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it’s expansive about the server memoy RAM? work good on shared hosting?

Not at all. It should work good on shared servers

Hi, there seems to be an issue with saving the Amazon Secret Key. I have been trying to add key but in the input box it says (no change) .. Whenever I try to do a product search I get the following error: Your AccessKey Id is not registered for Product Advertising API. Please use the AccessKey Id obtained after registering at .. My Amazon Access Key Id is saved but the Amazon Secret Key field remains (no change).. Please assist.

Hello, the input box will always show No change to prevent secret key being viewed by any other wordpress admin. It is actually saved in database

ok, im unable to get the (site) and (amazon category) to show anything. in both search and import methods. While im able to search by ASIN and i find the item unable to choose site or category. Need your help again.

Send me an email so I can assist you

your demo link is not working, change to:

and i have see the demo, can you include 2 options? 1) import all 2) import whit amazon same category

i have a presale question: how speedy is your plugin, i need to import 10-15k products.

//Edit: ok you have change the theme now an now the link is correct..

Hello, demo is working now. Some one changed the theme to a native wordpress theme that is not compatible with woocommerce.

About plugin speed, it can only import maximum 10 ASIN at a time. I will be increasing this number in the next version to support more import at a time.

A demo of plugin admin panel is available in my site. Login with username: test password: test


i mean the import of ASIN Bulk, i have 10000 asins, how speedy is the import? thx for reaply

It can fetch 10 ASIN in 1 to 3 seconds and then display the results to you to select all or some of them to import.

Hi, i have two presale questions
1) After import there is a something to autoupdate price with cron?
2) Can I use this as reseller? I need to sell some product myself without Amazon link… it’s possible with this plugin?


1) Price usually does not updates with cron unless the item is on the first page of search results

2) Sure you can. This plugin will only change items that are imported from Amazon. So if you sell your own items that will show Add to cart button. Anyways, the category display page will always show View Product button instead of Add to cart button

Thank you for your answers but i meant for 2 question this:
after I’ve imported the Amazon product can I remove the amazon link and set myself the price and the sku? I don’t want the price are automatically updated by cron. Can be disabled the cron for this product? besides being in the first page what binds the product to auto price update ?

It is possible to customize it the way you need. To do this, first import the target item using ASIN lookup or search. Then go to woocommerce item edit interface for that item and delete the custom field importtype. This will bring back the Add to cart button instead of Buy from Amazon button

After that change the SKU of the item. When SKU is changed that item will never be updated by the plugin itself.

On my shop page, there is a “view product” button that is displayed when I install this plugin that interferes with my theme. How can I remove this? Thanks!

Hello, I have sent details on email. Thank you


Presale question.

Is it possible if i want to change the word “Buy from Amazon” to “Buy” only? While the function still remain the same (when user click, it will redirect to Amazon website)?


Hello, It is possible to change the text easily by using edit plugin option in wordpress. I can assist you on this if needed. Thanks


your plugin looks interesting. I wanted to try it in your demo, but it seems that somebody changed the AWS Access Key Id. Because it allways says “The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records.”.

I got a question:

Right now I’m using another plugin to import amazon products into woocommerce. This plugin uses geotargeting. So every user is send to the product by asin on it’s local amazon. And it bothers me. I want the user to be send to the amazon I selected.

Does your plugin also uses geotargeting?

Best regards

Unfortunately, it supports one associate id right now. We will be adding more features soon to support multiple associate id and auto update feature.


I saw you have included more ids. Are you planning to create a cron job so that the price is automatically updated?

Best regards

Hi, auto update is not planned currently.

Hi there, is it possible with this plugin to check out without visiting the amazon site?

Hi, its not possible. Checkout and payment must be done from Amazon

But is it possible to develop and modify your plugin in such a way? or is it against the Amazon API policy?

It is not possible in any way. The farthest possible things is directly adding it to cart on amazon.

Is it possible to add affiliate products from vendors other than amazon? I would like to add products from multiple affiliate vendors, not just Amazon.

Sorry only amazon is supported at this time


I don’t suppose you have a cheeky demo version of the plugin itself or plan to release one do you? Maybe something with a limited product import, one catergory 5 products. I want to test it directly on my site to make sure it works with all my customisations. Is it possible? Or should this just work with any customisations. I have a premium lightbox plugin with certain details showing in the lightbox and then a link to the item. Would the items still show up?

Hello, I have disabled backend login in the demo. If you want to test it, please contact me via email so I can send you login to backend. Regards


I was really thinking about a very limited version of the plugin that I could test directly on my site. ie download plugin and install – then test. as mentioned, I have a load of customizations on my site that use light box plugin etc, also my site is niche-ish and i wanted to see if the plugin could be used to populate some of the categories i have. Anyway it’s not a problem if you don’t and I will probably buy down the line. I still have to get the site up and working first. Just found another problem with permalinks yesterday! Thats really thrown me as I thought I’d resolved site navigation aarraaggh! :-)

Hi, unfortunately I don’t have any limited version. But if you want to test it from wordpress backend feel free to send me an email :)

Hello, I want to buy this plugin.Button on how to display the price of the product?


Thanks for contacting us.

currently we do not support this item and it may not work as expected with new wordpress & woocommerce.

Best regards


Is there a better plugin?

Yeah, there are few alternative plugins on codecanyon.

I want to buy, do not update it?

Hi, I released an update today. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow in codecanyon. Thanks

I want a feature.Woocommerce products can add custom links,When editing product attributes,

It is possible by editing custom fields. For example:

Really beautiful :)

i just bought this plugin – its working however how can i disable the default woocommerce add to cart button – i see both add to cart and also buy from amazon buttons. like in this link

Yes, that is also an option

thank you so much

you are welcome :)

Hi I keep getting “Your AccessKey Id is not registered for Product Advertising API. Please use the AccessKey Id obtained after registering at"

I have followed that link and it says i am already registered for the api. Please, I need this resolved asap.

Solved. If you have the same error confirm that your associate account and advertising accounts have the same email address and are for the same country.

Great to know that the problem has been solved. Also thanks for posting the solution.

I was trying to see what differences are between the Woozone product at $42 and yours at a reasonable $15?

Hello, thanks for your interest in the plugin.

Woozone is a bundled plugin that offers Amazon Affiliates, advertising plugin, Amazon Discount Finder and amazon affiliates theme.

Our plugin only offers Amazon Affiliates.

It looks like great value but as you say you dont offer support does that mean we are on our own if we buy it and have issues?

Hello, I replied to your email. Please check. Thanks