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Buyer Beware: This plugin sends review reminder emails to your customers if they have checked out as GUEST, so they cannot login to leave a review. I emailed support almost 2 weeks ago asking for a fix for this and have not gotten any reply.

We will be fixing this issue in the next version.

Blind Copy Emails?

Is there code available I can add to the functions.php file to send a copy of each review email sent to customers? Also, is the next version available which ignores customers who check out as “guest”?

Currently there is no code to add to functions.php to get a copy of each email. Regarding sending emails to guests, that will be fixed in the next version.

Hi, is it possible to exclude some products or categories from the reminder? we have some unique produkts – they sold only one time. And is it possible to send people who bought a unique product, a general shop review – to say it is a great service.

There is an option in the settings to exclude products by placing the product ids with a comma separator.

Than you – is it possible to send people who bought a unique product, a general shop review – to say it is a great service for exampel.

The plugin only works with products unfortunately.

Hi, we moved our website from old plan hosting server to another in web hosting INMOTION, and from that moment reminded Review plugin stop sending automatic email (It is is works manually), Please help me to solve it, We did not change any plugin setting. Thanks Benny

Hey, sorry for the late reply, we did tests with the extension, it did not work, there is no automatic notification only manually. Please help.

please, I need any solution here…

So you installed WP Crontrol and WP Email Log and you are not seeing crons being created and no emails being sent? If so, there might be a plugin conflict, are you able to disable plugins on the live site or staging site to test?

Hello, is this plugin fully compatible with WooCommerce 3.6 and WP 4.7?

Yes it is.

Is there a function to send reminders manually to customers? since i have only installed the plugin i would like previous customer to review my products. If not can you add this to the feature request please thanks

Yes, if you go to an order and edit it, on the edit page bottom right there will be a button that says “Send Reminder Email”.

Hi, what’s new in version 2.0?

The main feature is the plugin is a feature that omits sending emails to guest orders.

Hello, I’m havng trouble with the pluggin ever since we’ve updated Woocommerce to 2.6.11 and WP to 4.7.

It doesn’t update some fields. For example: “Stock status”

Are you referring to the email or something else?

Sorry…... Wrong plugin, thank you for your reply

Plugin is sending multiple emails. Seems random. Only one item is scheduled in the cron schedule and on the scheduled log, but up to 5 emails are sending at once per order.

Do you have the most up to date version? Can you add https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mail-logging/ to make sure 5 emails are being sent?

Hi Kodemann,

I have a problem with your plugin and a third party plugin: WooCommerce Pretty Emails When Woocommerce Pretty Emails is enabled, the image in the reminder email is very small when there is 1 product. When there are 2 products, the images have the normal size..! I contacted the author of the other plugin but it seems that he can not find the solution … Can you help me (us)? Thank you very much for your nice plugin

I am not sure why this would happen. Is the Pretty Emails plugin author saying the issue is on our end?

Not sure the problem comes from you, but he is ok to say that there is a compatibility problem between the two plugins and so far, he has not found a solution. Can you get in touch with him to help understand what’s wrong? It would be nice, thanks

Hi, I would like to know if with your plugin is posssible to use the coupon code of woocommerce and if your plugin works with this: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-pretty-emails/9005845


I don’t believe it is compatible with Pretty Emails. In terms of coupon codes, you can add one in the email text field.

hi, can i schedule multiple review for a same customer and same order like , 1 day 3 days 7 days ect?

I don’t quite understand what you mean? The emails are per customer.

He kodemann, have you ever thought of expanding your plugin with an review coupon? Feedback to the review reminder is very low – a integrated coupon code as reward could increase reviews! Best Regards

We will consider this for future versions.

cool :-)


Can you also provide Coupon Code for Next order on successful review submission ?


No we will probably not include this anytime soon, but potentially a coupon to review a product.

If User Reviews A Product then he receives a coupon ? is ti working or planned for near future? Asking as per your reply

Thanks for reply, awaiting a update


I have been waiting for the new release which is said to exclude emails to Guests who purchased. Is this version out?

Yes, this version is out now.

Hi, Do you have plan to send an email based on the status of the order rather than a number of days after the order?

If for example the order sending is a bit late I think that basing the module on the status would be a good thing.