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also does ur plugin support product add ons

Can’t comment until we check

Hi Guys,

Can you place the button on specific Products? The same for hidding the “add to cart” button?

best regards

Yes we can do it via customization. If needed,please puchase the product and raise a customization request. We shall send you a quote to make this happen.

Can I request a quote inside a shadowbox instead to push user through purchase navigation? Thank you!

This feature is on your demo just on single product page, can`t I have it in products list? And is it integrated with woocommerce orders feature dashboard? Thank you!

Yes we can do the customization for you to have it there. Yes it is integrated with WooCommerce Order Dashboard.

I have a dynamic pricing plugin, currently applies discounts to the cart. Will the discounts be applied to the quote as well or is the quote list different from the items in the actual cart?

Hello Saf_O

Does the dynamic pricing plugin change the price of product on single product page or discounted price directly applied on the cart page ? If Discounted price is added to each product then it will work. Let me know which dynamic pricing plugin you are using for your website so that we can give you more accurate reply.

hello, i have installed your plugin and have 2 questions 1)when a quote is requested on the product page, the order is being created with status as processing. would it be possible to customize the plugin such that when ever a quote is requested the order states quote requested. 2)Add custom follow up email option on the requested quote on the lines of abondoned cart( for eg, an email once the changes on the quote have been done, a secondray email asking for opinion, another email with a coupon etc. can you do this customization for us ?

Hi Sandeep

Envato records says you have not purchased the plugin. Can you please send us the purchase id? Yes we can do the customization. We will request you to please raise a support ticket on our helpdesk at with purchase id so that our team sends you the quote for the same.

is this compatible with markets like dokan?

We havent checked it over it.

Can the plugin be setup to show only when user is member of specific Role?

Hello Arjanwit,

We need to test our plugin for this role. Then only we can say anything.

Hi I have Allow Bargain enabled and to show only certain categories, but when i select certain categories it is not showing the Quote button. It only will show when i have <-Select categories-> selected.

Hello Visualdevelopment,

Please raise a ticket then only our developers will check.

Hi there,

I am using WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin (

Hence, using this plugin, my product will have an area where my customers can upload documents and fill up additional information.

Can I use your plugin to perform the above functions when they send in requests for quotations to us?


Hello Envato88,

By default our plugin does not provide this feature. But we achieve it by customizing the plugin but that would be paid extra work.

When adding a product from the product page to quote i am getting Your list is currently empty. Tried your demo and is same problem

Our team will address it with in 24 hours

4 days later and still no reply??

Hello Visualdevelopment,

It is working fine now.


Hi, are you joking? :) The plugin does not work at all – even on your DEMO page and you suggest to post a support ticket…
If the product does not work – do not sell it.

Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience caused. There might be some issues with the demo. Our team is working on it. We will update you once demo gets live.


Can you please fix the Plugin. The problem is not only with me. The same is happening in your demo.

When adding a product from the (SINGLE) product page to quote i am getting Your list is currently empty. Same is happening in your demo

Hello visualdevelopment,

It is working fine now.


No, it is not. Please check your demo

- Add product to cart - Click on Product Added to Quote and you will see it shows:

Request For a Quote

Your list is currently empty.

Hello Visualdevelopment,

User changes the backed settings like change the add to quote list redirect URL that’s why it not working. Currently we are working on updation of this plugin. Team will fix this thing ASAP.

In your demo, clicking “Add to Quote” returns a blank page!!


Now the demo returns 404 error…

I’m about to purchace this plugin but i need to know if i can combine quotation system with woocommerce cart system only when the product is set to 0$

Is this plugin still active?

Demo is down. Plugin unsupported?

Demo is down. Plugin unsupported?

Demo site is 404