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Does the plugin work for Woo product Bundles?


I don’t know if our plugin is 100 % compatible with Woo product Bundles but if there is any conflict you can send us a support message and we will try and fix them if we can’t then you’re are more than welcome to request a refund.


hearny Purchased

Hello, Sorry for the late reply to this, does the plugin give the options to change the styles used on quantity inputs?

You can chooses between our input or the original input field. Styling of input fields is not standard in our plugin, but can be archived by using CSS in your (child)theme or with plugins.

Hello MorningTrain Team

I love this plugin and i wanted to buy it. First we tested with Quantities and Units for WooCommerce ( for achieving the decimal quantities support. But your plugin has more and advance features.

But problem is your plugin not work with FedEx API. when a user input the decimal quantity value, price is calculated perfectly but when it comes to calculate the weight, it takes the decimal value as the most highest integer value and then multiply with the mentioned weight for calculating the Total Weight.

e.g. if the product price is $10 per 1Meter. weight is 140 gram (0.140 kg) per 1Metre

1. if user input the quantity as 2.3 Meter (decimal), Price calculated is $23, Weight is 0.322 kg (2.3 * 0.140).

2. if user input the quantity as 4.8 Meter (decimal), Price calculated is $48, Weight is 0.672 kg (4.8 * 0.140).

On the both case price calculated perfectly. For the weight FedEx calculate the weight for the nearest upper integer value of quantity. 1. FedEx takes the quantity as 3 Meter and total weight is 0.420 Kg (3 * 0.140) 2. FedEx takes the quantity as 5 Meter and total weight is 0.700 Kg (5 * 0.140)

Whatever the input quantity is in between 2.1, 2.2 to 2.9, FedEx takes the quantity as 3. if the input quantity is in between 4.1 to 4.9 FedEx calculate the weight for 5.

I think weight calculation part is done by woocommerce itself and then the total weight is thrown to the corresponding Shipping API.

I need to buy this plugin if sure for fixing the problem.

Thanks a lot.

In the order page, our FedEx plugin is fetching the order item by order class method get_items(). the method get_items return the product quantity 3 (not 3.3). However, in the cart page, the class ‘WC_Shipping_Method’ is returning the item quantity 3.3 in the ‘package’ variable. This results in different weight in the cart and order page.

Kindly have a look into this.



Okay, so the problem is that it’s not getting the right quantity? Because we have done some testing on the weight calculation by WooCommerce and it seems to be calculating it correctly.

What page are you referring to then you are saying “order page”?

Is it possible for you to send us a copy of the FedEx plugin? If yes you can send the plugin to this e-mail:


I sent you the FedEx plugin over the mail. Please have a look.

Thanks for your support.

Hi I would like to ask you if is possible change dot sepparator with comma separotor?


Right now, there isn’t an option to change the separator to a comma. I have added this to our idea board.

Hi, I have purchased this plugin today, Quantity is showing in decimal but cart price is not updated with qty. Can you please help me in this. my site link is

Its not taking interval value 1..I tried with interval steps also..for dropdown option its showing fine but for (+/) its not working..we need it work on ( +/ )


Is it possible for you to send us a screenshot over the product settings?

You can send the screenshot to this e-mail:

I’m using the +/- slider, is it possible to set steps without restricting it. If somebody would hit + it would increase by 0,10 increments instead of 0,01. But it would still be possible to enter 4,33 manually

This is not possible on how it is right now because we think it is more user friendly to not allowing the customer to manually changing the quantity.

The reason why we think that is because of the step intervals which is allowing different steps depending on the quantity number so for example it would start increasing by 0.2 but if the quantity reaches more than 1 it would increase by 0.3 instead of the 0.2. This can make the customer enter 1.2 but this is an invalid number because we are increasing by 0.3 instead of the 0.2 therefore the customer would see an error message telling them it is an invalid number and that could make the customer confused.


1tansu1 Purchased

This plugin doesn’t work with “WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping”. I can’t add to cart.

We have noticed your support message and we will reply to it as soon as possible.


fatfrog Purchased

I can see that its not working with WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping, so im going to wait with purchase.

We are looking into this issue.


fatfrog Purchased

Great, looking forward to it :)


dawpguys Purchased

Hello Mikkel and Team,

As per our last discussion

we already sent the FedEx plugin and again the whole code we used to show the quantity number during the checkout process, all to


Please have a look into this on a priority.

We are sorry about the delayed answer. I have replied to your support message.


dawpguys Purchased

Hey Its Ok. I got your mail and send it to FedEx plugin developer. lets see what they saying.


Hello Team,

I have already sent you the workflow screenshot about how your plugin gives different weight on both page.

Please have a look into this on priority.