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When the plugin is activated and I save a new product, the selected category can’t be saved. Need a repair on this.

does my screendumps help?

It’s been a week… and you’re not responsive.. I have contacted you by email also…

For feature reference:

The problem is not related to our plugin, it is because you can’t save a product without title.


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How do I get the step value to implent in javascript? i am creating a javascript to change quantity with Plus an Minus buttons, but step always goes in full numbers. i want to get the step value to implent in my javascript: $(’.quantity-new’).on(‘click’, ’.plus’, function(e) { $input = $(this).prev(‘input.qty’); var val = parseInt($input.val()); $input.val( val+1 ).change(); }); any help?


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Yes, I would be glad to try the update. My email is Thank you very much

I will send you the update soon


Talooz Purchased

Hi I am still waiting, can you please send? thanks

We are having this same issue as @harrisonsburley. Decimals are stripped when order is sent to paypal.

WooCommerce has created an update, where they strip the information before our plugin can grab it and make it compatible with PayPal. We are working hard to find a solution to this problem, and have also contacted WooCommerce with the problem.

For now, the only solution is to change a line in the WooCommerce plugin.

If you go to wp-content\plugins\woocommerce\includes\gateways\paypal\includes\class-wc-gateway-paypal-request.php and change line 313 from ‘quantity_’ . $index => (int) $quantity, to ‘quantity_’ . $index => $quantity, Then it should work.

I know it is a quick fix, and if WooCommerce is updated, you have to do it again. But as I said, we are working hard to find a solution to the problem, so it can help you until we have a solution.

Sorry, the line is 310

Can decimal quantities only be set for certain categories?

It is possible to set decimal quantity for specific categories. So if you only want decimal quantities on specific categories, you can do that. You can set for the whole page, or specific categories or specific products.


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Is there any way to make the product cheaper with more quatity with this ? we cant finde a way :(

No, it is not a feature at the moment.

Can the quantity intervals be unique to each individual product or is it a global setting for all products?

You can make it unique to every product or every category or set it for the whole site.

Could you please update the Change Log to the most recent version? Thanks

We haven’t have time to do that but I am sure we will do it later today.

And what kind of changes you did in 2.1.3? Please provide the changelog together with the release, no time is not an argument for <10 lines of text. Thanks

Hey, we have updated the changelog sorry for the delay.

“You did not add a correct quantity to the cart.” I am getting this message when I try to order again in within MY ACCOUNT.

When I use decimals in quantity it works initially on the original order but when I order again it doesn’t carry over.

Is there a setting I am missing? Or is there a fix?

Is it possible for you to send us a support message with a little more information about the problem you are having?

I send you a message with login credentials and details.

Hi, i have send support request. But you dont have responded. Why?

We do not answer support messages in weekends (saturday and sunday).

Anyone else having issues with the values in WooCommerce Advanced Quantity resetting to blank after using the Quick Edit feature for a product?

This has been patched in the next update.

I have some items on my site that will be sold by weight either 500g, 1kg or 25kg. These need to be in a single product that is stock controlled, so if they purchase 500g then only 0.5 will be removed from the stock level. Is this possible with your plugin?

Yes, this is possible with our plugin.

Is the plugin already 3.0 compatible?

We are working on making it compatible with WooCommerce v. 3.

“Control the Interval between each Step” But I cannot figure out if this is per product (which is needed). And can I disable 0.5 only per 5, 10 and 20 for example per product configurable.

You can indeed set the step per product but the thing you are looking for is “step intervals” that will make it possible to achieve the thing you are describing.

I just purchased the plugin. But people are still able to fill in a custom number.. How can we make this a dropdown to make it really work so people only can choose the given amount?

Is it possible for you to send us a support message with a little more information about the problem you are having?

Can you enable this to only work on the backend?

No, right now you can’t make it only work in the backend.


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I set custom intervals for my product, but the quantity is not transferred to the shopping cart. The cart only shows ‘1’.

Please send an email to with link to your site, screendumps and description of the problem.

When will this be WC 3+ compatible?

It also conflicts with the native order again function… It says that i didn’t entered an correct quantity…

Fixed it, $info_about_item = array(‘quantity’ => (float) $item‘item_meta’[0], ‘is_from_order_again_function’ => true), the item_meta array is empty, you can replace it with $item->get_quantity()

Thanks for the heads up – we will look into these problems in the next update.

HI, pre-sale questions.

If I set for example the minimun quantity 2, in front-end the quantity start with 2. There is any way to disable the control that not allow to decrease the value of 2.

I mean this :

- I set minumun quantity 2 ; – in front-end I see 2, but If I Would I can decrease the value of 1 (is not blocked to 2)


If you set the input type to be the default one then yes the user can change the quantity value by typing 1 in the input field but they will not get through the validation process.

You can also change the input type to one of our custom made input types – I will suggest our plus and minus field – that way the user can’t change the quantity to anything lower than the one you set in the backend.


When I put 2 products in my cart which both have minimum of 10 and step 5 it works great when I want to increase or decrease the numbers. But, after I ve done that and I have hit the [update] button, the step isnt correct anymore. Step is not 5 anymore but 10! If I refresh the page the step is back to 5 again. Weird! I think the 2 steps are added to eachother which would explain the 10 in stead of 5 step. Do you have any solution for this?

Many thanks!

Is it possible for you to send us a support message with a link to the product?

Can I mail you that ?

you can send a mail to


Ha1fmoon Purchased

Hi, how can i set the value of product like 0,125? And will be calculations work after? thanks for great plugin

Unfortunately, we only support down to two decimals at the moment.