WooCommerce API Product Synchronisation

WooCommerce API Product Synchronisation

About this Plugin

A great solution for separate WooCommerce shops (for example one for distributors and one for end users). The WooCommerce Product Synchronisation plugin allows you to synchronize the products across multiple WooCommerce sites. All Product data is synchronized.

The plugin can sync data from one installation to multiple installations.

Demo :

Source website : 
Credentials : demo , demo
Destination website : 
Credentials : demo , demo

Features :

  • Restrict selected categories from syncing to destination
  • Restrict Selected products from syncing
  • Sync products in bulk
  • Define price change onto destination shop
  • Support variable products
  • Sync all product data like name, description , prices, sku and inventory
  • Product categories are also synced with same hierarchy
  • Product tags are synced
  • Product main images and gallery images are synced
  • Data is updated on destination store when product is added/updated by admin on the source store
  • Every error in API is reported in a log file as well as sent to debugging email
  • Sync variation images

How to Configure?

Let’s say you need to sync product from Store A to Store B.
i) On store B, activate WooCommerce API and generate API keys. You will need a consumer key and consumer secret. Follow these steps : WooCommerce REST API Documentation – 

ii) Now install the plugin on store A, go to plugin settings page “TM Woo API Link”.
iii) Configure API credentials on store A.

That’s all you need :) Your products should start syncing to the destination store

Notes :

i) Compatible with latest WooCommerce version 3.3.4
ii) For security, its recommended to use the plugin on SSL enabled websites.
iii) Make sure to use CUSTOM URL structure in WP Admin > Settings > Permalinks.
iv) On some servers, customer might need to add these lines on destination server’s htaccess file

RewriteRule .* - [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization}]
As suggested on this link 

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