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Hi – pre sale question, is it possible to make the cross sell items add to cart automaticly instead of the user having to close go to the actual product? If i showcase 3 cross sell products the user should be able to add all quickly

This cross sell products using WooCommerce code for loop product. so you can use filter for changing buttons.

Your Live Preview is not working. And is there any update for new WooCommerce version?

WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility will be next week.


Ryderz Purchased

Hi guys, as per I’m looking for version 1.1.2 whereas the download link here gives me 1.0.6.

Can you please provide a link?

Thanks, SEb.

Please send me an email on

Hi there

we just purchased this plugin but it does not work well. Please refund it.

Transaction ID 0KV46833B1846920W

Hello, please ask to refund.

Will this plugin work with WC3.0?

Not, yet, Update will be soon.

Hi, I’ve installed the plugin and configured it. Unfortunately it doesn’t show the popup after adding item to cart.

Is there anything else I should do to get this working?


I have checked and the popup is not showing when related products are on. Which I’d like to have. Is there any special option for that?

Hello, there is issue with related products. Update will be soon, today or tomorrow.

Hello… We’ve just buy this plugin but not working at all !!! My webmaster says that the div ID=cart-popup is already use by “woocommerce-upload-files” plugin

Sorry, but i dont know “woocommerce-uploads-files” plugin. But your webmaster can change div id in plugin code.

With this plugin, do I have the option to add my own text to the popup such as saying “this product is suitable for people under x age, have you looked at x product for adults?”

Sorry, but plugin display only product added into cart.

Hi, when will be update for issue with the related products?

Hello, update is ready, waiting for review.

Hi, it will be nice to add the option to change position of button ( view cart, continue shopping, checkout).

Also add the total number of product and total amount on the cart.


Hello, in new update is ordered via array:

$buttons_config = array( ‘cart’, ‘checkout’, ‘continue’ ); $buttons_config = apply_filters( ‘woo_add_to_cart_buttons’, $buttons_config );

with filter woo_add_to_cart_buttons, you can change buttons positions.


I’ve got this message: Fatal error: Call to a member function get_id() on a non-object in /var/www/admin/data/www/ on line 38

Here’s the screenshot —

Could you please help me with this issue.


mansurik Purchased

Hi, 9 days have passed since my request regarding the issue and there’s no information about an update. We all waiting for update. When do you plan to release it?

Hello, update is ready, waiting for review.


mansurik Purchased


Thanks for update!

Now cross-selling works great but the “Add to cart” looks like a links not as a buttons. How ca I fix it?

And the second question — how I can translate the buttons “Add to cart” sign?

Here’s the screenshot —

WooCommerce Add to Cart Popup Plugin is not working on our website. Please resolved the issue.

Front-End Url-

Admin Details-

Url- Username- admin Password- 123456

Hello, its theme issue. WooCommerce using class added_to_cart and your theme class added. Change jQuery(‘body’).on(‘added_to_cart’,function() { in public.js file on line 9 to jQuery(‘body’).on(‘added’,function() {