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Hello.. I was noticed about an update which i have installed on my site using latest woocommerce etc. but this version does not work on simple products, but works ok on variable products.

Installed old version again but has the same problem with latest WC3.0.1, works ok with variable products but not on simple products.

Brgds Rune

Tested your install in my test site and now it works only with simple products, not variable products.

It worked good with both variable and simple products during our tests. We will check now and reply to your email.

P.S. We’ve just installed the latest version on your website and works great with both simple and variable products.

Thank you.

Yes, tested again and both product types works great, even my bundled products. Just installed on my live cached site and there it was even faster :)

Thanks for the great support!



Great Plugin, is it possible to add a loading icon when clicking on the add to cart button?

As on mobile, the user may not know it is ajax since it do not load the browser. so the user may click multiple time on the add to cart button


You can contact the support using the support tab.

Thank you.

i already contected you and still havent received your reply


There is no support email from you in our mailbox. Please double check and re-send if possible.

Thank you.