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Hi Sir,

1.) can show free gifts according to the conditions?       E.g:       A.) Subtotal> 30, showing product A       B.) Subtotal> 50, showing products A, B       C.) Subtotal> 100, showing products A, B, C

2.) Free gifts are not shown in the product shop (no to be sold). 3.) Free gift difference amount notice in shopping cart. 4.) Automatically add free gifts if according to the conditions.      E.g: A.) Subtotal> 30, add product A       B.) Subtotal> 50, add product B       C. Subtotal> 100, add product C

Thank you.



2-That’s not handled by our plugin. You should be able to find plugins for that.

3-Yes, it shows the old price and the new price (0)

4-Not yet but it’s planned.

Can I hide the Quantity based pricing from users that are nog logged in?

Not currently but we plan to add the feature in few weeks.

We are looking to create a sort of punch card system for our website. So every 5 of a specific item purchased, grants the 6th one of those items for free. Someone may order only 3 initially, and then on the next order they buy 2 more, thus getting to the 5, and a 6th one is included for free. Does this application allow for past order tracking and would it allow us to accomplish our goal?

Yes it does. You can create a list of products to track in the past orders, define the intervals to buy and the discounts to apply.

Pre-purchase question: is it possible to have certain users (not groups, users) have a discount on certain product categories or brands/tags/...?

From reading your documentation I think it’s possible, just want to be sure.

Yes you can create discounts for specific users (using their ID or emails).


I have a Pre-Purchase question: can your plugin apply the discount on a specific category excluding some specific category from the discount? I need lots of variable for the discount like:

$25 discount if you buy 3 items from the Collection 2017 (the offer is not available on the Accessories category)

If I buy 6 items I have $50 discount, 9 items $75, etc.

Your plugin can do this?

Thank you so much. Regards

Yes it can.

Hi, where can I find the Facebook discount on the demo page?

Thank you

We have none setup there sorry.

How can I see then how it works on your plugin?

Thank you

Online you can’t because it require a facebook app which needs approval from facebook before going live which we currently don’t have.

Hello, wanted to know if i can use this plugin to have customers have these discount rules:

5% discount on orders over £1,000 and a free bottle (product) 8% discount on orders over £5,000 and a free product 12% discount on orders over £15,000 and a free product

Can I make easily those discount rules?


Yes our plugin supports these.

ok so if I have 1,100£ on my cart, I can get 5% off and a free bottle, confirm? If yes I will buy it. thanks

Yes that’s correct.


I would like to know if your plugin can handle this scenario:

We will create a user role for DEALERS, we want that when they log in they will see special price then what a normal customer sees. So for example if we approve a certain dealer with a 15% discount when they log in to there account they will see all the products prices with the 15% discount apply, not only in the checkout page or cart page.

Is that possible with your plugin?

Yes that entirely possible with the plugin.

It’s happening to me that the prices with the discounts are showing correctly on the site, however when the I select dates and quantities, the page shows me the regular price, if I add the product to the cart and go to checkout the discount is there again. It is only when the shop page calculate the price when the dates are selected. Is there something I can do? I’m using Woocommerce Booking System.


Sadly, all my products are tours and accommodations. All of them are using the booking engine. Can you take a look?

Ok please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com

I’m on it. Thanks

I have purchased this product. The problem is that I can’t see any discount I checked on active. Also there is no automatic update and that’s ridiculous, why don’t you have that?

I thought this was an easy discount plugin for the price, but it isn’t.


Can you open a ticket here https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so I can take a look at what you did?

Hello! Here’s a pre-purchase question. I’m going to offer promotional items at $1.00, limit the sale to new buyers and to 1 quantity per order.

1) Can I limit this to new buyers, those who have not registered to our site and those who have registered but haven’t made a purchase yet? 2) Can I schedule the $1.00 amount on the listing at a specific time? 3) If the answer to item 2 is yes, will the $1.00 amount be reflected only at the specific time that i scheduled? 4) Can I limit this $1.00 promotion to 1 quantity per order?

Thanks, Teri

Alright, thanks!

Last question before I purchase, will this work with WCMp or WC Marketplace multi vendor plugin? When you said “you can setup a discount for those who have no order in your shop (using the previous orders count rule)”, does that apply to “no order in an individual vendor shop” only or “no order in the whole marketplace where there are multiple vendors”?

I was referring to individual shops. The plugin has not been tested for marketplaces so I can’t answer yes to that question.

seems after update to new version, i cannot add the product to cart. please check

Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com with the URL of the product you tried to add to the cart.


Bling007 Purchased

Latest update broke WP CRON. Can you please revert to 1.17?

Also, what does the defined cron do?


Bling007 Purchased

I have quite a many cron jobs, I don’t know which one is being messed with. Deactivating this plugin makes everything work fine. This is all I know for now. I have access to Http error logs, yes.

Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so we can help you debug. The latest version of the plugin has been improved to work faster and reduce the memory usage.

Unable to update to 2.0 version, as it says license is not activated, despite purchase code being correctly filled in to settings pages of 1.18.

OK. You can simply remove the old version and install the new one manually.

I tried that with the same result. Upon further investigation it turned out my browser had cached the 1.18 version of wad-admin.js. Perhaps the version number appended to the url for wad-admin.js should be incremented when it changes, so this doesn’t occur. Anyway, it’s all working well now. Thanks.

Atter last update your plugin my site is very slow!!! when disable plugin my speed is awesome!! Why does this happened ???

Looks like it’s being handled already…


ddanier17 Purchased

No. It is a temporary solution for me. As i told you this is a live website and i must have the discounts on it.. I have disabled the premium version, and installed the free edition. This is a temporary solution..


ddanier17 Purchased

There are no problems with Free edition


kwapi Purchased

How do I download v2.0? When I lick on the download button from the original purchase it downloads v1.18.

That’s strange. I just checked now and the file downloaded is 2.0. Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so we can take a look and install the latest version to you.


Amjex Purchased

Dear Orionorigin, please could you give us the possibility, to use the sum of “products every bought in our shop” and “current volume in shopping cart” to receive a discount rate? Currently, the discount is calculated by one of these numbers, but not both in combination. Thank you so much for your help!


Can you tell me more about the context? In your own words, what are you trying to do?

Não estou conseguindo atualizar o plugin para nova versão, por quê?

I can not update the plugin for new version, why?


show this message, I have already done this procedure, there is nothing wrong.

There was an error updating Woocommerce All Discounts: To receive automatic updates license activation is required. Please visit Settings “to activate your Woocommerce All Discounts.

I reinsert the data, errors persist. Item ID: ?2?9?98?

Item Purchase Code: 5?8d?cbe-?1d7-4?65-b?8?-????

You can manually upgrade by removing the old version and install the new one.

Hi, i downloaded the latest v2 and manually installed by removing the old and adding the new version. After inserted the envato username, previously generated API key (for this add-on only) and the purchase and saved everything. The Activate button just not doing anything. Please advise!

Hello again, ignore my question, after some time the Activate button worked!