WooCommerce AliExpress Shipment Tracking

WooCommerce AliExpress Shipment Tracking

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WooCommerce AliExpress Shipment Tracking plugin features

This plugin utilize functional to add tracking numbers to WooCommerce orders, track them using special tracking service (get detailed information about tracking codes you get from AliExpress suppliers) and send those data to your customers by email. Also it’s possible to use this plugin together with Ali2Woo plugin

Attach tracking numbers to email notifications for your clients. Also the tracking link of the appropriate tracking service will be included in the email.

Displaying tracking numbers in orders section of your customers accounts.

Displaying tracking numbers in orders section in WooCommerce backend.

2) Tracking services

Setting up the tracking service (17track, cainiao, aftership) you want to use.

3) Tracking page and special short-code

Adding order tracking page for your customers using special short-code [wcae-track]. It’ll let your customers to check their tracking codes right on your website frontend.

Change Log

Version 1.0.0 - 8 June 2018
### Initial release
Version 1.1.0 - 7 August 2018
### 1) Added the integration with AfterShip API (require AfterShip API Key)
### 2) Added the Tracking List page in WordPress backend
### 3) Added an ability to set up auto-synchronization of tracking codes through AfterShip
### 4) Added a feature "Enable auto-detect courier mode" (in test mode for now)
Version 1.1.2 - 26 November 2018
### 1) Added a feature to use the local pages (having the tracking shortcode) as tracking service
### 2) Fixed a bug with the placing a content of the tracking shortcode
### 3) Added the 'num' URL parameter that directly inserted into the tracking code field on the tracking shortcode page
### 4) Added a feature to add several AliExpress order IDs to one WooCommerce order