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I got try to using the demo provided but when i insert the discount rule the product price don’t have any changes?

will the demo working fine already?

error occur 500???

Still in the demo? Where?

Hi, I try to define a condition and don’t find the good way to do it.

I have a category in WooCommerce, say “Group Item A”. I defined a list of products “List Group item A” which include this Group Item A.

I try do to this :

- A discount A when i have 2 different products belonging to the List Group A in the cart

- A discount B when i have 3 different products belonging to the List Group A in the cart

- A discount C when i have 3 different products belonging to the List Group A in the cart

It’s not working because when i select ” if count different product in the cart” the script count all the different wooCommerce products and not only ones in the List Group A.

Do you think it is possible ?

Thanks you :)

thanks, il will check that

It’s working correctly when i select “If Order items count”, but it’s not working when i select “If Different Order items count” because it counts within all the woocommerce product, even the ones not included in my product category.

i try to count for exemple 2 different tshirts and not twice the same tshirt :)

I tried in your demo and it works the same way (o1626)

Hmm. We probably did not make the combination for that specific condition. Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com/ so we can take care of that.

Prepurchase question: Will the discount for facebook fans be applied only on the first order or on all orders?

You can set it up for the first order only or on all orders using one of the conditions included in the plugin.

Hi. There are several details that I consider basic that are not in the plugin. Just in case, I installed a WordPress from scratch with the Theme by default.

1) When you go to the shopping cart, only the final discounted price appears. The original price crossed out does not appear.

2) In the preview of the shopping cart the price appears original, without discount:


3) In quantity discount, there should be an option to indicate the final price. Right now there is only to put the item discount. But I see easier to put the final price at a discount.


I wait your answer. Thank you

1-That’s woocommerce default behavior. It happens even if you set a sale price normally in woocommerce, the cart won’t display the original price crossed.

2-That issue was fixed last week. Are you using the latest version (Version 2.0.1 – 24 October 2017)? If you are, please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com/ so the dev team can take a look.

3-Yes unfortunately, we don’t have that feature yet. But you can open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com/ so our devs will add it within the next few days.

hi pre sale question: can your plugin apply different discount for different product tags? example this ecommerce has BRANDS as product tag, so for example i have to apply 20% to all NIKE products and 30% to all adidas products in bulk mode and nike and adidas i repeat are not categories, thanks in advance

a last question. if after the list is created a product with that specific tag is added the discount will be avalaible also for that product automatically? thanks

Yes and for any product with that keyword.

I’m looking at the module in the free version and I see that in the cart does not cross the original price, but directly puts the price to pay including the discount. Is it possible that it comes out in the paid version?

No, that’s how woocommerce handles the sales prices on the cart and checkout pages. You can setup a normal sale price on any product and check how it handles it;

Hi, Is your plugin work with WC Vendor or Dokan multi vendor? Very much appreciate to have your reply to this enquiry. Thanks, Danny


We never tried. I suggest trying with the free version of our plugin first and if that works the premium version will too.

Hello can I add discount to all products simultaneously with this plug in with one click?

1-You create a product list that targets all products (the default options does that)

2-You create your discount using that product list.

All these should take 5 minutes top.


reddingl Purchased

I bought this product a while ago, I need to get the latest version. When i download again from my account its an old version. Do i need to re-purchase to continue getting up to date versions of this plugin?

Not at all. That’s strange. Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com to get the latest one.


Is it possible to add Buy 2 get 1 free on certain products and will any message be displayed?


What do you mean by “3 products need to be sent out”? Can you elaborate please?


I created a discount where if you buy 2 of the same product you get another one free, when i place the order and then look in WooCommerce orders the order is saying x 2 and it should be x 3, so whover processes the orders will only sned out 2 the way it is cirrently set up which is wrong.

Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so we can take a look.


Bling007 Purchased

Its been some months now I have purchased this plugin and yet its amusing I haven’t used it. The deal with this is, it breaks my wp-cron, straight away. I thought this might be fixed over next few updates and still hasn’t been. You guys need to really fix your plugin.

We fixed that while ago and all users who reported that issue said it has been fixed. What version are you using? The latest version is 2.0.1


Bling007 Purchased

I downloaded the file from Envato wordpress plugin. So I am guessing it was latest. And I have deleted it already.

You can open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so our team can look into it for you.

Please use the Avada and WPML.

Is this Plugin Compatible to them?


Yes it should but we haven’t tested officially. If it’s not, we’ll provide a full refund.

Hi! Can I make upsale or downsale base on previous orders. For example: 10 customers buy 1 specific product, and price this product in shop will go up or down. Next 10 person can buy this product with 5% discount. To end month or end product in stock.

No you currently can’t apply an upsale or downsale depending on the number of customers who bought a specific product but you can depending on the number of previous orders for this product for the logged customer. Do you see the difference?

Hello – presale question – does this work in conjunction with discount coupons?

For example, when the dynamic pricing rule is applied then no discount coupon can be applied.

Please let me know.



Yes we have a setting that allows us to disable the coupons as soon as a discount is applied to the cart

Hello, how can i have the negative sign before the discount amount in the cart page and in the order review section (checkout page)?

I see that you insert the discount as a woocommerce “fee”, but i don’t understand how i can format the string with the negative sign before.

Thank you


You want to format the discount on the cart by inserting a negative sign before the amount? If so, that’s not handled by us, that’s the way woocommerce displays the negative fees. For example, using twenty sixteen and the default woocommerce installation and applying a discount off order subtotal, I get this http://prntscr.com/hm4p2x

Let me make more clear the question. I created a discount in your plugin based on certain payment type. If the user select bank transfert, then apply a discount. So, that discount is positive in the order review and i wish to display that with negative sign before the amount. If this is handled by woocommerce could you please tell me where i need to modify that?

No sorry I don’t know.


Szalk Purchased

Hi! I like two different discounts. 1. A quantitative discount (more than 10 items ordered): -10% 2. Who subscribes to the newsletter: -15%

How do I set up a bigger discount, so who subscribes to the newsletter and receives 20 products give only 15% (not 10% + 15%)

Can this be set?



Szalk Purchased

I try to change mailchimp. Thanks for the quick help!

Regarding the newsletter plugin, not currently…


I just updated the script but when I go to the cart, it shows me this message: “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home1/ag104myf/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-all-discounts/includes/class-wad-discount.php on line 640 “

Here’s the page: http://belle-trends.com/cart/

What do I have to do to fix this? I’ll wait for your response.

Thank you very much!


I created a list of product to be discount and I also add discount for order subtotal but the problem is the “Percentage off order subtotal” is getting the original price and not the discounted one.

Please reply ASAP