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I have few questions about this plugin. Is it possible to see demo in action? Is it possible to check more than one order state? What about mentioned above hiding option when conditions to display are not satisfied?

Sorry, we have no demo and there is multiple status options.

is it possible to add a new order to previous order? I want to combine previous order with new order.

I would like to combine successive orders placed by the same customer? How can I combine or consolidate the multiple successive orders??

No this plugin does not work with our Point of Sale plugin.

You would have to look into custom solution.

Just submitted a support ticket. Waiting on you urgent response. Thanks!

We are looking at our ticket in order of submission. Please be patient with us.

I want to cancel the purchase.

The plugin announces “Add To Previous Order” and is just another shipping method.

Add is ADD (put together with another order), and it is not creating another separate order without shipping method.

The title “Add To Previous Order” means that the plug-in fuses the current order with any other order (On Hold, Pending, etc.) configured in the plugin settings.

This is not like this. The only thing that the plugin does is generate a new order with shipping method labeled “Add To Previous Order”

The same can be done with a Woocommerce kernel option by changing the “name of the shipping method” Example, local pickup change by Add To Previous Order.

Even, there is something worse in this plugin;

When there is no previous order, the method is visible, it is not hidden, this means that when the buyer executes the first order, it gives the option to “Add To Previous Order” something very ridiculous, since there is no “Previous Order. “

Explain how we canceled the purchase and recover my money, because the plugin is not worth it. Excuse me for being so hard with my expressions, but I do not like to buy something that does not work for what was announced.

Saludos. Atentamente, Marcelo

We apologise for this, our plugin works for some users but clearly not for you and we are going to look into why.