Discussion on WooCommerce And WordPress Featured Video

Discussion on WooCommerce And WordPress Featured Video

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hi, is this plugin comaptible with wcfm?

Tean Author


Our plugin is compatible with WooCommerce.

There is no connection with wcfm.


Hello! This is a great plugin, thank you! I have a question – is it possible to make the video autoplay on the product category page without hovering over the video? The goal is that when opening a category or store page, all products that have a video as a thumbnail play automatically and do not have control buttons. Thank you!

Hi, it seems not working with Elementor, is that right?

We have replied to your email you have sent through our contact form. We will continue conversation there. Please keep conversation in one place.

Hello, I really need the function display video instead of wordpress featured images, any suggestion? tks


Do you have demo URL can I see? I want to apply to WordPress Custom Post section to replace the featured image to Youtube Video or Custom Path .mp4.

And I can press the video, then popup the Lightbox with video player.

May I know it is possible? Many thanks!

And I see it is supported “shortcode”. May I know is it supported both WordPress and WooCommerce also? Thanks


We currently dont have live demo, but more of a presentation in the plugin description section.

Our plugin uses Woocommerce default hooks to insert itself in shop and single product pages, so whatever you intend to do, requires for some hooks to exist.

Yes, its possible to open a lightbox to show video when the video is clicked.


Hi! How i can refund money! Becouse this plugin is not good! Can’t add video separately, on thumbnail , but video is add behind product picture, and not show any play button etc.


We have replied to your email yesterday.

after new update, this plugin doesnt work in wordpress! i have not WooCommerce


Why? I bought this plugin for my Wordpress site

Hello and good day!

In your Media Hovers Plugin we have a Loading animation while the video loads. Is this something that this plugin does as well?

Thank you and have an amazing day!

Thank you.

May we please add this as a feature request. I beleive most visitors will not know there is a video when they hover because it takes a moment for the video to start.

Thank you and have an amazing day!

Ok, we will see if we an implement this at some point.

Thank you! That will be great!

Thank you and have an amazing day!

hi, I would like to know if we can also add audios? videos and audio also work on related products, grouped and on the shopping cart page?

Do videos and audios also work on related, grouped products and on the shopping cart page?

It will work on related and cart page (if theme used follows Wocommerce standards), but we havent tested our plugin on grouped products.

Hello author, I did not find the place to upload video to product.

I read the documentation, I saw option to add video in category page but now on a single product page and this is what I needed.

1. Please study included plugin and its documentation carefully and clearly.

2. If you have any more questions, note that support is provided here:

Ok I figured it out now but it is not working with youtube video. I can not host much video on my server. What can I do?


We have a lot of products, is there a way to add the product videos using the product import from woocommerce?


Please note that support is provided here:

Please send all your questions there.


Dear Auther, It’s an awesome plugin. I liked it a lot. One issue I got. This is not working on “Related Products, Up-Sells and Cross-Sells (Cart page)” areas. Would you pls fix this bug? Thanks

Any update pls? Thanks

We will get back to you when we find out results. Thanks for your patience.


It depends on the plugin and functionality you want to achieve. Some of the features of our plugin will most certainly work with any theme (like using popup feature that will shoss additoinal product information can be added in any part of the Shop page). If you have these plugins and you want to achieve specific functions using our plugin, send a message with more info at



I am looking at the characteristics of your plugin and I would like to know if it is possible to put videos that replace the images in the portfolio. Something like what you can see in the following link with a template that is also for sale on this website.

It’s the ‘Gillemore’ project …

Also if you can replace a background image of a header with a video as in the following link.

Thanks for everything and best regards.


If you are looking to play videos in general, not related to Woocommerce, we can suggest following plugin:

Media Hovers Wordpress plugin

If you would like to have background video or put video in any page element like a header, we can suggest this:

Multimedia Background Wordpress Plugin

Thanks for the reply.

In the description of the plugin there is an excerpt dedicated to Wordpress in general that says the following:

‘Display video instead of Wordpress featured images Attach url link to featured video View featured video in custom lightbox popup ‘

I wanted to know if in the featured images of the portfolio projects there is the possibility of exchanging them for a video.

Anyway, I’m going to buy this plugin because what interests me the most are the options for Woocommerce.

All the best.

Technically it can also replace featured image in Wordpress but it doesnt have any advanced settings for this. Its mostly dedicated to WooComerce.

Dear Author, Pl add functionality at video like “Fast-Forword”. Example: When user click on “Fast-Forword” button on video, Video should show “Fast-Forworded” mode like if video is 3mintues then with “Fast-Forword” mode, user will be able to see video the whole video in 30sec with fast-Forword mode. With this Option, User can see the overview subject of the video. It can save a lot of time of user & even user can browse more & more videos with less time. Bcz in real world, Nobody has time to see full video. Usally User skip video. But this “Fast-Forword” option will give extra power to this plugin. Hope u understand

But i do not know, how to code

There is no coding involved. Plugin has the option to set video playback rate, so when you hover the video it can play faster.

If you decide to purchase we am willing to add the button free of charge, contact out support after purchase:

Not all vidoes loading on mobile device

i have bought your product, but some videos are not loading on mobile device, what can i do?


Note that support is provided here:

Send us a link to your live page where we can experience this and include more details on which device and browser it happens.


Suggestion: I hv seen one very effective & time saving option for user. as When user click(On Special button) or hover on video then video will be fast-forword example 3mintues video in 20sec. With this Option, User can see the overview subject of the video. It can save a lot of time of user & even user can watch more videos.

There is no such function in the plugin currently but we have an idea how we could implement such functionality in future update. If you have any more suggestions feel free to send them here


Dear Sir, I hv to upload 200-300 items daily(Pics+Videos) & i am using csv to ‘import’ items to my site. Now my question is that is it possible to add video link in csv with item details so that i can upload items in one shot. Its tedius task to upload items(pics+video) one by one. Pl suggest


Can you send a message at with more details and examples. We would like to see if this is something we can implement.


Hey developer,

We are aiming to purchase/use your plugin for our wordpress website. We are using Cookiteer – Food & Recipe WordPress Theme.

1.Is your plugin compatible with Cookiteer – Food & Recipe WordPress Theme. 2.Can we easily place video instead of an image as shown on the image on the top-left: 3. Can we use Youtube link for featured video? 4. Does featured video autoplays? 5. Is your plugin compatible with Cooked – Recipe Plugin?


We have tested our plugin with many popular Wordpress themes.

We havent had a change to test this particular theme but I plugin should work as long as the theme follows Wordpress coding standards.

If you decide to purchase and you have any issues dont hesitate to contact us at

We will make sure the plugin will be compatible with your theme.

The reason we want to make sure that it works with Cooked Plugin, because it has its own post type “Recipe”, and on that we want to replace Featured image with a video. If you can confirm this, we can go ahead with the purchase.

Can you send me the link to this plugin here and I will check:

Can u hv realtime demo of admin, with which we can see how thing working. Bcz i checked that woo does not allow u to import product image as video (by csv). pl help me.


With this plugin You add product video in admin alongside your product image and this data is saved in post meta with custom key.

So you stull have your product images and you can have product videos shown instead of product images as well.

Plugin does not import data with csv.

Dear Sir, Actually I (& In real word), always import Product by csv file only. So I want that when i import product data by csv then i define the video data in csv.along with product data. Is it possible with this plugin to define video data in csv? how to make it possible? pl suggest

This could be done with custom code modification. We can modify the code on freelance basis. If you have any questions you can contact us at


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