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A few pre-sale questions (urgent);

1. For the dropdown filters, can users multi-select? (like in “WooCommerce Product Filter” by “dzeriho”)

2. Can the items be default-sorted by a custom field (I really need this, and have not found ANY plugin to do this!)? Or do the items sort by whatever is set in the WooCommerce settings? If it’s the second case, then that’s ok, I can write a custom filter to override and sort by a custom field.

Question before the purchase: I have a web with several products ordered in categories. Each product has a number of attributes. Some attributes are common to all products, but other attributes only belong to certain products.

I would like that when a customer enters a certain category of product only the filters corresponding to the attributes of those products will appear, but will not show the filters for the attributes that do not have those products.

Is it possible to do this with this plugin? Can filters appear dynamically depending on the attributes of the products in that category and hiding the filters of attributes that do not have those products? Thanks in advance.

I am interested in your product: WooCommerce AJAX Product Filter – WordPress Plugin I am building my website on the link below. It has a library with stock market reports that I am selling. I would like to be able to filter my reports by sector, exhange, A-Z, and date created,

Is this plugin broken or are devs lazy to update there demo site? The category filter act very strange. I was tempted to buy this plugin but if it has such a major flaw then I’m afraid i don’t dare to try it :(. Is it broken or is ait a mistake by them?

Could I see a demo of this please (below) Sounds like what I am looking for

Hi, This plugin has “Hierarchical Category Navigation” feature which means when a user selects a category its sub-categories are loaded and products can be filtered by that. “Hierarchical Category Navigation” supports unlimited nested categories.

“Hierarchical Category Navigation” is only available in checkbox list user interface. The plugin has dropdown for categories but it doesn’t have “Hierarchical Category Navigation” feature.

You can add filter to sidebar, pages, theme source,... The plugin has widgets, shortcodes, PHP functions.

Pre Sale Q Can it be customized to select one specific value in slider and not range from? I need to select power of contact lenses and dont want to use dropdown as values are from -11 to +11 with 0.25 steps and dropdown gets really long. To drag slider is much better

Hello, Thank you for the nice plugin. I have one question: You see here that we have integrated the plugin. However in this category we have subcategories (e.g. Is it possible to only have the subcategories of the respective category shown in the sidebar?

With the standard Woocommerce widget “Woocommerce: Product categories” I have the checkbox / setting “Only show subcategories of the category”.

I miss the same for your widget “Product filter by multiple categories”

How can I manage that?

Best Sebastian

Hi i look ajax product filter, but it must have one function, could you tell me your plugin has it?

for example: we have product in WC:

- product A: size 36 (storage 1), size 37 (storage 2) - product B: size 36 (storage 0), size 38 (storage 1)

when i click i sidebar in filter SIZE 36, filter should show me only product A, is it possible ? we have another product filter, but this function work so bad, when we click size 36 filter show product A and product B because product B is avaiable in another varation…

your plugin have it function ?

Regards :)

Before to buy i need one information: i’m going to creat ecommerce site clothing men and woman, it is possibile to have number two different kind of filter one for the man page and another for woman page? When i try to filter the product by categories, for eample while i stay in the page “man”, i want to add a filter only for the category that belongs to “man” and I don’t want to see the oher category like “woman”. So it is possibile to have different shortcode for different page and select the specific categories for these pages? Normally in online ecommerce websites, you know that we have two big macro-areas, one called “MAN” and onother one called “WOMAN, but the categories inside to these two pages are the same (for example jeans, t-shirt, shoes…) . I want to create two different filter, one for “MAN” page and onother for “WOMAN” page, It is possibile with your pug-in? Many thanks in advance, BR

Can I personalize the filter for the category?


In my upcoming project i need to build a functionality similar to the shower selection present on the website which you could see in the following link:

Could this type of filtration be acheaved using your plugin?

All the Best,