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this plugin can set different value and different product in on coupon code or not

Hello Kittisak_sira,

Is this a question or statement?

Generally, our plugin doesn’t change the basic functionality of coupons itself. It just offers a way to let coupons automatically be applied at checkout.

Means: Coupons still can what coupons can. If you have some special need for coupons itself, you may need another plugins.



Is it possible to set plugin to auto apply a permanent discount on all orders for new registered users? And possible to cancel the discount if user unsubscribes from newsletter…

Hello Gasperursic,

Not directly using this plugin.

  • Generally the plugin doesn’t apply coupons for anonmous users -> user must at least be logged it

Regarding your issue:

The plugin supports the Groups plugin. So if you can archive to get users in and out of these groups somehow, you may have what you want.



I see you support the WooCommerce 2.x versions. WC 3.0 is out now. Will you support that, and if so, when?

Hello Esdavis, Generally it should work. So feel free to try it. If you encounter any issue we will try to resolve this or grand you refund.

But we currently not officially support this, as we still need some internal testing.



Is this plug-in compatible with WooCommerce Memberships, WooCommerce Amazon Pay Gateway, and WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts?

Hello pmagony,

Generally the plugin just applies coupons and therefor should be compatible. Surely I can’t say this for sure, as I don’t no the other plugins.

At most dynamic pricing & discounts might be a problem as this does something similar. 



Tested on my staging site and it appears to work as anticipated. I’ll let you know if anything arises from the production environment. Thanks!

I left a message regarding a support issue that’s not been answered for 3 days, is this plugin no longer supported?


The plugin is still supported.

Sorry, you didn’t received my ansers. Can you please check you junk folder. I answered Mo 05.03.2018 09:16 (timezone is propably my UTC+1).

But here is my answer again:

Sounds like you encountered a typical Envato issue: installating the “large” ZIP file.

Please: extract the zip, it should contain another zip which is the plugin. Install the other plugin.



Reading some of these comments and I am wondering something.

Do the customers have to be logged in to use the coupon generation?

I am looking to do “Free Shipping” on orders over $99 on all item categories except for one. If I have product from all categories in my cart, can free shipping be applied to all products but charge shipping for the excluded categories?

Hello Jeramiah,

Yes, users have to be logged in.

With the upcoming WooCommerce (wildcards in email adresses) release it may work automagically for anonymous users. Time will tell.

If I’m not wrong, your requirement should be able to be configured with WooCommerce coupon settings (except anonymous users for now).