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Is there a feature that allows customer to buy from Amazon, Ebay, etc like a comparison option to buy from either platform and get cheapest price?

Hello, Sorry no.

Regards, A

Hey there,

Are you aware that your latest version is not fully compatible with WordPress 5.5.

Using the jQuery Migrate Helper plugin we found the following issue with your code:

/plugins/woozone/aa-framework/js/adminv9.js: jQuery.fn.size() is deprecated; use the .length property

Are you planning on releasing an update to resolve the deprecated code?

Many thanks :)

Hello, We released an update, please download an reinstall.

Regards, A

when i try to set up my wzon plugin namecehap account its say The file you uploaded,, contains a virus so the upload was canceled: YARA.blackhole_basic.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

but i already buy it from codecanyon.

Please download the latest version from codecanyon.

Regards, A

Can this be used to setup Amazon and AliExpress Affiliate store?

Hello, No it cannot.

Regards, A

I will like to know if i can use amazon affiliate product and dropshipping together? I want in a situation where some product remains affiliate product while some are dropshipping product.

Hello, Unfortunately no.

Regards, A

Can I use this product for dropshipping?

Hello, Yes you can, there’s a module for dropshipping:

Can I use this product for dropshipping for or modify.


Yes, you can use WZone for dropshipping.

Hello, i probably installed the plugin too often, but it was never online. I definitely want to use it for only one domain. Unfortunately the purchase code is blocked from your site. Can you please reset it? My support has expired.

Thanks a lot!

What can I do so that I have a website exactly like the demo Do I need to buy an extra theme from you, or any other extra plugin?


You need to have the Kingdom theme.

Regards, Mihai.

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Hello, What is the best woozone External server country detection? Thx!!


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Hi, I have this warning on one of my sites:

wp-content/plugins/woozone/aa-framework/js/adminv9.js: jQuery.fn.size() is deprecated; use the .length property

My other site gets notifications of plugin updates and is now using 13.5.5, the one with the warning above hasn’t received any update notifications so I went and downloaded the latest version at codecanyon but it’s version 13.5.4 so the warning still shows. Where can I get the latest version 13.5.5 please?


You can update it via wordpress dashboard.

Hello I have two questions: 1- how do I sync products? I am using the no api import? I have a real cron in place on the server and disabled the wp cron “15 * * * * wget -q -O – >/dev/null 2>&1”. when I try to sunc from the Synchronization log as you can see in this image 2- products are showing out of stock label in front and in the back end they also show out of stock while they are available. Thank you

I am sorry I understand the what you are saying but i dont think you understood my question. is the cron command right? does it only work with the api syncing/? untill i get the api keys working, I have to sync manually?? when I try to do that manually it is not working as you see in the picture..


That cron is used by the api sync. There is another synchronization module for the no pa api sync. That can be found under the No PA API in the sidebar. It is called only “Synchronization”.

thank you for your follow up. please see this image, I have the shop for about 10 days now and still no sync also here is an image from the plugin crons and this is my cron 15 * * * * wget -q -O – >/dev/null 2>&1

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Hello Support,

4+ months now, and I am still waiting for the addition of the Search Index for “GardenAndOutdoor” > “Garden & Outdoor”. There may be more categories that are missing.

I updated to 13.5.5 and refreshed both main categories & browse nodes.

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Since WP 5.5 installing the plugin breaks WP bakery editor and xstore! How can we fix this?


Please make sure you have the latest version of the plugin.


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How to update it to 13.5.5, Wordpress dashboard don’t show

What version of PHP are you using?

I install the plugin its was really amazing i like it Thanks impressive durability

We’re glad to hear it!


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Products are imported in the wrong subcategories: I have the plugin configured to import categories and subcategories via Amazon API. If I have imported a product that is in Women > Jeans, all the others (Men > Jeans, Girls > Jeans, Boys > Jeans…) will have Women as parent category, instead of creating a new Jeans subcategory for each parent.

The very first import creates the category structure relative to the firstly imported parent. So all other products (that are not relative to “Woman”) will always be shown in the wrong subcategory.

Is there a way to fix this, without having to manually set all the categories?

The WooZone plugin conflicts with the “customize appearance” option, which no longer works. How can I do this?


Please go to WZone -> Config -> Debug. If the “Activate WooZone Debug Bar” is set to “yes”, change it to “No” and save it. It is already on “No”, just save again the settings.

Regards, Mihai.

Thank you very much, it’s OK now. But on smartpone I can’t see the items imported with Woo Zone, what will it be?

I want to purchase woozone for amazon affiliate but you were having problem that images were not downloading to listings, is the problem resolved. If problem persist then i will get refund ?

Most of your recent reviews are very bad. Have u rectified the issue

I want to purchase but If It doesnt work for amazon affiliate . images or any other issue, I will get refund ?


The image download/listing works now. It was fixed in a previous version.


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Hi again — I am wondering it there is a CSS element/selector for the “redirect_checkout_msg” that appears on the checkout page when redirecting to Amazon (underneath the arrows gif). Best I can tell it is an h3 but I can’t load that page or find the right template to determine the specific selectors to target that message element specifically. I would love to match the font of the Checkout Message to my website’s type styling. Thank you!!


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Any help please?

How to update it to 13.5.5


You can do it via wordpress dashboard