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Can this plug-in set the step value depending on the variation of the product?

You can’t set a step value depending on the variation – it has to be the same for the whole product.

Hello im looking for min quatity for grouped products . For example : My grouped product is Donuts and the products are flavors and i want to allow customer to be able to puchase minimum 10 donuts with any flavor they want. So if selected flavors are under 10 to hide buy button or disable it untill it reach atleast 10 . Can i use your plugin for this?

No sorry our plugin can’t help you achieve that.

I’ve been using this plugin for some time on a friends website and it’s been awesome and perfect for what it’s used for, but it now causes a fatal time out error. I’ve increased the time out period, deactivated plugins, gone to default theme and it’s all pointing back to this plugin as the issue. Is this something you’ve come across elsewhere and do you have a fix for it if so?

Is it possible for you to send us a support message?


tomfe Purchased

Hi! Is this plugin compatible with woocommerce 3.1?

It should be compatible with WooCommerce 3.1 if you experience any issue you can always send us a support message and we will take a look into it.

I have four variations per product. Can I use this to allow half units for one variation, but whole variations for the others? Also, is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options?

You can only set the values per product that means that all the variations of a product has the same values so no our plugin can’t do that at the moment.

I don’t know if our plugin is compatible with WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options.


neknarf Purchased

Is this plugin IE proof? Got lots of troubles with a dot and comma in IE and other browsers.

If you got any troubles about it not working properly in IE then please send us a support message about the problem.

We decided to make it read only because that way the customer won’t be able to choice a wrong quantity but if you want to make the customer able to do so you just have to remove the readonly attribute.

The customer won’t be able to add a wrong quantity to the cart even if you remove the readonly attribute.


neknarf Purchased

Ok, thanks. I have to remove the readonly attribute from your plugin coding? And the problem i have with IE is that he won’t accept a comma in the input field. So if you add 4,2 he only adds 4 or nothing. In FireFox he only accepts a comma and when i type a point he gives a message “please enter a good value”, maybe a good solution for IE?

Can you please send us a support message and we will take a look at it.


Can this plugin handle user_roles? Im selling for partners they need to order a bigger quantity (pallet). and for individuals who can order only one product.

Thanks, Peter.

Our plugin doesn’t use user roles so no our plugin can’t do what you want it to do.

We have added this idea to our board but I can’t say for sure this will become a feature in the future.

I’m getting a fatal error after trying to update to v2.2.4. Any suggestions? – Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /xxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woo-advanced-qty/public/class-woo-advanced-qty-public.php on line 177

Hi The problem seems to be with your PHP version. I don’t know what version you use, but the error is most common with incompatible with PHP version 5.5 and below. I will consider to dive more in to the problem, but your support has expired a year ago, so I can not promise a solution.

Hi, i want to buy this plugin, but i’ve read in the ratings that it may not work with other gateways than PayPal. Is that true? I’m using Redsys Gateway for visa payments. Thank you!

Hi Rampau

Some payment gateways does not allow decimal quantity, and therefore there is a risk, that it will not work with decimal quantities. I have only heard about PayPal (which we have solved) and one other payment gateway, that gives some problems. If you buy the plugin and it not works with your payment gateway, we will try to solve the problem, and if not you are welcome to ask for a refund.

Kind Regards Martin / Morning Train

Hi! Can I switch on/off the decimal steps in each category types?

Oh great! Thanks!

One more question: Can I adjust the quantity of the visible decimal numbers? For example, I am clicking on the button and the counter shows the following: 2,100001. I want to show only 2,1. (I set the quantity step to 0,1)

This is a bug and it will be fixed in the next update.

i just got your plugin and i tried setting increments to 0.1 and 0.01, which works as expected. When i was checking if everything is working fine with a product i encountered a problem. once i got to 6.2 or 6.49 the number switched to 6.299 and 6.4999 without me allowing these kind of numbers

This is a bug and it will be fixed in the next update.

Stil happening with the latest update

I will message you over the last support message you have sent us.

Plugin had accidentally been removed from my site, now upon re-installing and re-enabling, the whole Shop page disappears when Advanced Quantity is activated, it returns if I inactivate.

The shop page doesn’t actually disappear, it just has page title with no products, no sidebar, etc.

I can see that you already have sent us a support message so I think we will just take it over there instead of in the comments :)


tomfe Purchased

Hello! I’ve found a bug, connected to your theme. I am using Woocommerce 3.1.2 and your latest version. If I click on a variable product option for choosing, than I get this error message in the errorlog:

[22-Sep-2017 21:03:09 UTC] id was called incorrectly. Product properties should not be accessed directly. Backtrace: require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), require_once(‘wp-includes/template-loader.php’), do_action(‘template_redirect’), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, WC_AJAX::do_wc_ajax, do_action(‘wc_ajax_get_variation’), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, WC_AJAX::get_variation, WC_Product_Variable->get_available_variation, apply_filters(‘woocommerce_available_variation’), WP_Hook->apply_filters, Woo_Advanced_QTY_Public->available_variation, Woo_Advanced_QTY_Public->qty_input_args, Woo_Advanced_QTY_Public->is_in_cart, Woo_Advanced_QTY_Public->get_cart_qty, WC_Abstract_Legacy_Product->__get, wc_doing_it_wrong. This message was added in version 3.0.

If I switch off your plugin, it’s working working well, without error.

I have just tried on my local environment and I don’t get any errors.

If you want us to take a deeper look at the problem you must renew your support.


tomfe Purchased

I get the error only with those type of products, which has more variable values, like this:

Products with 1-2 variable works correctly.

Unfortunately, we can’t do much more before you renew your support.

Hi There,

How can we show the total price on the product page(qty * price). This is a must have to make things clear :)


Unfortunately, this is something that our plugin can’t do at the moment. I will add this to our idea list.


we have a scenario like a product is there which is a dress material. price is defined as $10 for 1 meter. if customer chooses 1.5 meter then price will be $15. whether it possible with your plugin ?



Yes, this is exactly what our plugin was made for :)


It is possible with your plugin to set only specific amount for some products ? Example : 1, 10, 100, 200


Yes, this is possible with our plugin.

You just have to set the step intervals to 1, 10, 9|10,100,90|100,200,100 and the minimum value to 1 and the maximum to 200.