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I opened a support ticket and still no one answer me.

I’ve a plugin conflict with my theme, as when I activate the plugin my top menu stops working.

I need to fix this and have it working if possible, today. So thanks for checking the ticket.


Hello, please share your website ftp and Admin details and our team will help you with it. Share it via ticket. Also it’s currently weekend so team will be helping on Monday first thing.

Done. Ticket 357903

Thanks our team will respond tomorrow.

Very interested in the plugin. Is there anyway I can only let specific users add to quote based on user role? Certain users on stores may have different roles if they are a subscriber or any other role the store owner designates. This would be huge if your plugin can do this. Meaning the Add To Quote buttons will only be visible based on user role. Thanks!

Hi WarrenIndLLC,

We do not have this feature in current version of plugin. It will works for all users.


If I use Contact Form 7 with this, and a database plugin for CF7.. will the products that are added to the quotelist also get stored in the database when new messages come in?

Yes this is correct.

Do you have any demo or screenshots or video for the unique bargain system?

The next updates are the ability to have changes in PDF and making it compatible with latest version(when they launch) of WooCommerce and Wordpress

Do you have any demo or screenshots or video for the unique bargain system?

Do you have any demo or screenshots or video for the unique bargain system?

I meant the demo of the bargain system.

This Plugin saves Requested Quote as an Order in WooCommerce admin panel and this will allows admin to use default WooCommerce comment feature to bargain with Quote requester.

Hello could you please share a screenshot of the PDF and email that are generated after the customer requests for a quote? Are the editable?

Yes, content of email is completely manageable from plugin “Email Settings” section in wordpress admin.

Presales: i need to have some product require quote and other are directly add to cart… is it possible with this extension ?

Yes this is possible

Hi there, I’m interested in your plugin, but I’m curious if you’ve added a “show by user role” feature yet? Also, I need to this to be able to work with TM Extra Product Options: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-extra-product-options/7908619 Does this plugin handle this?

Hi j1980mac,

Our current version don’t have this feature.


Is this something you plan on adding?

Yes we will add this in our updated build

Pre-sale: will this plugin work properly with any theme. I have the Flatsome theme, which the most popular woocommerce theme in Themeforest. Thanks.

If I bought this plugins will you help me if we have an incompatibility with the theme?

Yes, this extension support all woocommerce paid theme. You can share your theme with us. So we can test it for you. OR in-case you purchased our plugin and facing any problem in implementation. You can raise a ticket on helpdesk: https://www.envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/

Hello, I need your support:

1- How can I insert html in the email body template. I mean

, , etc.

2- I need to set this email in 3 languages English, French and Spanish. I have the WPML plugin. Where is the documentation to do this?

Hello, Team is in a festival vacation. They will be back on Wednesday and help with your query.

Please I need you to take my ticket. Thanks This one: https://www.envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/tickets.php?id=233

Sure, our technical team is processing the tickets.

email request not working.

Please request the support on ticket as technical team will be responding over there.

THanks :D


When the Quotation is sent by the buyer the administrator get an email with the links to ‘edit2 and also the link ‘CheckOut’. So far so good.

After the administrator edit the order we send the ‘CheckOut’ link to allow the buyer to complete the checkout.

But when the buyer get this link there is not option to fill the ‘Billing and Contact Information’ This page only shows the products list and Payment methods.

How are we supposed to get the Billing and Contact information?

I also created a ticket for this in your support platform.

Hello, Our team will respond to you over ticket system in next 6 hours.

Hi! Pre sale question:

I’d like to use this plugin for a website which my customer needs to offer food services and catering for parties and events. So, the visitant have to choose different options to request a quote (with the price hidden). After the quote is done by the admin, it would have to be sent back to the visitant with the option for pay it (woocommerce payment options).

Is this possible with this plugin? Also, the website will be in spanish, so, is this plugin translatable?

Yes the translation is possible

Hi! I’ve found in these comments that is possible to add fields to the last contact form using CF7 in the last step when a user has requested for a quote; my requirement is to add phone, city and date fields. Is that possible or I didn’t understand the use of CF7? Do I need to code?

No you do not need to code that up. You can add those fields using the Contact 7 Form. Please let us know if you need any help in that.

Does this plugin have the ability to send out an automatic quote in email, if it’s under a certain amount selected? And the rest can be sent to the admin to email back if it’s over a certain amount?

4 Example if it’s 10 items or under, it’ll quote an amount and send an email directly to the customer automatically. But if it’s 20 of them and the admin needs get back, then it won’t send anything out?


Currently our plugin don’t provide this kind of functionality. But we can customize our plugin as per your requirement. Write us an email with more details at: products@envisionecommerce.com


Presale question
Is this plugin compatibility with Woocommerce 3.0?

Hello Evekj,

Yes the plugin is compatible with WooCommerce 3.0.


Pre-sale question: Can I hide the add to cart button only on selected products?

Hello Naco Design,

Currently our plugin doesn’t support this functionality. You can hide add to cart button for as per users basis.


Ok, thanks for the feedback!