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smarjun Purchased

I have purchased this plugin long back, I am not using it with any website, Still I am not able to use it. I sent email also regarding the same. Still there is no reply

Please open a support ticket here for this issue:


road66 Purchased

Updated 13.5.5 the plugin breaks WP bakery editor, how to fix? Post/Page edits are not possible


Could you please provide us a screenshot of the error in the console?


Ksasa78 Purchased

Hey AA-Team, I have the products’ attribute “size” set to “custom order” – so customer can browse a well organized structure. But every single time I import a new product (via Direct Import Extension) this setting changes to be ordered by “name”. Is there a way to avoid this, or could it be implemented as a fix in future releases? Thanks.

it wont let me connect i keep getting this error that my keys are no longer valid

Amazon Error: ErrCode = 1 | ErrMsg = [[ Amazon API v5: http status code = 403 http msg = [403] Client error: `POST` resulted in a `403 Forbidden` response: {__type Access Key Id AKIAIR (truncated…) http x-amzn-RequestId = a67bcb8a-e891-48d8-9657-fac02dc0d71f errcode = AccessDenied errmsg = The Access Key Id AKIAIREYHGTLRQLUB5HA is not enabled for accessing Product Advertising API. Please sign up for Product Advertising API at ]] WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates was not able to connect to Amazon with the specified AWS Key Pair and Associate ID. Please triple-check your AWS Keys and Associate ID.


From what i see in the message, those keys are not registered for Product Advertising API. Please click on the link from the message and register there.

Regards, Mihai.

Hi, this can work without WooCommerce? I mean, I want to place products inside a post through a shortcode. Can I use this plugin?

No, you must use WooCommerce.

I only need the Woocommerce then? I mean, can it work with any theme?

Hello. On how many domains i can install my copy of this plugin? thanks


Presale question. We have a client (call him Dog Inc) who has a woocommerce store. His friend (Cat Inc) has an amazon store which is very successful. Our client wants to import all Cat Inc’s amazon products onto his site and drop ship them. Is this the right system for what our client is looking for? Dog Inc will also have his own products too on the website that won’t be on Amazon and will be sold directly from his woocommerce store.

I look forward to your reply.

in my website woozone menu disappearing after every load,not able to perform any activity

can anyone help on this?

can i get reply on this?

What version of WZone you have installed?


PCDE Purchased

Regarding product synching and product attributes — if a product size attribute as imported is 2X-Large, and I want to change it to 2XL for consistency with other products… will that change cause a problem when the product synchs? Will it revert or in some other way break synching? I’m trying to figure out whether simplifying product attributes in this way is something I can do or if it is better left as is. Thank you!!

No it won’t cause any problems.


Ganubis Purchased

Hello, i delete the media library completely, is any way to reimport the product images again?


Sadly, you will need to re-import the products.

Regards, Mihai


TheTyke Purchased

When used on a mobile device on “checkout” you are directed to the Amazon “Add to Shopping Cart” page. This page is not in a responsive format and so the text is too small to read so the customer may click away from the site.

How do we ensure that customers on mobile devices are directed to a responsive layout mobile page so they can easily go on and purchase?

Or have I missed a setting somewhere.


If we make the option to be redirected to the mobile version of the Amazon “Add to Shopping Cart” page available, the information about your Amazon affiliate key is lost on the way and you will loose the commission you make on a sell. That’s the way their system works. So, unfortunately, at the moment this option won’t be available.


TheTyke Purchased

No probs. Thanks for the reply. Keep up the good work.

We’re glad to help! Thank you!


TheTyke Purchased

Hi, in which file do I change the text content of the “More Info” pop up box?

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Please open a support ticket on:


TheTyke Purchased

Just to say thanks for the quick response when I submitted my support ticket. keep up the good work.

We’re glad that we could help you!

have you guys released UAE supported plugin yet?if not can you give us any time frame?

in order to make amazon affiliate products and own products (non-affiliate) settings are recommended? can you plz share any video for configuring this option?

Hello! Check here, on our YouTube channel:

I bought the Woozone Plugin today, It is install successfully but I am not able to setting up and configure the products with amazon.

Can anyone help me in this. looking for a valuable resources and guidance.


Hello! You can open a ticket for this issue here:

There is a error with amazon access keys. Keys go INVALID and after refreshing same keys it goes VALID (green) again. This happens daily. People are probably not even aware of this. After month of using this plugin I think you guys are making fun of people. Really. Asking for credentials to access websites, not responding to supported users. This is bunch of bollocks!

I did not get refund and will try to use this plugin on other project. Will not contact you anymore. Your support is just terrible.

I wanted to give you access to the back end, asked if you can contact me via Facebook etc. so we can talk while making changes and you simply ignored me.

Talking in a way “one answer per day” is not what SUPPORT IS! This plugin makes person go from “wow” at first to “wtf”, It is not how things should work.

MESSAGE TO USERS: I suggest you check your keys in the moment you read this comment! Tell me if button is RED. Contact this “support team” they will say keys are disabled. REFRESH (reload same keys) tell me if they are still disabled?

AA – Since you are bad at support, I would suggest:

- Make online video tutorial so people see it without having to contact your support - In video, explain what is what in how it is used (since there is a lot of misunderstanding with you, when I say “what is what” I mean each feature within plugin) - Make website with brief error explanation - When creating tutorial, think how would person who never saw this UNDERSTAND the tutorial instead of making it “for yourself”.

With this comment I end any further time-wasting with you. People need professional and skilled support after buying something. We are USERS, not DEVELOPERS!

And after this disaster with your support, I deleted entire project. If you check, you’ll see website is no longer live.

Here you have tons on information and explanation on how to install/configure/use our products: Here are the video tutorials:

Hi!, is it possible for users to search by the amazon link?

Hello, Unfortunately no, they can’t.

Hi, product images are showing in Safari fine in the product page and shop, but are not showing in Chrome – any advice on this? Thank you

Hello! This issue is most likely related to Wordpress theme.

I am trying to add products from direct import option. Every thing is almost working fine but Images are uploading. Please let me know the reason.


Please open a ticket here for this issue and we will look into it.

emorkli Purchased

The plugin needs Amazon’s Product Advertising API (PA API) which is referred to in the set up as Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

For Amazon to issue you this, one needs to have completed 3 sales in the first 180 days plus other criteria to be able to get access to this programatic API keys.

Can the authors of this plugin confirm this. Can you then let us know if there is a way to go around this because this was not made explicit.

Thanks and I look forward to a response soon.

With kind regards!


emorkli Purchased

Is there a way I can get my item refunded. It is called buyer beware!

You should habe made that explicit in the item description and details. Item is presented as if you can just buy the plugin and start your amazon affiliate marketplace without ever doing anything with Amazon affiliates.

I will buy again after I complete three sales from Amazon.

And you direction for buyers to get their keys from AWS is bullocks. May be you yourself do not know how this plugin works.

Please cancel sale and refund.



emorkli Purchased

I am still waiting for a reply to my request for a refund. If I don’t hear back from you in 6 hours, I will act to get my money back.

You can use the 2 no PA API keys modules in WZone when you start in order to make that 3 sales. After that you can get your Amazon API keys. For more information please read here:


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