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It can be customized? How does it work? It has a control panel, or just placed in a folder on the same server WooCommerce, and modify files?

Your demo, is down. You support the app? You will have continuity? Thank you!

Let me check it out

The demo works, I just ran it. Check if your date and time are set correctly and also check that you have internet

Yes, we discontinued this app.

i can’t to customize this app, can you help me?

How can I login as admin in the app?

I have problem with the back-end, can you help?

is this working or any referance

Demo file is not available :( how can I get it…

i can install this app , please contact me on m.assaf@pharmaholic.com

User Can sale iteam with this app

Hi. I have bought this item and I am having a problem with the PHP backend. In the documentation it says to navigate to backend url in browser and that I will be prompted to enter database information, but this does not happen since the database connections are already hard coded in the scripts. I tried to change them but I can’t find the SQL statements to create the tables.

So basically, my question is: where is the index file that I must run to perform the initial install? I ask because I think you included a copy of your demo install instead of a new installable backend.

Please help, I don’t mind doing a manual install, but where is the index.php file that does the initial database setup?


I want to start mobile app for my woocommerce store, I see you have two apps for the same purpose.

1. Woocommerce android app 2. Whoop! Android woocommerce app

I want to hear from you which is better?

want purchase it, but need for knowing some points: - does the application ready for publish in google play once I purchase it or need some customization? - the paypal is active or I must add this feature ? - does there an online admin to add the products ?

Hello Does the application works Scripts opencart ?

is there possible of add to cart button in category display page ?

Demo is not worKing how can I see demo

Hello! Before buying your product, I would like to know some questions: 1) I own a store (www.brain.net.br/antoninna) and it has woocommerce installed. 2) My woocommerce has installed 2 plugins: PagSeguro (payment gateway) and Post (delivery methods in Brazil). 3) I wonder if this your system will adapt to my woocomerce and these 2 plugins perfectly. 4) I wonder if this your system is already configured to send notifications to PLUSH my customers, offering discounts on some goods or remind him to buy the app. If you have to pay more, as would be? 5) If your system has plush notifications, I would be able to program the firing of these notifications for them to be fired at a scheduled time for me? Or I can only send manually?

Thank you, Fabio


opanoti Purchased

Versión ios?


opanoti Purchased

hi, error C:\Users\User\AndroidStudioProjects\Soko\hListViewLibrary\src\main\java\it\sephiroth\android\library\widget\OverScroller.java

Is there any support ? demo is broken!

Is an ionic version coming?