Woocommerce Age Restricted Shopping

Woocommerce Age Restricted Shopping

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Age restricted shopping is a woocommerce addon which allows you to easily assign any product or category to be only viewable by a certain age group of users. This plugin adds functionality to assign any product or category to be only viewable by a certain age group which you can set on the admin settings. The plugin asks the visitors their date of birth and then calculates the age and checks if the user’s age is able to view certain products then display those products and if not then it automatically hides those products from the shop.


  • Powerful admin backend to customize the plugin.
  • Easily change the look and feel of the frontend age
  • confirmation popup to match your website design.
  • Allows you to either display datepicker or dropdowns to verify the age if the user.
  • Allows you to set the life time for the cookie so that it would be saved on user’s browser and don’t ask them their age once they confirmed.
  • Easily change any text on the popup.
  • Fully responsive fronted and works on all platforms.
  • Easily set a default height and width for the popup.
  • Ability to enable age confirmation popup only on the woocommerce pages.
  • Different predefined animations for the popup open style.
  • Admin option to set the restricted products to show minor age groups but don’t allow them to add to cart
  • Admin option to show the text instead of add to cart button for the minor age group

Version 1.8 (11th Nov 20)
    - New option added for hide pages
    - checked with latest wordpress and woocommerce version. 
Version 1.7 (12th May 2018)
    - Fixed issue with popup
    - Fixed issue with cookie
    - Fixed issue with js
    - Code optimisation
Version 1.6 (9th Dec 2017)
    - Fixed compatibility issue for multiple categories selection with woocommerce 3.2.5 and WordPress 4.9
Version 1.5 (12th April 2017)
    - Fixed compatibility issue with woocommerce 3.0
Version 1.5 (16th March 2017)
    - Added feature for show the products for minor but they can't add them to cart
    - Added option for replace add to cart button and show custom text
Version 1.4 (29 JULY 16)
    - Fixed issue for shipping zone
    - Used select2 as ajax product search
Version 1.3 (30 MAY 16)
    - Fixed issues with cross browser age calculation.
Version 1.2 (15 MARCH 16)
    - Updated modal box script to work flawlessly across all the browsers and platforms.
    - Fixed issues with restricted products showing on search results.
Version 1.1 (27 OCT 15)
    - Added option to redirect user to a url if he doesn't satisfy the age criteria.
    - Added option to automatically hide products or hide after verifying the age.
Version 1.0 (28 DEC 14)
    - Initial public release.