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Does this order can able to set up pre-order product, so when user place to order something, then order status automatically goes to pre-order? or when user place to order, then shop owner has to change order status manually?

Hello. i saw your plugin has many option but i dont know how set up look like. Can i add more option like paid deposit 30%, paid last payment success, or can i change the work on-hold -> waiting for shipping….

Pre-sale question: Is there a way to make free products not autocomplete with this plugin?

Does the plugin support WPML? For email translations?


abandoned by creator?

I agree we haven’t actively maintained this plugin in a while but we’re planning to release an update very soon.

Hi is there a shortcode for order number and order date? To use in the mail to the customer. Can you help pls?


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on field Send To — Enter the email address where you want a notification to be sent. You can leave it blank to send it to the customer

i need to send both, to admin and customer

please tell me how


Presales question. If i make my own order status (eg offer) can i still make change in my woocommerce offer or will it be locked so i have to change it back to waiting for payment. Hope you understand my question.

Hi There, is it possible to create custom email notifications to new orders with this plugin? Thanks