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Please update this plugin and let us know that it works properly so I can buy the plugin.

Hi. Sorry for the English (Google Translate). We have bought and installed the plugins, under the latest version of wordpress, and although it shows the categories tree, when giving to delete any category, it is not actually deleted. Apparently yes is deleted, but if you re-upgrade really does nothing.

Please make this plugin work! Unable to delete or reorder.


Can I use this plugin for post categories. I don’t have and don’t want to use ecommerce.

I do have lots of categoreis and sub-categories and need this kind of plugin to help me manage it.

I would like a refund. This plugin simply does not work. The GUI looks like 4yr olds eating glue.

LOL good idea but this looks like crap would never buy :D


Can I get trail plan for the following plugin. I want to make sure that this plugin suits my needs. So, kindly provide me free trail for at least 3 days.

Also, can you provide the demo link for the following plugin?


Santhosh H N