WooCommerce Already Bought Before (ABB)

WooCommerce Already Bought Before (ABB)

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Since v1.1: The DATE of the last purchase will be shown!

WooCommerce 2.4.x & WordPress 4.x compatible

This Plugin works with WooCommerce 2.4.x and Wordpress 4.x without restrictions.
Tested with WordPress 4.3 and WooCommerce 2.4.6

The Plugin Already Bought Before (ABB) for WooCommerce checks if the currently logged in User has already bought the product he is viewing at the moment (when he’s on a single Product Page).
If yes, it will display a Message for him to draw his attention on this fact. The date of his last purchase of the current item will also be displayed and the date is linked to the matching order. For sure your user still can purchase the item again!

The Message is shown above the Product (where normally Add-to-Cart-Message is shown also).

Since Version 1.1 the message displays the date of the last purchase of the item. The date ist linked to the matching order ( the last order which includes the item the user is currently viewing).

Also since Version 1.1 the “Add to Cart”-Button changes the text if the current product is already in the users cart.

You can change the Style of the message. Choose between 5 predefined CSS-Styles, let your Theme you use make the job via default CSS or upload and activate your own CSS-File! All this easy from the Admin-Backend!

You can choose the Icon you like. 10 different Icons royalty free to use by you are included. You may also upload your own or don’t use any Icon. Just as you need it.


Easy Customization

Message Text, Style, Icons and Button Text. Everything can be comfortable changed via Settings Page in the Backend!


CSS File Driven

The Style of the Message is completely driven by a CSS-File. So you can simply change it to your needs. The Plugin comes with 5 different, predefined Styles ready to use. Or let the Style of Messages defined by the Theme you use make the job. Or upload your own CSS File and use this! Just as you want! All this you can change via Settings Page.


Icons included

The Main Style uses PNG-Icons to make the Message more visible. You can simply Change the Icon. Every 32×32Px Image should work. But we have also included 10 different Icons royalty free to use by you. Change it via Settings Page!

Icons included


If your Theme is responsive – our Plugin is responsive, too!



ABB-Plugin comes with default.pot language file so it’s ready to translate in your language! German language already included (de_DE *.po + *.mo files).

Icons included

Support & Documentation

Quick Start Guide included in Documentation. All steps are explained with screenshots!

Icons included

We will give you free support on this Plugin. We will be happy to help!

We recommend to use our Helpdesk for Support:

Theme Developers Welcome

With buying an extended License I give you hereby the permission to included this Plugin within your Theme to sell on Themeforest. Every Theme needs a single extended License.


V 1.3 (16.02.2014)
* Improved: Add full WooCommerce 2.1.x Compatibility

V 1.2 (10.02.2014)
* Improved: German Translation

V 1.1 (24.01.2014)
* NEW Feature: Show Date of last purchase in Message
* NEW Feature: Date is linked to matching order overview
* NEW Feature: Change the used CSS-File via Admin-Settings
* NEW Feature: Change the used Icon via Admin-Settings
* NEW Feature: Change the Message Text via Admin-Settings
* NEW Feature: Add to Cart-Button changes text if product is already in the cart
* Improved: Quick Start Guide added to Documentation
* Fixed: Some minor code issues

V 1.0 (18.01.2014)
* First stable release

Icons included