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KingSky Purchased

Buyer Beware: This plugin sends review reminder emails to your customers if they have checked out as GUEST, so they cannot login to leave a review. I emailed support almost 2 weeks ago asking for a fix for this and have not gotten any reply.

We will be fixing this issue in the next version.

Blind Copy Emails?

Is there code available I can add to the functions.php file to send a copy of each review email sent to customers? Also, is the next version available which ignores customers who check out as “guest”?

Currently there is no code to add to functions.php to get a copy of each email. Regarding sending emails to guests, that will be fixed in the next version.

Hi, is it possible to exclude some products or categories from the reminder? we have some unique produkts – they sold only one time. And is it possible to send people who bought a unique product, a general shop review – to say it is a great service.

There is an option in the settings to exclude products by placing the product ids with a comma separator.

Than you – is it possible to send people who bought a unique product, a general shop review – to say it is a great service for exampel.

The plugin only works with products unfortunately.


goldatlas Purchased

Hi, we moved our website from old plan hosting server to another in web hosting INMOTION, and from that moment reminded Review plugin stop sending automatic email (It is is works manually), Please help me to solve it, We did not change any plugin setting. Thanks Benny

Install the WP Crontrol and check if the reminder crons exist, if not they may have been lost with the move so only future reminders will be automatically set up.

Hey, I do not see any cron job with letters “reminded Review”, perhaps it is lost, how can I set manually? It did not happen automatically until now, Thanks

I tried to reinstall the plugin again, Nothing change.

Hello, is this plugin fully compatible with WooCommerce 3.6 and WP 4.7?