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Hi there,

I’m considering purchasing this plugin, and I’m wondering if there is an ability to add any additional fields to the popup. More specifically, we want users to verify both age + a shipping location.


Sorry but the shipping location option is not with the plugin. Also, not sure if there is really any plugin which has this type of option.

If you really want this feature then you can Hire Us to achieve what you need. If you are up for custom development work then let us know.


This is third age restriction plugin I’m going to use. Just want to get some things clear first. Can I call age restriction plugin when customer add something restricted to the shopping cart? For example, I have wine category and when something from wine category is in the shopping cart, plugin asks for verification? Can I call plugin in specific products only, no category, but just for on product for example?

Thanks! Great plugin!

Is it possible to archive this? If not, can I hire your support team to add this function?


You can use our plugin. If you want any type of customisation then you can hire one of our developer and he will do the customisation.

We checked your video, and it seems like you need some custom modifications on the plugin. If you are up for a custom development then you can reach us at

Hi, just installed your plugin and restricted woocommerce category. I have a problem though. When page is loaded, it says: No products were found matching your selection. Then popup comes, user completes verification process and then products appear. How do I make sure products appear as sneak pick and not “No products were found matching your selection.”? Because then user doesn’t complete age verification because user thinks there is no product. Thanks

Where do I create a ticket? Thanks

done! thanks

Hi Magnigenie,

I have a problem with your plugin. The option “Remove add to cart button for age restricted products and categories when the user is minor” removes the button for all products, even non-restricted products within my shop.

Could you please help me on that?



Can you create a ticket for the issue what you have? You can create ticket in this link

We have not bought this yet – so unable to create support Ticket. Can it be set to SHOW the product page, but have a checkbox/DOB entry field before they Add to Cart?

We want them to see the products, but to have to state they are 18 or over before Add to Cart is enabled.

Yes, it’s possible. But it’s something that’s not with this plugin. This plugin restricts all the items in the shop which are age restricted. If you want then we can create a plugin as per your need.


departika Purchased

Prepurchase question. Can you select to have the user choose Yes or No vs. entering in their birthdate? Does this plugin use php sessions? Reason I ask about sessions is that WPengine our host only supports cookies based age gates and not php session based age gates. Thank you.


Our plugin use cookies for the age restriction.