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Does the plugin supports latest woocommerce ? And can I send a custom email to a email address when a order is paid ?

Just the order number and the number of books.

Yes, it works :)

And can I send a custom email to a email address when a order is paid ?

Yes, this is among few things the plugin does

Hi, Would like to know if this plugin is able to add in customer name in the email? For example: Dear Amy, Thank you for your order … (followed by all the order details from WooCommerce Email template)

Yes it does

Did you check Custom Order Status Pro? It comes with many more features with a tiny price difference :)

Hi, Thank you for your reply. Will check on Custom Order Status Pro.

Maybe not relevant, but can you also adjust the status of an action with this plugin? For example, when a payment is done, the status automatically jumps to processing. Or when another user, like a dropshipper compltes his/her role.. the same happens or a new status appears. like Dropshipped or something… can that very status be redirected to the COMPLETED status so that no intervention is required from there store admin? Kind of an automation process.

Advance Order Status has limited features. However, with the plugin Custom Order Status Pro,

When the payment is done, the status can automatically jump to a Custom order status created with this plugin (Not the default status)

The Dropshipper can also change the order status or you can set a timer to automatically change the order status to any different status.

Ok that sounds great, so if the dropshipper completes his role (and now im talking about the following plugin, you can have a timer, of lets say 10 sec (since we want to skip changing manually), and have the status automatically change to COMPLTED?

I haven’t tested it with this plugin anytime before but I don’t find any reason why it shouldn’t work :)

After changing the status can not download files. How to solve this situation?

Hi, I am interested in your order status plugin. I would like something that will also allow me to change the status to shipping and have me include a tracking #, which will be sent to the customer. Will your plugin allow for this?

Hi, Please check WooCommerce Custom Order Status Pro

Many shipment tracking plugins works with this and you can always reach us for any questions :)

Hello, I just purchased this plug in, how do you set the option that when a customer buys a product the status automatically goes into processing?

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right plugin you just bought for this requirement. There’s one other plugin Woocommerce Custom Order Status Pro which does this.

Can one set-up a trigger to email any email with the order. So if customer A buys from Vendor B and an order email is sent to Vendor B stating the order – the same type that the Admin would get. So Customer A order from Vendor B,C and D – I want each Vendor to get an order email but of their own product with the details of the product, variations if any, TAX and shipping… is this possible? Based on a trigger of class?


This plugin and the other plugin Custom Order Status Pro allows sending email notifications on Order status basis. For example, if you want a Vendor to be notified when the order arrives in your store, you can do that. This means, you can do every configuration on “Status” basis and Not the “Products in order” or “order” basis.

For this requirement, I think the other Woothemes plugin might be helpful to you.

Best, Alan


Can I use this plugin if I just want a way to “favourite” an order to easy find it again? No e-mails should be sent, and no actions should be taken – just mark the order so I can find it again. :-)


Hi, yes sure!


I bought the plugin, but I think I didn’t explain what I need very good. :-) This plugin will allow you to add a custom status, but I need an additional “status”. I need the WooCommerce status for the order, and then a way to “favourite” the order. If I use this plugin, I can create a new/custom status called “Favourite”, but then I can’t see if the order is new, processing, completed… etc.

Am I wrong? :-)


Hello. I’m wondering if this plugin may help me. I need to manually add the shipping price for all the countries but Spain (where our company is based), because our parcel company is providing a low-cost price, that is calculated almost with every order. We have few, but heavy products. I would need to have a checkout flow where, 1. the client pre-order the product. 2. our shop manager add the price once provided by the delivery company and update the order. 3. the customer receives an e-mail with the final cost, including shipping. 4. the customer pays the order. Is this possible?


Woocommerce Advance Order Status can help you create custom order statuses for internal references after order is placed.

For pre-order functionality, I will suggest other options like WooCommerce Pre-orders

I am sure Codecanyon too might have some budget friendlier alternatives.

Best, Alan

Hi….somehow I can’t edit any status….You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” ...

I am looking to have an automated custom email sent to a customer only after they purchase a specific product (or variation). Is this possible?

For example if a customer purchases a Coffee mug, an email automatically says, thanks for buying this coffee mug, don’t forget to remove the plastic before using it.

Pre Sale Question: Can we add a custom note with custom order status apart from email. eg. When we ship , we need to give tracking code to customer with email. So can we integrate that tracking code which is unique for every order with this plugin ??It can be in the form of note etc

Hello, does this plug-in allow the REST API to pick-up the added custom statuses that we add?

Hi, I am interested in your plugin but saw that the last update was 3 January 15 and that you do not provide support for this item. Is this plugin still being maintained and does it work with the current version of WooCommerce?


Is possible to update the order status (to any new custom status) from code? For example with $order = new WC_Order($order_id); $order->update_status(‘my_status’, ‘order_note’);

And in that case will it send notification mail to users?

Thanks in advance

Regards s


Can this plugin be used to send an email to the customer if the admin deletes his/her order?


Hi there,

Sorry, it wouldn’t work for deleted orders.

Hello, I’m interested in buying this extension. I want to know if your extension (or this one can help me with this scenario: Bulk select some Orders, from orders page, change status to all selected and automatically send emails to customers. All that from Orders Page. Thank you.

can I send a report to the Administrator of the site with all details of orders from the previous day with the status of “Pending Payment”? Thank you, Sam

I interested in your plugin. Example i’m the buyer, If i go to MY ORDER -> Can i see all of order status such as:

page 1) All order included page 1,2,3,4,5

page 2) pending payment (which is not success payment yet)

page 3) shipped (which is the seller add tracking number already)

page 4) Deliveried

page 5) Dispute (order on dispute)

page 6) Refund (order on process refund, waiting buyer send back product to buyer, or the buyer did not ship a long time, buyer/seller accepted refund)

page 7) Evaluated (which is waiting for rating each other/ or still on time accepted click to dispute or refund time)

page 8 ) Success order (which is buyer no allow to requires dispute return any more, success purchase)

Importance: Each step 1 -> 2 >>> 3 >>> 4>>>> 5>>>> 6>>>> 7>>> 8 . will have notification to email to buyer and notification on website. when buyer click to the email link or notification, buyer will see the page of status.


What happend to the pro version of this?