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on paid version is there a version to be able to filter product by their category ? on description says sub-category didn’t mention anything about the category itself.

Please let me know.

for example these are my categories: bedroom furniture , living room furniture , outdoor furniture, etc…

please let me know tnx


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In product filter by category, I want to hide the number of products each category has, also in a way that improves performance if possible, so no queries will be sent.


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Also, how to I stop it from scrolling when I chose a specific category or attribute, or at least how to change the value to make it scroll a little more to top


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previous problems fixed, I have another issue, when you select a child category, inside a sub category, and click close icon beside the menu item it goes directly to main menu categories, not parent category

Hi I am thinking of buying this plugin. But I would like to confirm if it works on custom page which shows products from category. I want to add filter as a widget to sidebar of the page which filters products from only that page.

We would like to know whether it fits what we need below:

A question about range filters: We have an attribute, let’s say Capacity in litres. And it has a lot of terms (tens of terms, for example 30-40 terms). Would a range filter work ok in shop sidebar with that number of terms? Also, is it possible to use an atrribute range filter together with search (I mean, when user can use a range filter, or search by entering the value directly to search box)?

The plugin wraps the sidebar in some sort of container, so that it moves my sidebar to the left bottom of my page. I’m using the popular “The retailer” theme.

I’ve tried to get in touch with the customer support, but their page crashes when I try to create a user, to create a ticket.

When I tried to create the user again, it says that my e-mail was already used, but I can’t login with it and didn’t get a mail either.

I want a refund.

Dear Sirs, currently, I’m looking for a woo product filter allowing me to filter for custom product attributes. Important: These attributes are not defined within woocommerce (products > attributes) but only within the products themself (thru an API). So they are used for variations but they are not defined as attributes under products>attributes. Will this plugin support those custom attributes ? Regards, Marcel

Do you know is compatible with Layers?


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strange, I didnt get any reply!


It doesn’t appear like you are responding to our support tickets.

Please could you let me know how to add check boxes to filter items

Thank you

Pre-Sales Qtn.

Can i deploy the Filter Plugin on Top of Catalog Page , instead of SideBar ?

Hi, I couldn’t able to select multiple options from the filter drop down. How i can do it?

Hi. I’m experiencing some oddity, and this may well be host related, but hopefully you could advise what could be breaking it so i can go back to them?

On the live site ( the product grid breaks when I enable the plugin.

However, on my dev server (same theme and DB) the plugin works just fine:

To see the dev site, please use the following at the prompt

Username: hooper Password: hooper

Does this plugin support ACF fields for Woocommerce?

Hi, someone use this plugin with woocommerce 2.6.x ? Where is always support ? Thank you.

Do you have any preview of hierarchical filter?

I need a solution for three levels of categories filtered by selectboxes.


I hope you can help me out with the following issues:

1) I tried to setup a slider range for a custom attribute, but every slider I setup (except the price range) doesn’t work. I don’t know where to start debugging this.

2) the seo friendly url option does not seem to work for me. A slug I see is for instance: /pricewatch/?cnpf=1&cnep=0&attra_size=806 Any idea how I can solve this?

Hello, your plugin support also ACF Premium Plugin for Custom Field (for check, text and other field that i can create with ACF?) Thanks

Hello guys,

A presale question – I want ajax loading for each item in Product Categories on WooCommerce Sidebar. In other words I dont want to reload the whole page each time when user select different product category from Sidebar. So the question is can I browse Product Categories (without reloading) with ajax using this plugin?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, Any plans to make this plugin php7.0 compatible? We’re getting php Fatal errors trying with php7.0. Cheers

Dear developers, i have question about your product. I need to solve the problem with filtering: i have shop in woocommerce 3.x, where i have 2 sorts of colours – 1 simple (red, white, black etc) and 1 varriable (super white, lux white etc). For the products i use variables colours (so the customer can choose which colour he wants) and for filtering i want to use simple colours, for that i created for all variations products new row with custom meta, like “_simple_colour”. Is it possible to filter all my variables products by this meta? Is it possible to show products by custom meta? And for example all my variations of the product have different weight, is it possible to filter it by meta “_weight” and show only variations with thi weight and of course show images only for this variations?