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Hi Support, Am receiving javascript error in the plugin. Uncaught TypeError: m.easing[this.easing] is not a function in woocommerce ajax cart.

Can you please suggest? Anu

check the support forum thread


I’m looking for a plugin that might speed up ‘add to cart’ loading time as it seems that woocommerce ‘add to cart’ button seems to be a bit slow and sometimes it just hangs itself (please check my webpage demo: ).

Would your plugin help to speed up a little the time of ‘adding to cart’? ‘Instant’ would sound perfect to be true, but if it would double the speed of it I would definitely buy your plugin. I’m not really interested in any of those dropdown & notifications (could these be turned off?), only the speed of adding to cart.

Hello Sir,

I see that you already have festi cart pro installed there ( I don’t want to get into details about that plugin only thing is that they cloned mine and added extra stuff in it ), anyway it looks to me that it’s insta-add why are you saying that it runs slow ?

Hi, i’ve buyed a social wall, i have problem to make that works. i have created Facebook app but doesn’t work on my page. on the backend the plug say that is all connected and in working condition

here my site:



I don’t understand your request. Do you have problems with WooCommerce Ajax Drop Down Cart ? or with another plugin ?

Hey there. Just bought this, and have sent to my dev guys. They say that its only Ajax on woo Category pages.

When a product is added from an actual product page (rather than a category page), it is not Ajax functionality, and the page refreshes…

If this is the case, then it is not really what we need. I only have Add to cart buttons on my product pages, and they are quite image heavy, hence needing Ajax.

How do we go about getting a refund buddy?

Ive got WP Fastest Cache active at the moment.. Any chance you can send us the tweaks and I’ll get my dev guys to add? I am honestly on a deadline to get this new site of mine launched desperately asap. If you can, you would be a superstar… I will be forever indebted….

Really appreciate your efforts here… This is a VITAL feature that the plug in needs…

I’ve tested with WP Fastest Cache and it works, if you run into more trouble please let me know, also check your inbox I’ve sent the package.

Hi there,

And thanks for that great plugin, it really fit my needs…

But I have some strange issue, like the style of the basket is differents on category page or product page. I also have the closing cross of the shopping cart which is round and take the all width…

I try to create an access to your support, but I don’t receive any mail from registration …

Could you give an hand on this ?

Many Thanks



Have you checked your spambox ? If you don’t find the email there please send an email to with your purchase code and will take it from there.


Stevan have you seen the latest comment from the support forum ? haven’t heard back from you.

Hello, have you been able to look at my support request in your forum please? It’s been a good few days now… Username on forum is ninted, its about this plugin not being compatible with WooCommerce subscriptions

have you check the support topic ?

I’ve checked the support topic and you are asking for my ftp details. I’ll look into this now

I need the ftp details so I could fix the problem on your website. Please send the details by email. Thanks!

Hello, your plugin has some errors and notices, it didn´t work correctly, please repair it quickly. It´s log from wp_debug

Notice: Undefined index: title in C:\wamp\www\web\wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-nw-adcart\includes\class-nw-ajax-drop-cart-widget.php on line 26 Notice: Undefined index: variation_id in C:\wamp\www\web\wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-nw-adcart\includes\class-nw-ajax-drop-cart.php on line 89

Notice:  Undefined index: product_id in C:\wamp\www\web\wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-nw-adcart\includes\class-nw-ajax-drop-cart.php on line 87

Notice: Undefined index: variation in C:\wamp\www\web\wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-nw-adcart\includes\class-nw-ajax-drop-cart.php on line 90

Fatal error: Call to undefined method NW_Ajax_Drop_Cart::json_headers() in C:\wamp\www\web\wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-nw-adcart\includes\class-nw-ajax-drop-cart.php on line 102

can you use the support forum please,, start a topic and also add the version of woocommerce and wordpress that you are using.

This plugin isn’t compatible with either the ‘WC Variations Radio Buttons’ plugin or ‘WooCommerce Variation Description Radio Buttons’ plugin by Isabel Castillo that swap the drop-down menu for radio buttons.

It looks functional on the surface, however variable products will always just add the last variation, rather than the checked/selected variation.

E.g. if you have a S,M,L,XL it will add the XL, even though you’ve got size Small checked.

Great plugin if you’re using it with the traditional variation UI though.

FYI – I’m in the process of trying to sign up for the authors support but this is more of a public service announcements to those interested in using it in conjunction with these plugins

I can’t make a list with what plugins WooCommerce Ajax Drop Down Cart isn’t compatible it will take ages, but what I can do is to make it compatible with any plugin out there as long as you let me know what plugins are you using, so thanks for pointing that out.

So don’t be afraid to use support :)

Completely understandable :-)

Personally, I would love if the plugin was made compatible with either of those plugins. I imagine if you make it compatible with one, it will also be compatible with the other as the issue is the same.

I tried to register on your site to contact you directly, however I’ve been waiting for my password to be sent via email for several hours now. Not sure if its a problem on your server, or mine.

Just moved the support forum to a new server, there are some problems with email notifications, working on solving them. For now you can use if it’s not a big problem with you.

Let’s do it together, send and email and will go from there.

Best Regards.

Hi, does this plugin work with Genesis, dynamic builder themes and beaver builder plugins? Cheers

hello, never tested but it should work

Hello, is there an option to change the cart product thumbnail size?

Hello, you could do it using woocommerce filter “woocommerce_cart_item_thumbnail”

Pre Sales Question: I am using the Sydney theme and also the Woo Magic Product Grid. As of now the quantities do not show up when adding to the cart if the quantity is over 5. Would your plug in allow the customers to adjust the quantities and see the adjustments. My install is it is a members only site. Please let me know if this will work. Thank you!

Hello, can we discuss further by email ? send me the credentials for your website to and we’ll go from there.

Best Regards.


szed Purchased

HI ! Does your plugin works with the official bundle plugin ?

sorry for the late response, do I need to send you a patch, or you have it fixed by now ?


szed Purchased

I fixed it thanks :)

glad that you’ve fixed it, I apologize again for the delay, if you have any other issues please use the support forum or email, don’t use codecanyon comment I check it out rarely

Hi, Does it work with product variations and “add to cart” buttons displayed on the catalog page ?

Hello, check the demo site !


This plugin is great but it’s currently not compatible with from woocommerce version 2.6 and higher. Will you fix it so it’s compatible with future woocommerce versions?

The plugin was tested with the latest version of woocommerce and it works, make sure you enable wc ajax add to cart, if you still have issues please open a topic here:

Thank you!

Hi, the problem is still there when I have WooCommerce updated to the latest version. I was also unable to register on your support website as I don’t have a purchase code. Someone else has it and I’m unable to acquire this.

I can’t offer support if you didn’t bought my plugin.

Hello! I bought this Plugin and would like to use it for an ecommerce project. Yet there are some things, that need to be sorted out. 1. when the Plugin is enabled, all variable products can’t be added to cart – when the “add to cart” button is clicked in single product page, nothing happens. 2. we are using the woocommerce added to cart popup Plugin ( – but when activating your Plugin, the popup is no longer working – it doesnt seem to be triggered 3. when using the Plugin “woocommerce product list pro” – which adds products via Ajax – the cart is bot being updated. Could you sort these problems out (at least pt. 1 & 2) for an extra paid fee? Thanks in adcance! Cheers!

Hello! could you kindly post these issues to or send them to ? so we could easily communicate.


Thanks for your kind reply, i’ll do that!

Hi folks! I just wanted to tell you that support for this Plugin is excellent!! Very quick response and great technical Support, even for special problems.


lekiend Purchased

Hi, I got the following error in Mozilla firebug on website The widget is not displayed correctly :-(

TypeError: $.cookie is not a function Line 9

Any idea ? Thank you

Check the support ticket. Also keep in mind you no longer have the right for support for this item you need to purchase an extension.

How do I replace the cart icon for my theme with the cart icon functionality of this plugin?

You can find that info in the documentation in `Icon` section.

I’m sorry. I mean on my current site I already have a cart icon option in the header. I can use the shortcode to go in sidebar widget and it works, but I have no top bar widget to put it in. How can I implement this in the header without using a widget?

Can we continue the conversation by email ( ) make sure you send also your website and let me know what theme are you using. Cheers!

I just installed on a clean version of woocommerce. When I click add to cart, it spins then fails. No errors in the console. Wondering if this is supported on the latest versions?

It should work with the new version, open a ticket on the support forum, before you do that don’t forget to extend support for the plugin. Cheers!

just purchased. purchase code b94b7d48-390f-49b2-9c4b-eee7519ee8e8. i have one question how can i always keep open this drop down cart? i dont want my customer to click on it to reveal the items. thanks

hi i have made an account with your support forum and it never sends me password. and how to edit this comment here?

check spam, just remember you can’t, I’ll flag it.

what is your email address ? so I could resend the welcome message

Can you please check the support forum? I have a site on which the cart does not allow Product Add-on options to be added. I have to disable the plugin in order to add product options.