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Thanks a lot :)

fantastic work very good job ! i wish you all the best for your sales in 2017 ;)

Thanks a lot ;)
You too dear EricProchnow

Hello, Nice work. Does your plugin work for a multilingual store? If yes, how?

Yes, you can set label text and also set image for label with any text and language.
Read plugin documentation on this link:


Excellent Work – DCSF

Thanks a lot ;)

Nice work, DigitalCenturySF

Thanks a lot ;)

Hello! It’s possible to add Sold? I looked at your document and also the rules. On the other hand, I could not see if we could add this type of rule (if quantity = zero, display Sold). Thank you! & sorry about my poor english!

Sorry, missing your answer! Thanks

Get your answer?

Yes, added to favorites. I’ll buy very soon… i need that for my next project. Thanks :)

Hello, Thanks for the plugin. Runs great. One thing I do not find so good. When you create a global label, it is displayed correctly. But if I now go on an article that falls into the rules of the global label and save it, I get on the detail page once the global label and the label from the article displayed. Can not you make the difference between global and product label? This does not look good. Can I return the plugin? So I can not use it. Or is there an update in the next few days?

Please send your issue to

your issue will fix on next update.

Hi there, Is it possible to change the default “Call for Price” text when a price field is empty with your plug-in ?

Our condition are showed on plugin documentation.

This looks promising. Some suggestions:

1. Ability to use different badge settings for category and product page. The badge size should also be relative to the picture size. At the moment a badge is as small on product page as on category page.

2. Ability to show a text badge on different positions on product page (not only below picture, but also above/below title etc.)

3. Unlimited individual badges per product (only one at the moment)

4. Compatiblity with ajax (ajax filters and inifinite scrolling

Thanks a lot for your suggestions dear IABreinraum
We put them on our to do list

Very Nice item :)

Thanks a lot dear st1s ;)

Hi ithemelandco, is it possibile to show the label only on mouse over into products page?

It need just a few custom CSS code that i do it for you.
Best Regards

Thanks, I just bought your plugin, can you provide to me the custom css please? Regards. Alessandra

Please send your request to

Hello, just some question: the plugin will replace the default Woocommerce “on sale” label? Will I set manually the labels on every single products or they will be set automatically? Many many thanks!

#1: It don’t replace the default WOO “on sale”
#2: You set each label with it’s criteria and then set on all or some product automatically. For example set label “Special offer” for all “shoes” category that have ” < $200” price.

Oh perfect! Thank you so much!

You’re welcome dear clalb ;)


I need to use the price of a product in three different ways, which is not possible by default. But i think your plugin will solve this. Let me explain what i mean so you can tell me if your plugin will be the solution before i purchase it.

We use the price of our products in three different ways: 1. The product is on sale, (Normal €500,- and now €250,-) 2. The product costs €80,- per month 3. The product has no price (€0,-), so the costumer needs to request a quote.

Products that are on sale have a product category named “Sale”

Products that have a price per month have product category named “Per month”

Products that don’t have a price (€0.-) wont have to show a label, so that is fine as it is.

I want products that are on sale to show a label which contain the regular price (with a line trough it), and the sale price.

I want products that have a price per month to show a label which show the regular price, with a custom text, for example: Now €80,- per month all in!

Is this possible with your plugin?

With kind regards,


Sorry,our plugin don’t support these.

Does this work with WooCommerce Bookings extension?

I know about booking plugin.
I want know your mean about working our plugin with booking plugin.

Wondering if all the features of your plugin work with it as the WCB plugin is known to not work with a lot of plugins…

It’s compatible with woocommerce and apply on product archive page and single page.
Here is it’s documentation:

You can see how it work.

Hi, How can I disable the standard “sale” label from WooCommerce and only use the label I have created with your plugin ? Best regards, Sune

Thanks for purchase our plugin.
About this issue, please call to your theme author.

Please can you avoid using our brand to sell your products. Thanks

Please change the colours and typography in those graphics, then I can communicate with Envato that the changes have been made. Thanks.