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I have product with multiple variations , so when i add a second product with many variations then the pop up takes all screen and shows so ugly , can i disable and show them more compact or not show them at all? also in crosselling when i enable the scroll down of the webpage brokes and i cannot move through the admin panel

Hi, please send me an email with sreen on


SSJB_7 Purchased

any news?

Hi, i dont get email from you. Can you try eamil?


Great plugin, but maybe a bug:

At the popup, when click to “Show Product” it doesn’t open/link to the actual product that is listed there as cross saling products, instead it opens and the url is linked to the very same product from which the popup was opened from which add to cart was pressed.

It works if I click to the name of the product, it correctly opens the cross-selling product, but under it, “Show Product” button is not good. I can send you the URL if necessary, but please provide an e-mail address, I don’t want it to be public yet.

(It would’nt matter if when add to cart is setup instead of Show Product I could use combined products or I could choose how many products to add to cart from a particular cross-selling product)

Nevermind, I soldved it with banner, so it doesn’t matter anymore. However: “disable add to cart popup” doesn’t work if checked at combined product (I checked also parent and child products). Thanks!

Thank you for info, i will check this in update.

Just purchased and setup up the plugin, really like it, but the custom cross sell items that we have setup are not working. Could someone please assist? Thanks

Hi, this week will be update.

I got a problem with a code thats above all divs. How to delete?? see picture.

Hi, do you have latest version of plugin?

Yes i do

Please check today update.

Does your plugin support a multisite installation? Best Regards, Bjarke NB: I have bought it, but can´t install it on my Multisite

Hi, this demo is on multisite. But, isnt site wide active.

Thanks, everything is fine now!

Hi, im having two issues with the plugin.

1) Firstly i have a plugin called TM Global Extra Product Options installed on my site for extra options however when i activate your plugins an place a order it does not bring the options selected for that plugin on to that order. So the cart, checkout or woocommerce orders view no longer show the options.

2) Secondly on the popup the titles say the word “attribute_height” instead of just the word “Height”

Kind Regards


1) deactive single product ajax button setting, maybe this is not working together with plugin 2) i will check it

Hi! i would like to buy Add to cart popup.

I would like to know if it is possible to have the plugin for multilingual site, if it is possible when you add a product the popup will appear for few seconds and if it is possible the cart to be in menu – sticky menu.

Hi, plugin working on multisite, demo is multisite too. But i dont understand, what you think with sticky menu. Plugin only create popup, when product is added to cart.

Hi, I need an add to cart plugin that work exactly as the link below click on a product then click add to cart, you will see a pop up added to cart and the same information, style, color and loading animation while adding to cart . i have the same exact theme for my wp . Let me know if you have any similar plugin who can do it.


Hello, you can try my plugin on this demo


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Hi Musilda.

Got a few improvements for this lovely plugin!

- Possible to show (tax) in a seperat line, just like checkout. - Shipping Cost - “Continue shopping” within the same html tag as “checkout/cart”. Otherwise position css needs to be used - Possible to adjust the quantities dynamically inside the popup.

Let me know, if any of these will go into consideration for further improving this plugin, and time estimate. :-)


Sorry, but not now. Update will be next month.

Hi, I have some difficulties to use the plugin, the ajax button doesn’t work and the diable option also. would you please contact me to test some corrections ? thanks regards,

It seems that I have the 1.0.6 version…

Hello, do you have 1.0.6 version in download package?

yep the php version :
  • Plugin Name: WooCommerce Cart Popup * Plugin URI: * Description: WooCommerce Cart PopUp With Cross Selling Products * Version: 1.0.6 * Author: Vladislav Musílek * Author URI: * Text Domain: woocommerce-cart-popup

I’d like to add an “Add to Cart” button next to the “Show Product” button in the cart pop over under the related items. Can you help me?

Plugin dont support this feature.

I have tried downloading from two different browsers without success. The plugin throws the error that the plugin is not a valid plugin.

Hello, please, send me an email –, i will send you package.

I need to have the “Add To Cart” button in the popup. Can you give easy instructions here for how to do this?

I have the number 16331 showing up in the top left corner of the pop up window when a product is added to the cart. Do you know why?

Its looks like issue from old plugin version. Do you have new version,

I installed new version and its fixed thanks

Hi, I have an issue with the disable add to cart, in fact, it’s not working. I have the 1.1.1 version. (I saw 1.1.2 ?) Moreover, When I add a cross sell product the cart is only showing the item added. Not customer friendly. Do you have any idea ? Thanks ;)

Hi, please send me an email on

Hi, i just installed your product, but the popup only shows when i add a product with no variations. I have a lot of products with variations, if i select variations and then press add to cart the screen darkens and nothing happens. Can you help please?

Solved by email.

The “Show Product” button under the upselling or cross selling item inside the pop up takes the user back to the product they were adding to the cart, NOT the cross selling item! Please fix asap.

Thank you!!


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I still haven’t seen an update from 1.1.1 ? “Show Product” button under the upselling or cross selling item inside the pop up still takes the user back to the product they were adding to the cart, not the cross sell. Please update thank you


skeep575 Purchased

Any updates please?


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Nice plugin, thank you


Your demo is not working, can you help?

Hello, demo is down for now. Next week will be again online.