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chuckff Purchased

Same question as many above including “abfchgirlx” ... is this plugin compatible with woocommerce 3.0 + ?

When is the time frame for update / confirmation that it works?

The new version of the plugin supports WooCommerce 3.0, please update and let us know.


Does your plugin work multilingual with Polylang?

Kind regards Pier

Yes, it should.

I am very interested in purchasing your plugin, but I am concerned about the comments and review saying it is sending multiple emails when only one should be sent. Has the problem been fixed?

This should have been fixed in the newest version of the plugin, please let us know if not.

Hi, It looks like the links in the {order_list} and {order_table} are relitive links, not absolute links.




without the product links working this plugin is useless!

yes, they are relative, not absolute. if thats the case i would like a refund i cant use the plug-in


Are you able to disable all other plugins and test if there is a plugin conflict?


Woocommerce Advance Reminder not sent any email with scheduled and i try send manual still not sent..

Please help

Can you install https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-crontrol/ and https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mail-logging/ to make sure the emails are being scheduled and then actually being sent. If they are then it could be a server issue.

Can I set a filter (in GUI or with code) to just send review reminders to the people who bought an item in a certain category?

You can exclude certain products from receiving the emails

HI Thanks for the update, kindly add Function to Provide Reward Coupon to Review


Hello. I have over 200 Scheduled Emails listed on our backend, some from as far back as February of this year. Does this mean that the advanced review reminders weren’t being sent this entire time? Is there a way of retroactively verifying if they were sent?

Please let me know how I can fix this. Thank you.