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Hi! Today we updated to Woocommerce 3.1.2.

After that a customer noticed that the links are not working at the email where customers are able to rewiew the products. The link is redirecting to the product, but not ecaxtly the page for rewiew.

Kodemamm plugin has version 2.2. Is any new update coming or do you have any help for this matter? Kind regards

Does your product page not include the review form?


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I think the plugin is in need of an update? I can no longer change the order status without getting a 500 internal server error. I send you a PM with my debug log. Could you please check?


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Oh, it might be I don’t have the latest version. What version is the newest? UPDATE: My bad, apparently I have not updated the plugin for a while. All fine now!

OK great.

8 hours ago, you said you fixed problem with new update, but it still shows (codecanyon), that last update was done in May? Looking forward pruchasing it! (if I know it is updated when necessary!) thx

We have not released anything new, what issue are you referring to?

If the customer buys 30 products at the same time? Will 30 emails be sent?

No 1 email with 30 products.

Will the email get too big?

Dude great to see you back!

You could of had my purchase a month ago, but you have been “MIA” for over a month now…is this something you normally do?

I can understand reply delay seen here from a free plugin dev over on WP, but I’m look at a paid plugin, are you able to offer support when I need it within the 6 months support period. Are you up to it or will you go “MIA” again?

If a client orders 3 products, there will be 3 review links in the first review e-mail. That’s great.

But if client only reviews 1 product, will the next reminder show:

1. All 3 products again
2. Or only the 2 remaining products not yet reviewed?

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

Buenos días!!:

Tengo instalado su pluging desde hace unos meses y la verdad que estamos muy contentos, ¡todo un acierto!
Me gustaría saber si es posible ver todos los comentarios en una misma página aunque sean de productos diferentes. La intención es crear una página "lo que opinan nuestros clientes" y ahí que se vean todos los comentarios y si es posible (esto es opcional) al lado de este comentario el producto.
Gracias de antemano

Please Reward a Coupon for Review :) (as an option)


Hello, Is there a way to ask for more than 1 review per order. For example if I rent a service to 5 persons, is there a way to ask 5 reviews? With best regards, Jerome


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Hello, I am using wordpress 4.8.3 , woocommerce 3.2.4 and latest WPML. Website is bilingual English & German. Translation works fine and emails too but the links for reviewing the products in the respective language do not work as they should.Only links for products in english work and when redirected to product page for the review, do not allow customers to make the review instead they see the Message “only logged in customers purchased products etc..can review”. Any idea how to fix this? Also a great feature would be the review emails to be sent in the respective language the customer uses and makes the order irrespectively of the Admin set language. Do you plan an update soon? Thanks!


I bought your plugin yesterday and it does the simple thing I want it to do. Although there is no option to customize the default email template and this is a deal breaker because I am using a custom template for every email sent from my website. I can see you had some TO-DO tags for this in your code and I would like to ask if you have any ETA or something.

Thank you.

It is a very promising plugin. It is a pity that the developer is not active.


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Dear Kodemann,

I have a question. My customers now receive an email to review their product, but they can’t see the button to click on. The button is shown in the test email, but the customers don’t see the button.

Please let me know,



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Dear Support Team,

I’ve just bought your WooCommerce Advanced Review Reminder plugin and i have question about look of email. Is it possible to make your own email template?