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I just purchased your plug-in and installed it on a multisite installation. However, after installation, the WC Email Customizer menu doesn’t appear under WooCommerce, nor anywhere else on the site.

Is your plug-in not compatible with multisite?

Any idea why that would happen? I tried deactivating and re-activating a few times with no luck.



Please search on Google here already available link for refund request.

Thank you.

Sorry for the delay, I never got alerted of your response. Refund request has been submitted.

Okay I will approve it


koendk Purchased


I’ve just installed this plug-in, and i’m missing following things:

1. If there is a user note, how can I add this info in the emails? I’m not seeing the shortcode in the docs.

2. I’ve created a custom field in my check-out flow, how can I add this in my email? Flow: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/224490/how-to-display-custom-field-in-woocommerce-email-orders

But it’s not showing anymore in my emails.

Thanks for getting back to me, Koen

Hello Koendk,

Rename \wc-advanced-email-customizer\woo-tpl\woocommerce\emails\customer-on-hold-order.php file on my plugin.

Thank You For Rating.


koendk Purchased

That’s not working I’m afraid. Only the intro and footer text is there. No order details or user information. Is there an easy way to fix this?


Hello koendk,

Can you share your admin and FTP details on my personal email id. i will add this functionality on your site.


Thank You.

Hi, i will send test email. But need select order Id! What is that? Greetings Demirel

Order I’d for just send those order email for testing purpose.

Glad to see your sales went up.



Pre-sales Question

Hi, a few pre-sales questions:

1) I see your list of supported emails, which does not include subscription emails. Is there any way to edit these as well? Specifically if a payment failed / retrying credit card. I use WooSubscriptions plugin. If not, any suggestions?

2) I want to be able to edit the order table to something like this, would this be possible?


3) Can I set up the billing details info and footer etc as a template to apply to all emails?

4) Can I merge in fields in the title like I my New Order email that goes to admin to say New Order: Product Name for $x (I generally only have one item per order)

5) If I were to provide you screenshots of all my emails, do you take on any freelance jobs to set it up for me? I like the idea of being able to edit it later myself, but am wondering if it would be best to hire someone who knows woo emails as well as you do.

Thanks, Aimee

Hello eftcolumbus,

Can you talk me with my personal email here i have discussed with all about editing woocommerce emails.




I bought your plugin, did my custom email templates but I have 2 questions – How can I center the logo at the top of my email? It’s already centered but appears on the left side, I don’t know why… - How can I link these templates to my Woocommerce? I still receive the automatic woocommerce emails when I test it.

Thanks for your support. Regards


For first point I need to work admin details for this issue so can you provide your admin access on my email.

For second point you need to rename email folder inside your theme woocommerce folder


If you really like our team support please give me ratting.


Pre-Buy Question What if the customer choose “Locak Pickup” option, How do I put it in place of Shipping Address ?

Hello vassilisdesign,

Here here you have need to add shortcode and use like this. add_shortcode('wcaec_order_date','get_wcaec_order_date'); function get_wcaec_order_date(){ global $wcaec_order; return date('F j, Y',strtotime($wcaec_order->order_date)); }

Here are also working standerd woocommerce hooks.