Discussion on WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

Discussion on WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

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Hello – There seems to be a problem at the moment with the fields. If I try to adjust the size of a row of fields, all the data in the rows to the right disappear. Making a new search doesn’t seem to fix the bug. The only way to fix the bug is to reload the page. Is this a common problem or only on my end?


It’s a known problem, which is fixed in the upcoming new version.

If you are a legal user and have active support subscription, please submit a ticket and I’ll provide you with the test version with the fix:

Thank you for the fast reply! Good to hear it’s getting fixed in the upcoming version.

Presale Question:

1) Is there a way to edit the PRODUCT URL in bulk without having it go to the original edit page?

2) When deleting a product, is there an option to delete all corresponding image gallery?

Thank you.


Yes and yes.

This is a good plugin but the UI is not that good. Before buying it I have some good suggestions to add in your next update:
  1. The FULL View button should be visible above the table because it’s useful.
  2. The Scroll bar should be on the Top also not only at the buttom, because everytime we have to scroll down to reach it even if the product we are editing/adding is at the very top. So the scroll bar should be at the top (optional in Settings).
  3. Possibility to Freeze the Product Title Column. I mean keeping it visible while scrolling horizontally througout the sheet (like in Excel Freeze Panes under View). This is because now in your demo we are a bit lost when we scroll to edit a cell we don’t know which Product/Variation we are editing.


Thanks for the suggestions! I just need some clarification.

1. The Full View button is in the Quick Settings menu, which is above the table, so what do you mean? If you can post some screenshot it will help a lot.

2. You can just hold the keyboard SHIFT button while scrolling with the mouse and it will scroll the table horizontally.

3. We have this feature in the TODO list and will try to implement it in the future releases.

Thanks for the fast reply, holding the key shift doesn’t do the work, we still have to go down the window and look for the buttom scroll bar. Imagine we need to edit a cell in the last column. It’s a real pain. For the screenshot:

OK, I see. Will consider adding the top scrollbar in future releases.

Hi, there is an issue when trying to adjust column width, making the plugin unusable at this stage. We see it was mentioned. Do you have an estimation when the updated version will be available? Just checking so that we can check back in and download…


The current version available for download in CodeCanyon ( should fix that issue. If it doesn’t, please, submit a ticket at our support desk:

Hi, I have uninstalled the plugin and re-installed. We are using Porto theme. The issue is still there with ver. regarding adjusting column widths. Please advise.


As I’ve advised in my previous post, please submit a ticket at the support desk.

Hi, is there a way to change the order of all variations? when I bulk add the variations it adds from last to first and not the other way around. Thanks


You can try to edit the Menu Order field.

For further support, please submit a ticket:

Hi, I have logged in to your demo but I did not see an option to bulk edit the product’s description nor the short product’s description! are you able to provide a video if this is supported by your plugin? thanks

From “Quick Settings” uncheck the “Use built-in editor when editing descriptions” option and click the Save button on it’s right side. This way you enable the rich-text editor for the Description and Short Description fields.

Worked! thank you. One last thing please. I could not test bulk editing variable products, can you bulk edit variable products? many thanks

Yes, you can. Check the YouTube channel for example videos.

Today i tried to bulk change my products but, when i hit the save change button, the plugin save just one line per time (erasing all the others changes). There are problem with the last woocommerce version?


For support, please submit a ticket:

Hello ! Compatible with WordPress 5.7? If not, what update date do you send to make it compatible?


Yes, it’s compatible. Also, next week we’ll release the new version.

Is it next week yet?

Hi, there is an issue when trying to adjust column width, making the plugin unusable at this stage. We see it was mentioned. Do you have an estimation when the updated version will be available? Just checking so that we can check back in and download…

“me too”, please update


Yes, we’ll release the new version this week.

I do apologize as we’ve delayed the release for two more weeks. However, you can request the latest test version in our support desk:

I recently update to Wordpress 5.7 and WooCommerce 5.4 and the latest bulk edit plugin no longer saves more than 1 edit at a time. Can this be looked into? Thanks


Please submit a ticket:

It stopped working..What happened? When saving, the outlined red changed fields dont save


Please submit a ticket:

dg9ban Purchased

Great work, best Tool, good luck with sales

Looks like this plugin has been abandoned. Not updated in 8 mos. This should be removed from this site.


flyerg Purchased

Hi, After the Woocommerce update, when I select in bulk mode, it only records one, I see what happens to all of them, how will it be solved?


I’ve replied to your support ticket.


mexp Purchased

Very slow support new version have many bug

This plugin is a powerhouse and a sheer showcase of mastery about Woocommerce, Wordpress and SQL. Thank you for version 5.0! The plugin continues to impress with its many powerful features.


cigaai Purchased

After upgrading to version 5.0, I can’t add new images to products… how can I fix this situation?


There is an issue with images in the new version. We are working on fixing it. Meanwhile, you can downgrade to the previous version of the plugin. If you don’t have it, please submit a ticket at our support desk and request it:

Does the new version work with multisite? Its just blown my site up twice in a row Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.


We haven’t tested it with multisite. Will do and probably release a fix, although we do not support multisite officially.

Sure, I dont wat it to work across multisite I just want it to work. It always has done, 4 the 4 years or so that I have had it – cheers

Hi guys! Generally I’m very happy with your plugin. But now I have the same issue as mentioned by @albertramsbottom. I have a multisite installation but I do not want to use it across multisite, just as before on each site. The update blew up whole multisite network and blocked me out with the same message “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page”, so I had to go back to Version 4.6.2.

Looking forward for a fix so I can update to the new version too. Thank you.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll release a fix when we have it ready.


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