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Is it possible to see Live View?



The demo is available. Please click demo page to chek live demo. Usename: demofue. Pass: demo123.

Thank you | Magenest

Is it possible to show users who have a purchased an item? For example like how amazon displays “verified purchase”?

Yes, it can.

Hi guys,

We won’t support here from now. If you have any issue or need a new feature , please create a ticket at

Thank you.

Best Regards

does this one support multilanguage tranlation?

Yes, it does :)

i don’t see any options that help to translate your plugin

is there a provision to add images as a review? also is there a provision to use this review method out of woocommerce.

Hi, the current version of Woocommerce Advanced Review doesn’t support using imagea as a review. We are considering adding this function in next version. Thank you

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Is it possible, that also unregisted user can leave a review? So that a registration is not necessary?

Hi, only registered customers can leave a review

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is that yith themes advanced review plugin, or your plugin, I am so confused now

9 days and no answer!!!! anyway does it show the reviews on widget ?

Hi, i apologize for the late reply. The plugin support for the advanced review feature and it doesn’t support showing the reviews on widget.

Thank you for your concern

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Does this work on multiple vendor sites with Woo-commerce?

The multiple vendors sites is a Woocommerce plugin, isn’t it? If is true, we need you to send this plugin to us so we can check whether this plugin is compatible to our plugin. You can send it to mail

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Hello guys,

The Magenest Team will be away from tomorrow Friday, February 5th, 2016 till Friday, February 12th, 2016 to celebrate the arrival of the Vietnammese New Year, which is also known as Lunar New Year. It will be one of the major public holidays in the country that we observe.

To know what is this Lunar New Year about, we leave it to Wikipedia to explain.

Our technical support will still be available however do expect some delays in getting your replies. While most of us will be away over the weekends, we will still try to squeeze in some time to answer urgent cases only.

Also, our plugins still available for all to purchase in Codecanyon.

We will resume work on Saturday, February 13th, 2016. Until then, have a great Lunar New Year.

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First of all congratulations for your plugin and happy Lunar New Year.

In order to obtain more sells, we think that it is important to make something different to the other woocommerce product reviews plugins.

We would like to know if you could implement this feature that Zappos uses: “Fit Survey”

It is a separate system of reviews that helps the customer know which size to order.

Please see an example here:

As you can see, the customer can help other customers by replying to a small survey when creating a product review.

Fit Survey Runs Small – Runs Large (1 to 5) Runs Narrow – Runs Wide (1 to 5) Poor Support – Great Support (1 to 5)

So the customer would answer to:

1) Product Review Stars: OVERALL (1 to 5) COMFORT (1 to 5) STYLE (1 to 5)

2) Product Review Text

3) Fit Survey

The Fit Survey should be done for each category.

With this system, we are sure that your plugin would be the best and you will obtain more sells.

Please let us know if you would consider creating this feature.

Kind regards.

Your idea is so interesting! Unfortunately, we can’t implement it because of some reasons. We are concentrating to Magento 2 so we don’t have time to work any customization project for Woocommerce.

Thank you for your concern.

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Hello. It would be nice to have the ability to offer a prize (coupon) for reviews

Thank you for your idea. the current version of the plugin doesn’t support this feature. We will consider adding it to the next version.

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We returned to work from holiday so the support went back to normal!

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Hello there, 1. Can you tell me how to edit the color of the Rating chart:

2. How do I edit the font size and padding/position of the text “Is this helpful to you? Helpful Not Helpful Report Reply

3. The Reply form is missing a SUBMIT button:


Very disappointed


1, 2. The current version of plugin doesn’t support changing color or text/font size. We will add this feature in the next version.

3. The “Submit” button is placed by “Reply” button.

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can I select reviews (ex. 3 reviews out of 10 reviews) to show in my product page?

I am looking for a plugin That will accommodate the following requirements.1 Works with woocommrce 2. allows for reviews to be placed BY THE USER from the frontend on a chosen woocommerce product. 3. Allows nextscript or a similar social media automatic posting service to send that review with a Image of the product, title, and link, back to the product page, to twitter and facebook after it is posted by the user. Can this plugin be set up to do that without additional coding??

I would like to translate this plugin into ITALIAN, how do I do exactly?

Hi lidiadiblasio

Can you give us your admin, FTP. Our developer will translate this plugin as soon as possible. Thank you!

Thank you | Magenest

Is there an option to leave anonymous reviews or maybe something like “John D.” or something like that? I have a client that is an adult toy store and customers privacy is important.

Hi AbbotlV,

Thank you for your interest.

Woocommerce Advanced Reviews offers something more than the traditional displaying of product review and rating. It allows your users to report another review. It isn’t include security.


The Magenest Support Team