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When i activate the plugin i can’t see it under settings nor when i buy products two times.

Is there a known issue with the plugin and WP3.9/Woocommerce 2.1.8?

Hi and thanks for purchase. No known issues. Please use support tab and open a ticket and I will have a look at it.

OK, tested it now with WP 3.9 and WC 2.1.8 and all works fine. is running with this versions at the moment. So I need to take a look on your page please open a ticket.

Problem solved. Was no plugin problem, the woocommerce folder was renamed. Thanks for information.

Hi hupe-graphics, I’m looking this “last purchase ” message to show on the product (shop) page too. So my client is easy to know what he bought without client in to the single product. Its this able to do that ?

Thank you.

Hi, Thanks for purchase. Show the message on the product overview page (shop page) also is not possible at the moment. But that’s a nice idea. I’ll see if I can add this feature in an future update. With the current version the client get’s the message only on single product page if he already bought this product.

Thanks, look forward to it.

How do I change the date format from I’d like to use mm.dd.yyyy. “You have already bought this item. You can buy it again if you want, or, you can view the order here: 12.04.2015.”

Hi and thanks for the purchase. Please open a support ticket @ and I can help you to change the date format.

Hi there. Under “MY ACCOUNT” I am looking to make a point called “past orders” + “Previously bought”. Can I somehow use or tweak this plugin to list all previous purchased items in a scroller or such? or is that something you will consider to make?

Hi, sorry for the late reply, I miss your question. What you would like to do will need a different plugin. ABB starts from item pov and then chekcs if the logged in user has purchased the current item. You need a plugin that have a look on the purchases from the user pov. I’ll have a look on it as new plugin idea.

Could this plugin be used to hide the add to cart button if the product was ordered in the calendar week.

Hi and sorry for the late reply. No without additional programming it’s not possible to hide the add to cart button when the customers bought it in the current week. But that’s an interesting feature and I’ll have a look on it when I find time for.

Excellent design!

Thank you, feel free to buy and do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions.

New Version is online. New features and works with current Wordpress / WooCommerce now.

Any chance your going to update this for 2.6?

Update is online now.

Will you be updating this for 3.0 please?

Sorry for the late reply. I definitely plan to upgrade the plugin so it works well with WooC 3 and WP 4.8 but I hadn’t the time to have a deeper look on it until now. So I cannot give you a timeline yet.