Discussion on WooCommerce Affiliates Coupon

Discussion on WooCommerce Affiliates Coupon

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Can i sell products on this website

can the discounts/coupons for both affiliate and client be in % instead of fixed?

How can I test the plugin to see if it is useful to me before purchase?

Is it possible to allow the affiliate to create percentage based coupons( 20% cart discount coupons).

This sounds great but I don’t really understand where the actual products are located, or how the coupon system works by just asking for an amount to discount?


Can you make me a refund the plugin doesn’t work properly and also the flow doesn’t make sense.


Is there a demo of the backend I can test?

This plugin has problems in every side. The author made it such way that doesn’t make any sense. He only put the fixed cart discount and the coupons can only be used by the person who created it where it should be opposite. And the autor never responds to the email.

Hi, I didn’t receive the support email. Which email did you send it to?

First of all when I tried to submit a support ticket there’s no option to send a support ticket for this plugin, Then I submitted a support ticket choosing another product of yours. My email address was

Hi. is it possible to payout the affiliate with an woocommerce coupon instead with real money? Would be awesome. Thanks

No, not possible presently

Pre-sale question. I miss only 2 things in your plugin for my case:

1. A wallet. The earnings could be only spend on my website as discount 2. Buttons for Easy sharing coupons on social media/mail

I have a doubt. Does the coupon creator get their share when someone uses the coupon or when they use the coupon and make the payment? Because my site accepts payment payment by bank deposit, and at checkout the order is finalized when the customer chooses deposit and I have to confirm manually after the client deposits. If so, what can be done? Because the reward can be made available to the coupon creator without the buyer having made the payment .. = ( Is there any way for the reward to go to the coupon creator only after payment with approved status?

I purchased it but does it not work with woocommerce 3.4??

Hello, please email me with a temporary admin login from my profile page. Thanks

The plugin seems messed up for me . When an affiliates creates an coupon only he can use the coupon and error is shown if when somebody else uses it. on the backend i see only the affiliates email is whitelisted and when i remove, other can use it but then the affiliate do not get the comission

Hi, the affiliate is the owner of the coupon and emails are not being whitlisted. Please email me a temporary login to review the issue. Thanks

This is a great plugin but we need to be able to assign affiliates and not make everyone an affiliate! We need a mix of normal users and some affiliates!

How does withdrawal works? Is it linked to paypay or whatever payment provider configured in wordpress?


Is it possible you slightly modify the plugin to:

1- allow me to set a commission percentage for affiliates (let’s suppose I have set 20% for an affiliate).

2- allow the affiliate to create percentage based coupons limited to their commission (e.g.: 1% to 20% cart discount coupons).

3- affiliate is commissioned the difference (e.g.: for a 15% coupon usage, affiliate get the remaining 5% of his commission).

Looking forward your reply.

No reply yet 14 days down the line, what’s the problem?

Sorry, replied now.

I’m interested in the plugin but cannot get how it is suppose to work exactly. This is my understanding, please let me know if it is correct. Thanks.

My first question is about the Affiliate themselves. Does the affiliate sign themselves up for an account or does the Admin user sign up an affiliate and setup the UPC like code?

Second, are coupons printed actually like a physical ‘printed’ coupon or is this a virtual coupon or something?

Third is how is the coupon or code scanned into the website to give a percentage off through WooCommerce? What piece of software or how is the code registered by the system to give the buyer a discount, which would happen before the affiliate received a commission?

I’m interested in finding how this would work on a website. Thanks.

This is a good one. I have a question before i buy or if you could consider making the maximum amount an affiliate can generate per coupon be product category based. This is so important because some products like ebooks could sell at $4 but still allow a coupon of 50% off but a product like a smartphone that sells at $ 600 could only allow a coupon of 5% off. Can i create coupon quotas based on product categories?

Hi. You mean allowing specific coupons to work for certain categories only?

Yes because some products fetch high profits than others.

Yes, that can be added. Thanks


Good Luck With Sales

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)


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