Discussion on WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - Wordpress Plugin

Discussion on WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - Wordpress Plugin

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Hi there — Love your plugin. Thank you. — I have two quick questions…


Using the No-API import module, all products import perfectly and display both the “regular price” and any “sale price” just as they should. The WooCommerce “On Sale!”” badge also appears just as it should. Perfect.

However, during the No-API sync process the “sale price” moves and becomes the “regular price” and what was the “regular price” disappears entirely. As a result the “On Sale!” badge no longer appears and there is no way for anyone (including me) to know what products are on sale.

It’s only when products sync via No-API that the regular-price/sale-price information changes like this and becomes incorrect. New products continue to import correctly and stay that way until their first sync.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a known bug? Thx.



At the next update of the plugin (or sometime soon), please could you add an alternate “Amazon Price Disclaimer” option.

At present, the Amazon Price Disclaimer is as follows:

• Price: $32.77 (as of 01/07/2008 14:11 PST- Details).

• Price: $32.77 (as of 14:11 PST- More info).

There are two problems with this:

1) The price is buried in the middle of the text so it loses emphasis and is difficult to read. And, 2) Not every element has a CSS selector and some style attributes are hardcoded in to the markup.

This design of the disclaimer makes for a very unsightly appearance on a website with little or no ability to style the information to better suit the theme.

In the Amazon Affiliate Agreement it states these two options for the price disclaimer are only “examples of acceptable messaging”. So according to the agreement there is some room allowed for modification of the disclaimer statement and its markup.


My feature request… Please would it be possible to update the Amazon Price Disclaimer code and markup to better serve different website designs and layouts? In particular, for e-commerce style websites, if the price could be put first, on its own line, and with its own CSS selector, such as:

$32.77 ( price as of: 01/07/2008 14:11PST – Details.)

$32.77 ( price as of: 14:11PST – More Info.)

If shipping details are included then:

$32.77 ( price as of: 01/07/2008 14:11PST – Details.) & FREE shipping.

(In my examples, this comment system keeps displaying the price on the same line as the disclaimer text. I’m sure you still get the idea. I can provide you with an accurate sample of the code/markup change if you would like it.)

This change makes the Price Disclaimer a much more workable design for an e-commerce style of affiliate website and, I believe, stays well within the Amazon Affiliate Agreement guidelines.

The most important thing — this design enables the “Product Price” and the “Amazon Disclaimer Statement” to be styled independently of each other (ie. LARGE bold price, small disclaimer text) while still presenting the two as related information.

Giving each element its own css selector will both enhance and greatly simplify styling.

Thank you for reading this long message! And thank you for your consideration. (And thanks again for a great plugin. Much appreciated.)



Sorry for the late response. For the first one, this happens sporadically on product sync because of a limitation from the no pa api module. For the second one, we will take it in consideration for our future updates. Thank you for your feedback about our product. Take care and be safe!


PCDE Purchased

Thank you! Hope you are all staying safe too. Please take good care. Cheers.


PCDE Purchased

Hi again — I know you are all very busy, but I was just wondering if there is any chance that the Amazon Price Disclaimer modification request I made might be able to be implemented in the next 30 days or so? I have a major e-commerce affiliate site launching and as it stands the Amazon Price Disclaimer is such an eyesore and appears so unprofessional.

I know you are busy with other things, but if there is any way you could make the change I described above, so it is possible to style the disclaimer to match one’s theme, and in particular make it better suited to an e-commerce environment, I would be SO grateful.

To refresh your memory, if you could code an alternate version of the the Amazon Price Disclaimer as such:

$32.77 ( price as of: 01/07/2008 14:11PST – Details.)

So the price and the disclaimer are separate and can be styled independently… ie. BIG price, small disclaimer copy, with each having their own CSS markup…

Thanks again for your consideration. I will gladly buy you a beer for your efforts!


I want to show product from us amazon store in english page and german products in german page . So the english products should have us currency and german products should have german currency . I am using wplm plugin . Is this possible ??

I want to import reviews from a single product from amazon and display them on our homepage. Can this plugin be used for the same?


At this moment, amazon does not provide the reviews anymore.

Hi Team,

could you please answer the ticket opened on May 5th? # 30805

Thanks so much! Sergio


Sorry for the late response. Please check your ticket now.

Seeing this issue, product is up to date. Do you have an ideas what it might be?

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘woozone-debugbar-session-check’ in /var/sites/d/*/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woozone/lib/scripts/debugbar/debugbar.php on line 343

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘woozone-debugbar-session-check’ in /var/sites/d/**/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woozone/lib/scripts/debugbar/debugbar.php on line 343


Please make sure you have php 7 installed on your server. If you do not have it, please ask your hosting provider to update it for you.

Does this plugin allow me to integrate Amazon with my website and the payment process is done through my website without the need to visit Amazon?


The checkout process is done on amazon website.

Regards, Mihai.

can we use it in India? For Amazon Affiliate marketing?


Yes, you can.

Hi. I have 2 questions pre sales for you: 1) this plugin support italian amazon? 2) this plugin have theme includes?


1. You can use the plugin with Italia. 2. No, it doesn’t.

When are you going to fix the error that update to 13.4 fails in Wordpress?? “Update Failed: Plugin update failed.”

Wordpress daily tells me there is an update but when you attempt to update, get this error: Update Failed: Plugin update failed.

I downloaded 13.4 that I see is now available and updated that way since does not work through Wordpress update.


I’m sorry for the inconvenience. It was a problem with the updater. We are glad everything is ok now.

When are you going to update the categories so they match Amazon’s so we can import products. This has not worked for 3 months now since 5.0 . Many have posted here that the categories are wrong. Need that fixed ASAP.

Search Parameters: provider=Amazon, Category=Electronics, NbPages=1, BrowseNode=3468301, MinimumPrice=10000, Sort=AvgCustomerReviews — Search results – try to retrieve from amazon — Page 1. Invalid amazon response ( 1 – Amazon API v5: http status code = 500 http msg = [500] Server error: `POST` resulted in a `500 Internal Server Error` response: {__type request processing has failed due to some unknown er (truncated…)

Price filters no works

Can I ask why product variations only work when the “On Site Cart” option is selected? It seems common sense to allow the viewing of variations even when the buy button link is set as “external”. The variations are there and no doubt the product links are there. Without this the variation functionality of this plugin is not what is should be!


When you have “On site cart” set to no, and you have direct checkout, the user will select the variations directly on amazon, so that’s why the products are not variations anymore and they are external products.

This program is no longer working with recent WP updates. I have bought 2 which I have on 2 different hosts and neither work. It worked fine before on these hosts, now getting wp_remote_get not working errors. I see others have posted these problems. Can this be fixed in WP or is this a plugin problem.


We had a bug in the system status page and we made a fix for it and it will be available in the next update. It will not affect the plugin functionality.

Hello, I have a problem with the plugin activation, you seem to count the activations on localhost for development purposes as real activations. The licence code I purchased is active on only one website, how can we solve that ?

I don’t remember, can this plugin be used to build an automatic, woocommerce affiliate website?


You can use this plugin to auto import products if you have a valid pair of amazon keys.

Can you make is so that the plugin will unpublished any item that is no longer available for prime shipping? I’m using the no-API version like most people and have lost money because I had to pay for the shipping cost out of my own pocket. I made no profit and actually lost money behind this. Please help. Thanks.

Maybe something that scans all of our published items and then cross- references Amazon and then just un-publishes anything that’s not prime anymore. Whether it be done automatically or manually by pushing a scan button or something. Please help. Thanks.

Hi How do I change “as of 16:13 EST- More info” to “as of 16:13 GMT- More info” ? TIA

Why do in the product description I import I get four ‘X’ instead of the proper product description?


How are you trying to import the products?

On variable products I cannot get the product title to change when I select a variation. Is it the plugin that is not able to change this or have I done something wrong? Images are changing fine?

Dear AA-Team, First of all nice work. I would like to ask presales question, can i sell both non-amazon and amazon products on my website?

Still waiting for the reply.

Yes, you can!


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