Discussion on WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

Discussion on WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit

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G’day just bought your plugin and it looks like it’s going to do exactly what I wanted. I have one quick question – my client asked me if there was any way we could round-up prices to the nearest dollar after a percentage increase? It’s super important…and urgent that I get a response – a price upgrade is due for 31st March! Cheers

George, thank you for your almost instant response to my email. Your swift and precise attention has completely solved the problem that I was having, my client is extremely happy and we’ve made the deadline with plenty of time to spare! Thank you once again for your professionalism and attention to detail.

Hi George, I can’t remember how to round prices up or down to the nearest dollar. Please remind me

Replied via email.

I have a custom field without a delete button next to it.. Not sure why but now i can’t remove it…

Can you create me a temp login and send it to me via the profile page?

georgeiron i sent you message via fb. Can we get do a quick desktop share.

One issue I found is…

When you “Duplicate” or “Add” a product, the “Product URL Permalink” does not get updated to match the “slug”. Which then leads to a 404 error.

The only way around this is to click the “Edit in Admin” URL link and to then to “update” the product from there.

This process has to be repeated for each and every product.


Look forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance.

- turner2f

That works for me on both the working installation and the demo site. Maybe i can login and see if there is any problem ?


I am currently doing some editing.

I will reply back. When I am done.

Thanks for your awesome support today. Really outstanding! BR Bjorn

Just purchased a second license.

Plan to buy more ;)

- turner2f


dose this plugin support wmpl features?


Wpml is not currently supported.


What is the difference between: WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit AND Woocommerce Bulk Edit Product Variations & Prices

Witch of these two is the most suitable for importing excel or csv product list, and afterwards, edit the products in a table view inside wordpress. ?


I can speak for mine only. It can not import products but you once there you can (bulk) edit almost anything in a table view.

Do you refer to: WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit ?? or Woocommerce Bulk Edit Product Variations & Prices ??

WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit


Had a pre-purchase question about your plugin. I am using ignitewoo’s vendor plugin so it allows the role – vendor to access a predefined dashboard to add and edit the user’s own products. Can this plugin be used as well to allow the specific user with role vendor to access and bulk edit only their own products?

Please review and advise. Thanks.

Hi, I don’t think that would be possible, the plugin works with all the products in the database.

Thanks a bunch for the “duplicate” feature.

Looking forward to testing this out.

Hi – pre sell question Looks like a great product

Do you support bulk edit for variable subscription prices?

I’m not sure what these subscription prices are, I guess they are custom fields from a third-party plugin, all custom fields (except arrays) are bulk editable.

Ho – no third party. It is subscription extention by woocommrece that allows your products to be subscription based. Now let me explian.

I have a subscrption – - with price 60$. 2 attributes – A and B. If client does not add any attributed – it will be $60. if adds A – it will be $70 ($10 ) and B will be $65 ($5) and if he adds both it will be $75 (+$10 + $5). Now – i have lots of products and need to change the price and attributes – is it possible?

I’m sorry, I don’t know, I don’t have that particular extension installed.

First off GREAT plugin!! Has saved me hundreds of man hours!

Question: Is it possible to integrate this in any way with the “Cost of Goods” plugin?

Perhaps via custom fields? Would be nice to do that in bulk edit so that I don’t have to manually do it for hundreds of variations.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

- Nick

That should be possible via custom fields, they are also bulk editable, watch this demo

1) – For some reason I am not able to add any extra thumbnail product thumbnail images to my products.

2) – I also cannot add the Main product image either

3) – All my imported products are showing up as being “On Sale” on the front-end. How can I change this in the Bulk Editor ?

Am I missing some kind of setting?

- turner2f

FYI – Not certain it was a 3rd party plugin because I was having this issue after I turned off all the other plugins.

But thanks for the swift help.

Or the theme forgot to add.

Just sent 3 more questions to your private email

Demo site doesn’t seem to work… ??

It’s fixed now.

cheers – works now. Tested and seems to do what I need it to. Will be ordering

1) – Can we create our own user-defined “Supported Fields” for this ?

2) – Is it possible to add a feature where we could “DUPLICATE” the existing products ?

3) – Can this plugin bulk edit product names for BOTH uppercase and lowercase characters?

4) – With this plugin can I also bulk edit external products? Such as product url and button text?

5) – Can we bulk edit the stock quantity ?

6) – Is there an option to bulk delete sale prices

7) – Can we bulk edit sale price by category – OR – bulk edit sale price for the whole shop products ?

8 ) – Can I Bulk edit the “publishing dates” for the products ?

We would like some to automatically show up at a future date?

9) – Can we Bulk edit to allow backorders or not ?

10) – Is it possible to bulk edit the password protected field?

11) – Can I edit massively taxes variants?

12) – Is there a way to Bulk edit certain products to be seen by for User Roles?

13) – How do I add upsells and cross sells to existing products?

Would you mind contacting me via email next time.

What is your email address?

Contact me via the profile page and i’ll reply you with it.


I have 4 red cups

I have 3 red shirts

If I select to edit just “red” and “cups”...

ALL the cups and EVERYTHING ELSE in RED gets displayed, whether it be red shirts, red cars or red cups.

i ONLY want “red cups” to display.

Is there a way to accomplish this within the config settings ?

- turner2f

Has this feature been added yet ?

what was that, multiple attribute filters ? It works when AND is checked next to categories.


I will check this out.

I have a bunch of URLS of products in my store in a text file – 1 URL per line – and only want to edit these products. What is the fastest way to select these using this plugin? Do you have a “select products by url” feature?

I must think about it.

Ok, great, this feature will make editing 100s of products so much easier since i can narrow them down in an instant.

Contact me via the profile page.

Custom Attributes not working. I have products with colour options, and i’m wanting to bulk add colours, I can get the attributes to show in the admin but they don’t populate the variations fields properly. Thus not showing the select list on the public site.

Yes, custom attributes are currently not supported, I’ll try to implement it in future updates but they may be incompatible with the plugin interface.

Sorry I can’t delete my comment. Don’t mind this one.

Hi, After the last update I see now I can’t save changes. I click Save but later I see no changes are preserved. Can you help please?

It happens for every field and it actually doesn’t display the loading icon, too.

That should indicate some javascript error, I’m gonna need a temp login to see what is causing it.

I sent it in a support message. Thank you in advance!

Maybe I’m crazy, but how do you search by “ID”?

Sure, no problem, I’ll try to include it soon.

Forgot about that, next version I guess.

ok, no problem next version, hoping to see it.


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