupon for Special sales (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) and for all people, not only with roles. I’ve changed the php program to work this way but better will be this little change with new releases. Thanks.

Hello Emilio,

Anonymous users just can’t have automatic coupons as it is just not implemented. That’s it.

This is already on our roadmap and will be core feature. I hope to be able to realese this still this year.