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I’ve purchased your plugin which is good help but I have a problem. In the “Product categories” input I have a few categories where can be found the products I want to send a review for. But I also sell samples or people pay deposit through the site, and email reminders are still scheduled for those even though they are not in any categories I’ve specified… How to fix this please ?

Hi! The plugin sent out over 40 review reminders to a customer. It has never happened before. Are you able to look into why this could have been?

Plugin is nice, but not professional enough. There must be an option that the same customer will get an email every time after order. Some of our customers (registered and guest-orders) ordering every month and getting this review email every time. How can I solve this behavior?

Hi kodemann, due to german dispensation of justice the customer needs to be informed before the sale that he is getting a mail with a request to review the products of the sale….. or at least there needs to be a field within the checkout “is it ok to send you after the sale a mail with a request to review” check/uncheck…-that would be ok as well. Would something like that be posssible for you to integrate into the process? Otherwise it´s against the law to use your plugin for germany. Best Regards

Is there something like a support? Still alive?


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Several comments on CodeCanyon state that the plugin is sending out multiple review requests to customers.

We have had this same issue… one customer got 50 emails!

How do we fix this???

Hi there!

First, this is a great plugin. It solves my headache with the review reminder. I saw two issues with this plugin. 1. The email sometimes does not show correctly. It comes with a gap between each of the sections. http://prntscr.com/j6bwfj 2. The customer name does not show. Just blank. >So I change the text to “Customer” directly. 3. The price doesn’t show correctly with variations. >For example, I have different packages for this product. But it will only show the lowest cost. The product link: https://chicksourcing.com/sourcing-service/ http://prntscr.com/j6bx0m

Thank you! Regards, Jesse

Are the support forums for this plugin dead? The plugin is sending 10-20 email reminders to the same customer at times, how can this be resolved?

Hello support,

May i know if the user can upload their own photo or the it will just display the images found on product details page itself?

Can the review show the purchased option? For example, a customer purchase a shirt with black color option, in review section, it will also show “Black” color?

Please let me know thank you.

Hi, Just recently this has started sending out hundreds of emails to the same customers, is anyone else having this problem please as we have had to deactivate it for now?

Presale question

Hi I have just been checking out your plugin for use on a clients woocommerce store and I just need to ask a question about the way the plugin works. What I would like to know is does the plugins logic check if the customer has previously reviewed the product they have just purchased or does it just blindly send out these emails each time a customer makes a purchase? What I do not want to do is bug the shit out of customers asking them to keep reviewing the same product every time they make a new purchase. I will look forwards to your reply.