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Pre sales Question. Can this be turned off on the single product page as it reloads and then the modal pops up?

Can it display cart total when an item is added? i.e. show the other items already added?

Also does it update the built in navigation cart number of items?



Hello, plugin showing only last added item, with defined cross sell products, not cart content.

Hi, Pre sales Question:- Is the ajax will be applied on product detail page add to cart button by using this plugin ?


Yes, it is.


Neo3 Purchased

Hello, I have a question for you. I would like to create a new button on my page that will “add to cart” a specific numbered product (ID). If I click on this button (I copied the add to cart button link from product page) nothing happens. No message that it is added to cart on top of site (used to be before installing your plugin) and also no popup. I owuld like to have your popup working for that button. Is that possible? Many thanks.

Hello, presale question; does your plugin support electro theme ? Thanks

Hello, i am not sure. If will not, i will refund your money without problems. Or, send me an e-mail on and we will test theme compatibility


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Some styling questions please :

1/ Item section is touching popup border How to add padding on left and right of item section :

2/ There is an empty field at the end, how to remove ?

3/ The top right red cross is not well integrated with the them. Can we just remove it ?

Thanks a lot, Vince


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any update ?


rdshop Purchased

hello ?

Hello, you can add custom style in your theme. With css you can hide empty cell and red cross.

Can i add a custom message in the Pop up? if yes, can i use shortcodes?

sorry, but this is not possible.


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Plugin does not work at all for me. Add to cart button does nothing.

Hello, can you contact me on

Couldn’t make it work with Flatsome … after add to cart click nothing happen , just spinning …


Hi there. Is it possible to get this to only work on sertian product catergories ?

Hello, categories not, but you can disable popup for specfic products.

Hi, I like your solution but when added to cart button is pressed on prdouct detail page the popup shows the information twice! How can I makee it so it does not appear double?

Its weird, can you send me link on to your site on ma email


I just purchased your WooCommerce Add To Cart PopUp.

I was able to translate the plugin to Finnish using POEdit, but I’m unable to translate the “Add to cart” -button on the popup. How can I translate it?

Hello, i am ill, i will be back after weekend, sorry.I will fix it.

Hello, I think this plugin is exactly what I look for but as the demo is not of a live store I am pretty worried and would like to ask: 1.If there is a chance to test it somehow or if there is 1-day-money-back or smth. I also have one question about editing – 2. We offer a gift on 20 spend, 40 spend and free shipping on 60 – is there an option to make a progress bar for all? 3. Also can the text “Related” over suggested products be changed to something different and 4. Can it be different for every category? Thank you for your time, looking forward to buying this goodie :) P.S. 5. I just saw someone didnt get it to work on Flatsome, is this fixed?

Musilda, will you ever put the effort to answer, it has been a week and I am waiting.

Hello, i am ill, i will be back after weekend, sorry.

Hi, my customer needs only confirmation showing that the product is successfully added to cart and OK button to close the ajax popup. Is this possible without having to display other buttons such as View Cart or Checkout?

Hello, you can disable buttons and related products.


please send me a refund as your plugin dies not work as I expected. Thanks in advance

Hello, ask for refund via CodeCanyon.

When WPBakery is enabled the pop-up is repeating itself. Is there an easy solution for this problem?

Solved – updating to verson 5.5 resolved the issue.

Hello Musilda,

Plugin wont show my customly defined cross sell products in the add to cart pop up even though this is the option I have chosen and I have set custom defined products. I am using the latest flatsome and woocommerce. Why is this happening?

Best regards, Alex

Solved: I did not click “active”