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Looks useful…I sent an email via your profile page with some questions. You can respond by email, or here, but please make it soon! :)

Yes we received your email. The answer is a mix of yes and no. For what you need it for, it works but it won’t be “one” order, it will be many orders. The idea of this extension is so that they don’t pay shipping over and over. So if on Monday they want items A, B and D but not C. They pay shipping once, if on Wednesday they decided to order C, they order again and they can “skip” shipping charges by using this plugin. Do you understand?

The reason why you can’t “modify” an order is because once it’s paid, it’s paid. To modify it, you will not know what has been paid etc.

I understand complete, now that I think about it, your answer seems obvious! Thank you so much for your explanation. I guess I won’t be buying this plugin, but I’ve got my eye on a few of your other plugins, so hope is not lost ;)


live preview is inop



You need to click on “Remove Frame” on the top left.

This plugin seems very interesting. But for this plugin to be useful, at least for us, it should calculate what the additional shipping would be, using the same shipping method as in the previous order. Adding fixed fees or fees based on a percentage, will most often not help the customer save money, if the previous shipping is based on weight and volume (which I’m guessing many, if not most, woocommerce stores actually utilize). If this feature is implemented, then you can count me in as a customer. Thanks!

It does make sense however, we are not developing further on this plugin as sales do not justify the resources spent. If you would like to customise it for your use, you can pay and we can work on it. Please email us on

Understood. Will keep your offer in mind. Thanks.

Wow great plugin, its so common for people to “forget” to add items to their order I cannot believe it doesnt have a ton of sales! But just a few question to make sure I understand this plugin.

1. First, how does this plugin check to see if there has been an order placed by the user? Is it by Billing Address for Guess and Username for login users?

2. Secondly I have this plugin I use for my shipping rates called: “Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce”, would this plugin conflict with that plugin on my normal shipping rates for orders?

3. Lastly I need/want this plugin to work like this.

Say a customer places an order, and the order appears in the backend as “Pending” (havnt shipped yet) but has already paid for shipping on that order. Than he/she forgets to add an item, and wants to add to the order they just placed because its still “Pending” (hasnt shipped) and does not want to be charged again for shipping. Do they just proceed through the shopping process like before to add the item they want to the previous order for “Add to Previous Order” option on the cart page as a radio button to appear? Also selecting the “Add to Previous Order” option should bypass the normal shipping charge and five them free shipping correct? Im just a little confused why you have added rates to an option that should be free if they are trying to add to the previous non shipped order.

Also will the option for adding to the previous order only will appear if their order is “Pending” correct?

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest. Sales has not been so great for this plugin, you are right but we are using it and it’s amazing how many mistakes and costs it’s saved us.

1. It checks the username (which is based on email address), we decided to keep the billing and shipping address separate as we felt that there could be customers who are repeating the order but shipping elsewhere.

2. We have Table Rates shipping (the official WooThemes plugin) and we have not yet come across any bugs. However, given the number of sales, bugs are expected as the sales grow. If you have an issue with a plugin, and we investigate it and see it’s our plugin causing the issue, we will obviously fix it. If however, it is not our fault and there is an issue with a 3rd party plugin that has not been coded properly, then we can’t fix it, unless of course you put through premium support.

3. You can choose what status qualifies for an “Add To Previous Order” shipping method, for instance if any orders are “Completed” and “Processing” then you can set that the shipping method won’t be displayed i.e. the customer can’t add a previous order.

Do you understand now or do you have any more questions? We are happy to help.

Thank you for your reply, sorry about the long delay.

Sounds great, actually just today I had a customer that forgot to add something to the cart and wants it added.

Just to clarify, if there is a “processing” order does the option get displayed for all people, or only for those with orders pending?

Also where is this option displayed on? The cart or checkout page? I guess for guests the option wouldnt appear until they input their email address?

Thanks! Going to purchase if those questions are answered.

It looks like you’ve already purchased our plugin, we will be investigating the bug you reported as well. Thanks for the purchase!

ok I purchased the plugin but there is an issue.

I want the option “Add To Previous Order(Free) to only show when their order is “Processing”, so I selected that in the options (I think I do but its a drop down that just highlights the word “Processing” so I do not know if its actually being applied).

Anyway, I have other orders that are :Processing” on my backend, but it gives me the option to still select “Add To Previous Order” even when it is not my order? Obviously I do not want this option to always show and give people free shipping every time. If you could look into this and fix this than this plugin would be awesome!

Thank you.

Please fill in our debug form on our website and we will investigate this, much thanks for reporting this.


I have sent you an email on your website. Have you received it?

Thank you.

Make sure you submit the support form found under the Support tab.

So can I use this plug in to add products to an already existing order ???

So a user completes and pays for something then a month later I want to sell them something else (an upgrade maybe) as part of that original order, will the new item get added to the original order ID ???

Correct. It won’t add to the existing order. It just allows them to skip paying for shipping. It will create a new order ID

Hi my live site is now running your plugin but I have the same issue as the person above: I have selected “Processing” and yet it is giving free shipping to everyone. Please be quick with your attention to this matter.

Sorry for the delay in response. Have you filled in our support form?

Any plans to update this?

We have a plan to improve and update all our plugins in order of priority. We have just finished revamping POS and our Order Status & Actions manager, we are now working on CRM.

can this recalculate shipping as if both orders were one ? i mean we ship based on the total order weight

so if order 1 shippig is 200 and order 2 ( if placed seprately ) shipping is 300

can the new shipping shown be based on the fact if all products were ordered together ?

No, this simply states to the customer if they already have a ‘pending’ (or whatever status) order in the system, you can add the current order to it – not paying shipping twice.


Experiencing the same problem as a number of users. Went to your website to fill out the Bug Report but there is no form to fill out. The plug-in is allowing users to select “add to previous order” even if a “processing” order does not exist. Therefore we are losing money on shipping. Please advise.

Thanks much,

Sorry about that, but if you go to bugs – you should read the text and there is a link to the form.

Is this plugin multisite compatible?

We have not tested on multi site.

awesome mate . good luck

It will Works with the actual versions of wordpress and woocommerce?

Yes, it is like an extension of other WooCommerce platforms.

Hi, I bought the plugin but I get an error in the admin : “Warning: Declaration of WC_Update_Previous_Order_Shipping_Method::calculate_shipping($package) should be compatible with WC_Shipping_Method::calculate_shipping($package = Array) in /wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-6607970-woocommerce-add-to-previous-order/woocommerce_update_previous_order_shipping_2.php on line 30”

I use the last version of Woocommerce. Thank you for your help

Sorry to hear this. Can you please fill in our support form so we can look into this for you?

hi, is the plugin still in development? cause i can see the last update is way too old, is it compatible with woocommerce 3,x?

It should work regardless.

I’m getting the following error: Warning: Declaration of WC_Update_Previous_Order_Shipping_Method::calculate_shipping($package) should be compatible with WC_Shipping_Method::calculate_shipping($package = Array) in /home/kyzcreig/public_html/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-6607970-woocommerce-add-to-previous-order/woocommerce_update_previous_order_shipping_2.php on line 30

Yes it’s a basic plugin that requires little maintenance. Did you fill in our support form because I cannot find your ticket?

I did, what information can I give you for you to find my ticket.

I haven’t heard back for several days.

We found your ticket. An agent will reply to you within 6 to 12 hours.

Hi, Does this plugin just show the message ” Add To Previous Order” if they have a previous order that is not “completed” status?

Hello? You offered to refund straight away and I replied with a YES. Now 5 days and nothing…

You need to request a refund from Envato so they can approve it. Sorry about the confusion.

This plugin is not working. Please refund money or fix plugin. Add to sale is showing to all customers.

Sorry about that, can you please give me your support ID so I can look into this for you?

Just to confirm. “Add to previous order” is showing new customers too. Even with settings made to only appear if a customer has a onhold, pending payment or processing order currently in the orders lists. #5974 request

Thank you for reporting this, we are working on this now and we hope to push a new update within the next week.

waste of money!!! when i choose to charge 0 for adding to prossing order its only add a free shipping to everyone and its not add the product to the order. just make a new order with free shipping. i’ll open disput to envato

Sorry to hear that, can you please fill in our support form so we can fix this issue as we are not happy that you are not happy.

what is the support form link?