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Is this plugin compatible with [insert plugin/theme here]?

As a starting point, we don’t give support for conflicts with either plugins or themes.

It’d be impossible to test for compatibility with every theme/plugin.

If we find that the fault lies with our plugin in the conflict, we’ll fix it. Otherwise we advise that you contact the other plugin/themes author.

For more information about theme compatibility read here:

Confirmed plugin incompatibilities:

  • Elementor/Elementor Pro
  • WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping (WIP)

Does this plugin work with all themes?

The plugin works with most themes, however some themes has implementet a custom quantity field, without implementing the correct WooCommerce hooks.

Themes we know is not working with this plugin: - Enfold (last check: 12. february 2016) - Shopkeeper (last check: 29. november 2018)

Why does the cart widget in the menu not showing the right amount items, when using decimal quantity?

Some themes is converting the decimal quantity to an integer: Example: The cart will write “0 Items”, even though it has 0.75 items in it.

To solve this, you have to change it in the theme:

Example from storefront:

In the file \inc\woocommerce\template-tags.php line 19.

Find: _n( '%d item', '%d items', WC()->cart->get_cart_contents_count(), 'storefront' )

Change to: _n( '%s item', '%s items', WC()->cart->get_cart_contents_count(), 'storefront' )

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