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I bought this plugin a few years ago too and today when I enter the Item Purchase Code it gives me an error that says cnoctact with support team.

Version 13.5.5 isn’t available to download from Codecanyon – please make this available asap as otherwise the Kingdom website doesn’t function at all (i.e. you can’t update the theme, customise etc)

That version is already available.

No it’s not. On my downloads only 13.5.4 is available, not the new version. I have had a response by Codecanyon as you suggested and they have said it is the responsibility of the author, which is yourselves, yo make this available. What is the update please?

Hi Author, I have used Amazon no api import for downloading products. Previously it was downloading the main as well as variant products. But after the updates the variant products are not downloading. I have crossed checked the setting the number of variations are 4. Please suggest the solution as soon as possible. Thank you.


Please open a support ticket request on and we will take a look at this issue.

I have Purchased this plugin and it is working good but it is not installing the images it is just copying the text


Please open a support ticket request on and we will take a look at this issue.

I have purchased the plugin and it is not copying the reviews and frequently brought together


Make sure the option Cross-selling is turned on. At the moment Amazon is no longer providing ratings and reviews. We hope they make it available again soon.

Can we add our own products as well

Yes you can, but you need to activate the On-Site Cart option to make it work.

Its been over a week and no response in comments. My license key is giving this error: Unable to validate this plugin. Please contact AA-Team Support!

I am unable to create a ticket because my support expired. Why is my license not working now and how to contact you?


Please send us an email at and provide us the IPC you have in order to check it in our database.

I am using your product from long time.. but frequently there are new issues popping up. and you say support is only for 6 months. I guess support is a new business now a days? Now the Issue- In some cases, When i click on Buy now button it redirects to amazon and there it says this item is not available. further if you click on continue button it redirects to the same item on Amazon where the product is available for selling and here my affiliate id is not seen in the product links and no commission is delivered? check out this link- I could see hundreds of redirects on my site to amazon but zero affiiate commissions received till date since year apart of some known purchases

Is this what you are looking for ? or share the same with me so that i can resend.

Something like this:

Anyway, it looks like it’s an isolated issue. I checked some of other products you have on your website and it redirects fine with your affiliate id. You can reimport the specific products that have the issue and check if the issue is fixed.

Regards, Daniel R.

ok let me do so, thanks


Is this plugin compatible with the latest version of woocommerce 4.6.0? Thank you


Yes, it is.

hello, this works with any theme?

You’re welcome!

Hello, Do we need an api for amazon to use it ?


We included in our plugin 2 NO PA API keys import modules in order to help our clients to make those at least 3 sales required to be able to get the API keys from Amazon. All you need to do is to get an Affiliate Id which is free to have and use our NO PA API importing products modules. After you get the API keys you can fill in the keys in the plugin and use the Insane Import mode. More info here:

Hello, I bought the woozone plugin and when I activate it on my website, the error appears “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”. I would like your support i open a ticket at AA – Team support.

Thank you


Please open a support ticket request here: We will be happy to help you!

I have been having this issue for so long and tried many times contacting but no help. I tried requesting help to speed up my server and also nothing. Please I am just requesting to guided to the right direction. the syncing is very very slow “almost not working” what can we do to help that (Upgrade the server’s CPU OR RAMS) or can we adjust php.ini file to better help the execution of the syncing process. Your response is greatly appreciated. I purchased the bundle pack


If you opened a support ticket request in the past for this issue, you were answered there what yo do. We unfortunately do not offer support regarding server/hosting upgrading.

your response is absolutely no help. I am not asking for server support, I am asking what could improve the functionality of your product/ what resources the plugin relay on and if improved, the performance improves. In the video recorded on your youtube channel regarding the syncing shows that the syncing process is a lot faster than what we have.

The syncing process speed depends on how many products you have in your inventory.

my qz are you add (UAE) OR NOT

Yes, UAE it’s available.

Hi AA-Team,

I wonder if you could kindly consider this new feature: brands in Amazon always have the annoying “Brand: BRAND NAME” or “Visit the BRAND NAME Store” format. So, for example, Calvin Klein is always imported as Visit the Calvin Klein Store”; DC Comis is always imported as “Brand: DC Comics”. So if you want to have a correct list of brands in your website, it’s necessary to rename the brand attribute correctly (or even delete it, if it’s already present), at EVERY-SINGLE-TIME! This is really frustrating and time consuming. Could you please add an option to fix on import such wrong brand names? This should also apply to the brand’s attribute slug as well.


You already can remove the Brand attribute in the Import SETUP panel.

Removing the Brand attribute from Import isn’t a valid solution. I’d like the attribute featured on my website, so visitors could browse products by brand if they like. But in this case, at every import, WooZone users like me have to manually edit the name and slug (or delete, if the brand already exists). You really should consider a fix for this. Seriously.

I don’t get it. As a custom of Amazon, why would I want to go to a website that shows Amazon product just to get redirected to Amazon again?!

The Amazon Associates Program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. With millions of products and programs available on Amazon, associates use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations, and earn from qualifying purchases and programs.

What a coincidence, I haven’t renewed my support licence and all of a sudden the plugins stop working. This is not a very good way or open way to do business. I’m sure that there is a system that automatically makes the plugins stop working if a support licence has not been purchased. As a result I will be looking for an alternative.

It looks like it’s an issue with your permalinks. You should address this to your hosting server. Or there’s a plugin that is somehow changing them. What we advise you to do is to deactivate all other plugins except WooCommerce and WZone and check if you can open the product page.

what should the structure of the permalinks be? I’m not sure what question I should be asking my host?

You should describe them the issue you’re having. Also, make sure you have WZone and WooCommerce plugins up to date.

Hello I want to stop or schedule sync after a week or after 3 days atelast, but there is no option to do so, and its just destroying my server by syncing daily , i have more than 4K products, please suggest. thanks


You can disable the sync process in the Plugin Cronjobs module.

Hello, I’am using the very good “Woocommerce Advanced Bulk Edit” Plugin for editing large amount of products. 10.000 bought it already on codecanyon. I have updated both plugins and your Woozone Plugin destroys the Woocommerce advanced bulk edit plugin.I have disabled all plugins and then it works, but if i activate woozone plugin, i can’t click any button @BulkEdit Plugin. All buttons doing nothing. It’s your plugin that cause these problems. Can you take a look. I think BulkEdit are using many of your customers… I can’t imaging working without that tool.

b. regards


It looks like an isolated issue. We haven’t got any complains about using WZone and the Advanced Bulk Edit together. You should ask the Advanced Bulk Edit developers too about this issue.

I am trying using the light version but i am getting this error , even i have 3 sales in my account in the last 30 days , and even i generate keys and waited 48 hours, i am getting this error when try add them.
see the screenshot please and advise:
Thank you


You should contact Amazon regarding this issue.

I did but amazon support told me that the bug is in the plugin because the keys are active and works fine on amazon web service as well.

You can also check them here: Unfortunately we can’t help you any further.

What Countries does it work for currently.

US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, China, India, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, UAE, Netherlands, Singapore, Saudi Arabia


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