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Please send me Activation Key on :)

Since my updated for the plugin submitted before two days has not been approved yet, I sent you the latest version to your email, Please install it instead of the current version you have and let me know if you still face any problems.


Thanks, it works perfect! :)

Good news!, If you might need any further help, please let me know :)

How i can make the tabs of your plugin to show on END not at the tab start?

Here are the default options And here it is how i would like to be by default I use same link for all products that’s why i want to have by default these settings

No worries, I’ll add this option in the next update. for now, do it manually.

Since we are talking for the new update,if you want you can make it work with variable products :)

Hi mate. I want to make a woocommerce shop, where I can sell support-videos (like video on demand). When a user has bought the access, they will be able to see the video (but not before!). Will your plug-in enable that feature?

PS, I think I will do like this:

1. Customer A buys a website from us. We tick off which plug-ins/ themes the user has purchased.

2. When we create a video (a virtual product) we tick off category THEME or PLUG-IN, and then tag it the name of the plug-in or theme.

3. Then, upon next log-in, the user can see the videos (products) (freely) that match previous purchases. AND, the user can then also sort among the filters of plug-ins and themes etc.

4. We would host the clips our selves on Vimeo.

THAT would be a killer plug-in! Can you provide that with this plug-in?

Hi, this is a totally different functionality than what this plugin provides, but you if you want, we can create a custom plugin that will do this for you. If interstead, contact me on

Hi I can’t login to this. can you help me?

Could you please try again now :)

My request has become true with this version 0.3 as i see,default options :) Thank you guys. I have i question,is there any way to move the buton from “above the short description” to “below short description” ? Regards

Hi, sorry for the late response. What theme are you using?

How do you edit the code of the theme? are you using a child theme?

Hi again. 1 things which i need help:

1- Am trying to add changelogs on my products but the plugin brakes the lines. I have tried with just Enter to leave br, i tried also Shift+enter and again not works. Any idea how this works?


Hi, will check this issue. thanks!

Any news?

Hi, I apologies about this very late reply, could you please send URL + login details of your website to

Hi – How can I make all link URLs open in a new page instead of current page? Also how can I rename items such as Version to Current Version?

Is it also possible to place The DEMO link button below the displayed Additional Options?

It would also be great to be able to add your own fields.

Hi, what you are asking in the first two comments is a new option request which will be considered in the coming updates. But adding custom fields is an another plugin functionality that is not supported in this plugin.

Im trying to make my video downloads view only so people can share it once they purchase it. Is that possible with this plugin?

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible in the current version of this plugin, but the coming version will include some new features that are very close to what you are asking, stay tuned!

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible in the current version of this plugin, but the coming version will include some new features that are very close to what you are asking, stay tuned!

Hello Author,

I want to know if members in our website can sell their songs/video via your plugin? Please reply.

Thank you.

yes, the plugin supports and adds options to all WooCommerce downloadable products.

Do you have a demo account for user?

Will you be updating the Lazy Eater plugin?

Sure, the plugin development will never stop

After updating the plugin 0.3 with 0.4 for some reason the details disappear from front end.Can you check please? Right now i rolled back to 0.3 again.


Hi, we tested the new version an it seems to be working fine, could you please elaborate what details that is disappeared?

Just like to know if this is for product filtering, and what features is about for downloadable product?

Hi Author,

I installed your Plugin but i don’t see the demo contents. How will i install the demo? Please reply.

Thank you.

Hi, sorry for this late reply. There is no demo content for this plugin. If you have any issues in using the plugin please let me know.


Can you please guide me on how to use your plugin?

Thank you

Hi, Using the plugin is very easy. After installing and activating the plugin, creating a new WooCommerce product -> from the product data metabox check on “Downloadable” and the plugin options will appear. You also can use the plugin widgets to display filters to users.

do you intend to support or update Lazy Eater Online Food Ordering System?

VentureCore on

Hi, sorry for this late reply. LazyEater development did not stop, we still provide support and regular updates.

We want to sell downloadable Word documents, where information that the “buyer” is adding during the check-out process, is added to the pre-defined areas in the Word document(s) that he/she purchases, which then is available for download after the purchase is complete.

Can this be done with your plugin?

Unfortunately this is not the purpose of this plugin.

Hi there. Looking at the demo …

is it possible to edit the filters? I have no use for the likes of ‘looped audio’ ‘vocals’ etc .. i’d rather include ‘record company’ ‘guests’ ‘producer’ ‘runtime’ etc …


unfortunately you cant add custom fields.

Hi is this plugin still alive, The demo page is down.

Yes, It is and will always be alive.

Hi is this plugin works on last version of woocommerce ? And is possible to user can wach video after pay ( not to dawnload link ) Auto play. Thx

Hi, It has been a while since I tested it to WooCommerce version. I’ll test it and update if necessary, thanks for the reminder :)

Regarding the pay and watch, the plugin does not give that option.