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We sell our products with multiple pricing quantity discounts. Does your product allow us to upload a database to populate the quantity discount levels and relative discount percent by product? We sell thousands of items and can’t manually set the discount levels in the product setup page.

Hello, We have an interface which allows you to dynamically select the products (by category, tag, variation attributes etc…) so you can define the discount globally. What does all the products have in common we can use?


Good job on continuing to push out updates. I see another one this week.

Does this release now have the ability to prevent a customer from getting multiple discounts when they have something that is affected by two rules?

Thank you.

Hello, Sorry for my English.

Would it be possible to put the discounts for roles in product discounts?

I would like to put a discount for quantities, for example, for professionals, another for normal customers …. but I notice that there is no possibility of choosing roles in discounts when editing products.

Would it be possible to add this feature to your plugin?

Thanks in advance for your help and congratulations on this great plugin.

Thanks for your quick response,

What we would like is to apply it by product so that the customer or professional will get the price list below the button to add to the cart, doing it as you tell me you do not know the buyer what discounts will have until it reaches the cart.

And applying punctual discounts for products is much more cumbersome in the way indicated by not being able to control them from the same edition of the product.

I know that this feature is not implemented, my question is whether this could be feasible in the future.

Best regards.

I’m not sure, because we’ll have to move the entire rules system to the product area. I’ll add this feature to the list to check if it’s possible or not.

In principle is to apply to user filter roles, I do not see it so complicated, take a role in the issue of discounts in the product sheet and take it into account when the discount applies …

I will wait for this characteristic with great impatience if they can implement it!

Thank you very much for your support.

Hello, we have received this error with our most recent update. Please reply with reason and solution of this:

warning kindly let me know how to solve this warning issue. Warning: array_push() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/..../wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-all-discounts/includes/functions.php on line 801


Hello, Are you using the affiliates based discount?

Hi, I’ve just seen you’ve released an update recently, but when I try to update I get this error message:

An error occurred while updating Woocommerce All Discounts: To receive automatic updates license activation is required. Please visit Settings to activate your Woocommerce All Discounts.

But it doesn’t explain how to do this, just links through to the settings page.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Hello, The fields are in the settings page with descriptions about how to find the values http://prntscr.com/dg1q2e

Great, thanks.

Presale question: About free gifts, can I use this plugin in case I want to give a specific preconfigured free gift to a customer for purchasing another specific product or product category? Thanks

Yes but the gift addition to the cart is not automatic yet. The customer will have to add it from the cart himself (he will be prompted to)

ok, Thanks!

Purchased, happy with the product.

For a “Free Gift” dicsount. Is there a way to remove the list of items that are free on the cart page?

It’s pulling from all the variations and makes it confusing. Ideally someone would just add their free gift to the cart without searching through that long list.

That means the list you defined as gift list contains a lot of products. Can you set it to only one product?

Regarding “Free Gift” Is there a way to add only one of the free gifts available?

We have a free gift list for anyone that buys more than $50. We want customers to choose one gift from the list of free gifts..

How can this by done?

That’s not currently possible but it’s a planned feature for the next update

Potential Buyer here I see you have custom pricing for each user based group. I have my wholesale pricing tiers, but I see that you also state that your plugin will only recognize a User Role plugin that is your “Groups Plugin”? I am using WPFront User Role Editor.

Canceling out sales taxes? No we don’t handle taxes independently from the prices. We can apply a discount on the prices including the taxes or not but nothing more.

damn. that’s the last vital thing and I downloaded your plugin pre-maturely

I don’t think that’s a discount plugin job to cancel taxes. You should look into a conditional tax plugin or maybe it’s included i don’t know.

I want to integrate Facebook with this plugin, where can I find the documentation? My app is requiring a review for “verifying” if user is sharing my site pages or not to get the discount.

Yes that’s what facebook does before allowing access to any external plugin to the user data.

Understood. Where is the documentation I can go through, giving me step by step guide how to do it? I have app id and secret integrated. I need screenshots and what exact permissions my app needs before I submit it for review.

For our app, the user_likes permission should be enough. They can be set here http://prntscr.com/dlr80v. My interface is in french, i hope it won’t be a problem…

Hi, I have a presales question.

Is it possible with your plugin do following: I want to show product price as 100 in category view and also in product view. In product view I want to also tell to costumers that this 100 price is price with already 4% included discount for direct payment. On checkout page I want to show 105 – 4% = 100 if they choose direct bank transfer checkout. If they choose paypal price on checkout will be 105. Changing price depending of payment choosed I have already resolved, but I need a plugin that will show product price 100 on product page and send 105 into checkout, so I can apply with my plugin 4% discount on that price. Is that possible with your plugin? Or maybe something simmilar?

That depend on the type of discount applied. If it’s a discount on the order subtotal, then it will show the discount below the order subtotal, not around the product prices themselves. But if it’s a percentage off product price discount, the product prices will look striked and the new prices will be displayed besides them.

Can you please show me an example of both possibilities – screenshot would be enough.

Im trying to do that on your demo, but whatever I do I cant reach the checkout.

Hello, What happens when you try to reach the checkout?

Is it possible to exclude the product from cart sum % discount if the product in question already recieved some sort of discount but do accout for the total sum of this product in the rule to apply the cart duscount? Say we have a product A for 100 USD/pcs if you buy 10 the price is 90usd/pcs

and we have product B for 50USD/pcs

Our cart subtotal discount rule is 3% off if you buy for more than 950USD customer buy product A 10pcs 1090=900USD and product B 5 pcs 550=250USD Total is 1150usd

that is more than 950USD, but because product A already got price discount, 3% discount is applyed only to product B 250USD Thus, total amount is 900+242,5=1142,5USD and not 1115,5usd as it would calculate

is it possible or how much would it cost to me to make it possible?

Hello, No that’s not currently possible and we’re not available to hire at the time to implement it sorry.

Hi, I have looked at your demo site, created an admin account and watched your YouTube video, but I still have a few questions if you don’t mind please?

I would like to offer product discounts, but offer them on the product page to encourage sales, is this possible? (I think if they have already got to the checkout page, they are going to buy at full price, why offer a discount if you don’t need to).

Assuming I can do that, can I offer separate discounts for eg sharing the product to Facebook, Tweeting it, signing up to my newsletter. Can the discounts be cumlative, so the more they share, the more they get off?

Lastly, can I show how much discount they are going to get for each action, before they do it? There’s nothing worse than being conned into doing something for a few pence!

Many thanks in advance.

Yes you can cumulate discounts for share, signing up to the newsletter and so on.

About showing, not currently using our plugin. But I think you can use the way wordpress works (sidebars, banners, popups etc…) in order to make the customer do what he is supposed to.

Thanks, just to clarify then. It has to be used on the checkout page, but you’re suggesting I tell visitors in advance that the discount/s willl be available when they get that far?

That might work I suppose. Thanks.



I need to apply the different discount for each category and for just one payment gateway (in another gateway no have a discount). Its possible?

Of course.


Is it possible to add price history & price drop notification feature similar to this:



We were working on another theme in which we included some features such as the ability for the customer to subscribe to a product feed (prices evolution, product out of stock, back in stock etc…). Is it what you’re looking for?

I want firstly to be able to display the product’s price history graph, highest price, lowest price and last X price changes – very similar to the plugin here:


If you can add a price drop alert notification as well that would be more great.



if I buy this product, can i disable the option “PREVIOUS COUNT DEALS”? I do not want to activate this option.

Of course.