Discussion on WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - Wordpress Plugin

Discussion on WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - Wordpress Plugin

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I faulty like this is like, looking forward to help

“Amazon Error: 1 – SOAP Fault: (faultcode: aws:Client.InvalidClientTokenId, faultstring: The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records”

Hi seoerchannel,
That is a message from the Amazon API. There is something wrong with your keys. Try to regenerate them and see if that solves your issue.

Best regards

Don’t worry about that deprecated message. The module will still work but we have created a new module that can do what the Advanced search does and more.

@btipper Even with their latest update, no cache plugins work.

I also have caching issues using WP Fastest Cache. It works fine after disabling WooZone. Took me about 10hrs of trouble-shooting to end up here. does not fix the issue… Anybody know which version of WZ (post WC3.0) that caching works fine?

Please update to latest version, we’ve made some fixes for the caching plugins.

I already have

Hi there, instead of amazon associates. I want to generate the amazon commisions via skimlinks. How can I make skimlinks work with woozone?

Hi sashv13,
Our plugin only works with Amazon Affiliate Program.

Best regards

Hi there is a compatability issue still with caching, specifically WP Rocket doesn’t currently work with Woozone. It’s not generating any cache within /wp-content/cache/wp-rocket/* .. turning Woozone off makes it work perfectly fine. I see in the notes that you fixed this caching issue in but that’s not fixed the issue with WP Rocket. I’ve made a previous comment here a few days ago but i’ve not received a single reply.

Can you confirm that you’re aware of the issue with WP Rocket not working with your module and eta or patch or any fix that can be applied?

I’d assume that if this caching module is no longer working with Woozone then others will also still be affected.

Sure, open a ticket at and we will send you the latest update.

Best regards

Hi, what’s your email to send a ticket? I couldn’t create one on your site.

You can only create tickets on the site. Why could you not create a ticket?

Hi there!

I just installed the last update of your plugin and it crashes the site showing just a blank screen. When I deactiavate Woocommerce (or your plugin) everything works again, but not together.

Is this just a particular issue or anyone else is having the same one? Please, any help is welcome.

Thank you so much and have a good day!

Hi maysan,
That is weird. Make sure you are using the latest version of WooCommerce and WZone. If you still have issues, open a ticket at

Best regards

This looks like a great plugin. May I know how many products can I import to my site per day, maximum?

To be sure, that one request is for the entire product, including all descriptions and images right?

It doesn’t quite work like that. On one product multiple requests can be made, for example for related products, reviews & so on

So realistically, how many products can I import in one day for a new amazon affiliate account?

All my imports have stopped … and when I want to create new searches, it just hang on a screen like this and it make no progress.

Version just downloaded this morning.

After you make the update, clear your browser cache and make sure your server is not out of memory. If you still have issues, open a ticket at

Best regards

Hello, I found that in this plugin should be 1 more Very Important feature. Which is missing. I need a feature that if somebody searches the “Juicer” by going on search box but ” the juicer ” is not available on my e-commerce site.because I not Listed juicer on my website.So Then by default, all the juicer List should appear on my e-commerce site from the Amazon site by my amazon ID.

In short, if I not Listed any product on my website and then the user search that particular product from my site search box than all that products list should appear on my website from Amazon website.(As per country)

So is it possible? is amazon provide search box API KEY? If yes then can you please set this option on this plugin. Because I like to Buy this plugin if you can set this Important Requirement.

and also what is different between these 2 plugins?

1 – Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin and WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – Wordpress Plugin

Many Thanks Gurjit email –


I just bought this plugin. Is it possible to import products as draft?


Hi elohimguy,
Yes you can do that. Just go to Amazon config -> Import Setup -> Import As -> Draft.

Best regards

Thanks for your prompt response.

Is there an option to exclude already imported products (for example, based on ASIN/ISBN)?

Nevermind! I noticed that duplicate ASINs are indicated during import. Thanks.

In the event that amazon terminate associate program if their no sale in 90 days and reapply make new associate i have to import the product again or just change the access key and associate id ?

You can just change the affiliate id.

Hi – Is there a way to stop your product stats (views) from being effected whilst working on the site are admin for example?


Hi sumosumosumo,
Unfortunately no but you can reset them from Amazon Config -> Bug fixes.

Best regards

Hi, i’ve just renewed my license but can’t open a ticket as it says it doesn’t support more than one domain but i’m after support for that domain that i’ve installed on.

Problem i'm having at the moment is that WP Rocket doesn't generate cached pages with Woozone anymore, not sure what's changed with Woozone but it's stopped working. Somewhere between v8 and 9 latest. They've looked on their end and disabling Woozone makes the pages cache again. I'd open a support ticket but it's not allowing me to.


Just noticed that you’ve released which mentions that it fixes the problems with caching modules. Though this is still not working with WP Rocket. Surprised there has been no reply thus far?

Been over 3 days and not a single reply?

Hi fotten,
If you can’t open a new ticket, try to create a new account on our support platform:

Best regards

Hello. I need to change the domain name of my site. Can I disable the license for the old site and activate it for the new site? Thanks!

Hi borislavivanov,
Yes, you can do that.

Best regards

Awesome, thanks!

@sumosumosumo The first product you show is “currently unavailable” on Amazon so it will not import. I was unable to pull up the second item you show.

Hi – Why is it that some ASIN codes do not import? It says if finds the product but does not add it to the product list… it also cannot find it when searching for it using specific search terms?

An example is B00ZLNOHV4 – It say’s it finds the ASIN code but no product shows up?

Where as B01D3QQ2RM will do the same and then it does import the product?

To Reggsenterprises

That’s weird it shows as in stock and as a product when I view the product on Amazon –

Could it be a regional store setting I need to adjust?

Figured it out – the product existed already but was in the BIN – permanently deleting it made it show up again on search (or just restore it).

On some products there is no “price as of” , looks like a bug…

Same as above.

Some products do not show the “as of” tag. What to do?

If they are Amazon products, open a ticket so we can see why you have this issue.

@reggsenterprises Thank you very much, it worked

Hi there ,

We are loving your plugin , as we started testing all the features.

Few questions :

>I have amazon’s and our own products in the shopping cart.

when i click checkout, the page reload with the amazon checkout page instead of opening it in a new tab. Can you please let me know how can i change this function ?


>Our website is completely SSL, we are testing all features of the plugin locally, before we port them online, we want to know if there would be any issues in being able to achieve everything though we have SSL in place ?

>We also plan to host products from other marketplaces such as ebay and aliexpress (using aateam’s ebay and aliexpress plugins) and products from other merchants too in future. Did i read correctly, that I need to disable the shopping cart system if i were to do so ?

Thank you,


Hi Ship2au,
Open a ticket at and we will guide you through the settings there.

Best regards


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