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Hello, i have a pre-sale questions:
1. If users add to cart my woo-commerce local products and also amazon products? how the checkout process will work? 2.If i don’t have any local products and i want only sale using amazon, then my amazon account will be blocked after few days? i saw your message on item description but i don’t understand why it can happen, please explain.
3. If i want to use only amazon drop shipping with my blog, so i can do this?
Thank you

1. If a user adds both local products and Amazon products, at the checkout they will be redirected to Amazon to complete the purchase for the Amazon products. To partially solve this we advice you to select “NO” on “On-site Cart” in the Wzone Plugin SETUP. This way the users will be able to add to cart ONLY your local products. For the ones from Amazon they will have a different option “Buy Product” on the product page that will redirect them to Amazon website. 2. Your Amazon will be safe. 3. Yes, you can do it.

How can i see demo of admin side in action? can you send me demo login details to test the plugin?

You can test with WZone Light version from But keep in mind that a great part of the functions won’t be available.

I need wzone plugin for using multiple websites is it possible?

1 regular license for 1 install. If you want o install it on multiple websites you need to buy regular licenses for every one of them.


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Hello Support,

5+ months now, and I am still waiting for the addition of the Search Index for “GardenAndOutdoor” > “Garden & Outdoor”. There may be more categories that are missing.

I updated to 13.5.5 and refreshed both main categories & browse nodes.

Your reply 5 months ago:


AA-Team_Support Author Team 5 months ago Flag


Thank you for telling us about this issue. We are currently working to release a new update that is primarily focused on the geo ip location. After that we will take a look into this issue.

Regards, Mihai.

Hello AA team,

I imported some products via the No API import option. Some of the products didn’t download product images.

Is there a way to restart image download attempt for the missing images, or will it automatically download them during next cron synchronization?

What do I do to download the missing images? Please advice.

I’m running the latest version.



You can try and sync them in the Synchronization option in WZone. Also please make sure that the products have images, you checked “Import attributes” and picked the number of images you want to extract.

If the issue persists you can open a support ticket on:

Hello AA team, thanks for your feedback.

Here is a screenshot of the draft products with missing images:

Here is one of the products on Amazon, with an image:

So yes, the product has an image, and I selected to download both images and attributes.

Some imports had images while some did not.

My Question: Is it possible to re-import the missing images? If yes, then how?

The “No AWS Keys Synchronization” option has no image fields provision, so I’m not able to include image synchronization for sync. See screenshot:

So, my question is primarily how do I reimport the missing images, if that is possible.


Please open a ticket here and we will investigate this issue further: Please provide in the ticket some Wordpress login credentials.

Why I am getting tons of lines of error codes like this:

[16-Sep-2020 17:05:39 UTC] WordPress database error Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction for query DELETE FROM `wpkw_options` WHERE `option_name` = 'WooZone_db_version' made by require('wp-blog-header.php'), require_once('wp-load.php'), require_once('wp-config.php'), require_once('wp-settings.php'), do_action('plugins_loaded'), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, woozone_check_integrity, WooZone->plugin_integrity_check, WooZone->update_db, WooZone->update_db_version, delete_option

Is there are any updates to resolve these issues?

Thank you.

Make sure you have installed the latest version: 13.5.5

Hi, it’s supports Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay?

Hello. Unfortunately not, at the moment.

Is there any chance you can make the direct import stop selecting the back of shirts as the featured image? This creates tons of unnecessary extra steps.

Amazon needs to figure this out. If you search, there are many complains regarding this problem on their forum. This is not depending on us.

Ah ok I didn’t know it was happening outside of this plugin. I searched “back of shirt” in here before I posted looking for a solution. Ok then no problem I hope they get it sorted out.

We hope that too. There are a lot of users complaining about this.

If I pay 70$ and purchase woo zone plugin for my site, my question is its duration is one year or forever?

Hello! The license will be valid forever. Only the support will be available for 6 months. After that you can pay to extend the support for another 6 months.

Hello, how are you?

I have a small configuration problem, but I can’t find the solution, maybe you can guide me.

I import products from the US, Spain and Italy, so far so good. They are synchronized recurrently every day, everything works correctly.

The problem is in:

Woo list of products, when in the column “WooZone Info” for all the products the amz-B01MSKOJUUxxxx appears … correctly,

but when I click it to see it external link, all of them are redirected to instead of going to or to

In the same way, the US flag always appears instead of those of Spain or Italy on the products that correspond to each of these stores.

I use the option NO PA API Keys

I wait if you have a solution for my problem. Regards

Muchas Gracias! Marcelo.


First of all, do you have affiliates IDs for Spain and Italy as well? Secondly, you can take a look at the Geo Location tab in WZone. For more info check the documentation here:

why i cant download 13.5.5 from codecanyon

The version 13.5.5 is available. It might be a network problem. If you can’t fix this you can open a support ticket on our platform and we can help you with the update.


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After the last updates, the store pages have gone from taking 4 seconds to load to 17 seconds. (It looks like a small blockage).

If I deactivate the cart, this happens, if I activate the cart everything returns to normal.

What can happen?

Thanks greetings


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Hello Again, I installed an older version and it works again.

I don’t know what happens but with the last update, when you activate the On-site Cart (ON), something is blocked and some pages take up to 19 seconds when the normal time before the update was or 3 seconds.

I’m going to leave the previous version installed for now.

Can you tell me if it only happens to me, or if someone else reported this supposed bug please?

Thank you very much and greetings

Hello, we haven’t got any reports for this issue. It looks like it happens isolated.

Hi, How can i import the product rank with the product import? Product rank is not showing up.

I mean product sales rank from the amazon


Make sure in the Import SETUP tab you have selected YES on the Import Attributes option and pick in the list below that the SalesRank attribute.

HI! I don´t have woo-commerce installed on my WP site, which is a display of all books we have, like a catalog. We have more than 200. We are looking for a way to import all metadata (images, titles and descriptions, etc) from Amazon without an API, and later edit the posts with additional info. Would this plugin help us achieve this?


WooCommerce is mandatory to be installed to make it work. With our plugin you will be able import products from Amazon. You will also be able to edit the product description.

Hi, I used direct import, everything was imported except the images are not appearing. Because it is ponting back the Amazon and when I viewed source I found this the url is messed up.

How do I fix this? I saw some thread here in comment but no answer provided. Not in your knowledge base neither. [Ticket: #31796]

Hi, Hoping you can help, the keys are driving me mad, they are all setup to UK along with my affiliate ID.

I just keep getting warning saying my keys do not match the right country, I have used this software before an never any issue, any advice would be appreciated please

Do you still earn revenue if you are using the direct import, i quite like it

1. You’re getting that error because there were sent too many request to Amazon. It happens when you sync or import too many products at a time. You have to wait for a while and it will work again. You can contact Amazon and ask them to raise the limit of the request. More info here:

2. Yes, you do.

Thanks very much, I think I will just stick with direct import, I like it, Great Job

One Last thing – Should the Amazon reviews Be pulled into the website as I have said yes, but they don’t show

If using the direct import, should it still bring in options, for example sizes or variations on items within products, Its importing everything lovely, I have ticked all the boses to do this.

I just see your video on asins to ensure it bring variation options. All my products have variations.

Its got all the amazon reviews, cross items, variations, all missing. happy to buy support if this can be fixed and help me

I just bought support, so now contacting you

You will be able to import reviews and cross items attributes after you get the AWS Amazon keys. There are some limitations on the NO API keys import module. We made that option available to help our users to make those at least 3 sells in order to be able to get the keys.

Getting below error while updating:

This plugin failed to load properly and is paused during recovery mode.

An error of type E_COMPILE_ERROR was caused in line 26 of the file /home/noida1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woozone/aa-framework/framework.class.php. Error message: Multiple access type modifiers are not allowed


Please open a support ticket request and we will take a look at this issue.

Hi, I am unable to create a ticket because my support expired. I am reporting a bug whereas my license key does not work anymore. How to fix? Thanks.

Hi, are Amazon Customer Reviews suppose to work when products are imported via Direct Import Extension? My tabs are blank: even though I synchronised it, and importated products have thousands of reviews on Amazon. I’m also using the latest wzone version. I’ve tried to test with default WP theme and all plugins disabled but the reviews still doesn’t appear.


The Amazon reviews are only available if you have valid Amazon API Keys.

Thanks for the response. I have valid API keys: But I used NO API Keys Import method to import my products and only later added API keys, I guess that’s why the reviews aren’t showing up? Is there no way to synchronise them?

From what we know, at the moment Amazon is no longer providing reviews and rating information to import. They should make it available again soon.

I have bought this plugin a few years ago now when I enter the Item Purchase Code it gives me an error why?

Are you sure you have the latest version 13.5.5?

yes but it does not work

Please send us an email at and provide us the IPC to check it in our database.


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