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Can I assign discounts to the non-sale price of an item? Example: Product A retails for $10 but is on sale to anyone who comes to my site for $9. I need to create two discounts that take a bigger percent off of the retail price for my higher tier users.

Yes you can. That’s one of the basic features…

Can you please check my support ticket? Been waiting.

What’s the ticket ID?


Can I add custom taxonomy product to ‘Product lists’?

Of course. Our plugin is able to detect the custom taxonomies and let you use them.

Hi There, I have a presales question to see if you have an option that i’m looking for:

I am looking for a solution where the sales price can change depending on a link that someone visits. For example, I want to normally have the price in my shop for 99$, but when someone clicks a link containing for example ?discount=promo ; the price drops to 90$ (for a set amount of time preferably). Would this be possible with this plugin?

Yes that’s possible but only with affiliation plugins such as affiliate wp.

I am having a problem with the plugin not giving the “Total cart discount” it marks it as Zero even thought the the total has the discount applied it.

I am considering a purchase and not sure if this issue is going to be fixed with a purchase has anyone else had this issue The amount is right in the subtotal and the total, but it does not show how much was taken off in the discount? × Lemon Pepper Smoked Oysters $6.50 ($5.50)

Product    Price    Quantity    Total

100 $550.00

Coupon code Apply Coupon Update Cart Cart Totals Subtotal $550.00 Total cart discount $0.00 Total $550.00

You’re applying a product discount. The total cart discount contains only the total of the discounts applied to the cart subtotal (percentage off cart subtotal for example). In this case, it’s normal to have 0 since you don’t have a discount off the cart subtotal applied. In the pro version, that line only show up if the amount is more than 0.

Hi Support, are we able to setup buy 1 get 1 free discount rules?

yes, the same product. I made the multiple of 2 rules but i only apply discount when product count = 2,4,.. When product count = 3 , i should get 1 free product, it return me nothing….

i open ticket 684, please check

Can you a customer user role on this plugin?

Hello, I’m sorry for the delay to answer, just got the notification. Yes our plugin is able to apply a discount by customer role.


moskoo Purchased

Whenever I activate this plugin, my site is so slow! I tought maybe my rules are not set up properly, but no, without any rules activated, just the simple activation of the plugin make it slow down to a halt. I scanned with P3 and it adds 12 to 14 seconds of Plugin Load Time and runs up to 35% of Runtime. I have the latest version (1.7), but the previous one was doing the same thing. It’s a shame, the plugin is exactly the added fonctionnality I needed. Any Idea?


moskoo Purchased

I’ll do that later on today. Quick reply, thank you.


moskoo Purchased

Orion’s customer support has found a solution to my problem, everything is now running smoothly. Problem did not come from the plugin, but the solution did, so I can’t be more happy. Many thanks!

Hi! The plugin works great! But i have one issue that i cant wrap my head around.

On my default language SWE the discount on 15% works perfect, but on my ENG version, there is one product that gets roughly 30% the discount percent, ive double checked every thing compared the same products cant find any difference between them, but it still get the wrong discount percent.

My discount is setup: Buy 2 get 15% of Gloves.

I have in total 3 gloves on my site, 2 of the gloves works perfect, but the last gloves always get roughly double the discount (30%).

On the SWE version all 3 gloves works perfect, but on the ENG version only 2 gloves works, and the last get roughly 30% off.

I use WPML.

That may be the problem. Can you open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so we can take a look?


Bling007 Purchased

Hi, can we apply device based discounts? Like iOs, Android, Tablets etc

Not currently…


odirlon Purchased

Hello, great plugin. However, in the product listing the value does not show the value of: 100.00 per 90.00. Not even on the product page. I’m using the discount by payment method. One strange thing is that when I select the discount payment method it gives the discount and if I buy the product and come back on the product screen, it shows the discount from 100.00 to 90.00

No problem. And sorry for not being more helpful. I’ll transfer this to the dev team in order if there is something that can be done.


odirlon Purchased

No problem, thanks! :)


odirlon Purchased

No problem, thanks! :)

Hi, we purchased this plugin and thought the discount would work even without having an account. But discounts did not work without logging in. Is it possible to make the plugin work without login in?

Our customers are making the payment through a fast checkout without login, the customer information then is saved in woocommerce. I believe it would be great if the discount somehow could recognize the email-address of the customer and give the discount without needing to log in.

I hope I was clear enough.


What kind of discount do you want to apply (the conditions that make a discount applicable)?

Let say sameone purchased a item, and if the customer reviewed the item, then she/he can get discount. Or if a email adress is in mailchimp list then give discount. This is only working if the customer make an account right now.

Our check-out gateway is klarna and, ist very simple and fast checkout solution, therefore people just buy our products without making an account.

There is no way to identify a customer email if he does not create an account and log in…


fayezul Purchased

When i tried to set rules IF ORDER PRODUCT, the drop down functions to select products is not working.

So with the Product List options at the bottom. Please help.

That’s normal if you haven’t created a list. These dropdowns require a list. If there are no lists, they will be empty.

Please answer my support ticket. Plugin is throwing all kinds of errors.

Hello, I’m sorry for the delay to process your ticket. What’s your ticket ID?


Hi, do you have any demo account for testing?


mattsu123 Purchased

Hello, We have an issue where we are setting the previous product count to a multiple of 10, but yet the first person that ordered got the discount. Do we need to also add a rule that says “if order count != 0” in order for it to work or?

0 will be considered as multiple of 10, so you need to add a condition to make sure the count is superior to 10 or 0 at list.


mattsu123 Purchased

I did this, and its still not working :-( Still applies the discount even though I put a multiple product count of > 1

Ok please open a ticket so we can take a look at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com

what if i want to set a product discount maximum? For example if product A is in the cart and a coupon is greater than 15% everything in that cart gets 15% off however due to the margins on product A; I only want to apply a 10% discount to that product. Is this possible? if so how?

No our plugin does not allow you to set a maximum discount. But you can set a fixed amount instead of a percentage of the total. Does that help?