WooCommerce API Customer Sync

WooCommerce API Customer Sync

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Sync Customers from one woocommerce store to another

WP API Based

API Authenticate using WooCommerce API keys

Features :

  • Sync customers from one store to another
  • Sync all customer data including billing address, shipping address
  • Sync automatically works when a new customer is created or when a customer is updated
  • Sync customer password from registration pages
  • Based on WP API
  • Uses WooCommerce API Authentication

How to Configure?

Install it on the store you wish to sync customer from.On Wordpress admin menu, you will see a menu named “TM Woo Customer Link”. Navigate to this menu and define API credentials for the destination store, the store you want to sync customer data to.

Tutorial video for generating credentials:

How it works?

Once plugin is activated and configured with destination API credentials. Sync starts working automatically when a new customer is added or updated.

We are open to any ideas or feature enhancements. Please contact us on our support mail