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Hi, your plugin is not compatible with our theme. We’d like to request for a refund. Thank you.

Please ask to refund request and i will aprove.

Hello, I just installed the plugin, but it look like some parts are not working fine. When ajax add to cart is activated, the popup doesn’t display anymore and the items are not added to cart. since the saving of settings always return a 500 error and there is a print_r of data in the style tab, maybe there is a problem with the version of plugin I got.

Hi! Does your woocommerce add to cart popup plugin have an option that when an item is added to the cart (when popup triggers) that you can embed or add links (or even custom HTML) to add “recommended products”. We basically have a few products that when you add them to the cart – we want a popup to say “You may also want this for 25% off…” – Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello, plugin allows define own cross sell products for each product and you can change title text.

Does your plugin work with grouped products? thank you

Hello, not working.

Do you have a trial version for testing purposes. I do not want to purchase this unless it works with my site. I am happy to pay for it, but I need to know it will work on my site.

Please contact me on


I installed your plugin on my staging site but I can’t get it to work. I’ve tried it both with and without AJAX. Are you able to see why it doesn’t work? Thank you

Link to shop:

Hi, i see different plugin on your site.

Yes I had another developer look at it and it was determined that your plugin did not work with our theme so we used another plugin. I have requested a refund, thanks.

Hi I try you plugin but don’t work with Cristiano Theme, please make a refund :/


Hi, your plugin is not compatible with the theme I use. Please refund. Thank you


Hi, does this plugin support Pinpoint booking system (Woocommerce option)?

Hello, plugin wasnt tested with this system, so i dont know.

I have this error displaying at the top of the “STYLING” tab. Styling array(56) { [“cart-popup-active”]=> string(3) “yes” [“related-addtocart”]=> string(3) “yes” [“cross-selling-active”]=> string(3) “yes” [“cross-selling-title”]=> string(25) “Customers also purchased:” [“cross-selling-type”]=> string(7) “related” [“banner-before-product-image”]=> string(83) “” [“banner-before-product-link”]=> string(0) ”” [“banner-after-product-image”]=> string(0) ”” [“banner-after-product-link”]=> string(0) ”” [“display-view-cart-button”]=> string(3) “yes” [“view-cart-button-text”]=> string(9) “View Cart” [“display-checkout-button”]=> string(3) “yes” [“checkout-button-text”]=> string(8) “Checkout” [“display-continue-shopping-button”]=> string(3) “yes” [“continue-shopping-button-text”]=> string(17) “Continue shopping” [“added-item-text”]=> string(0) ”” [“display-on”]=> string(4) “both” [“disable-cat”]=> string(0) ”” [“decimals”]=> string(0) ”” [“product-background-color”]=> string(7) ”#2d4638” [“cross-selling-background-color”]=> string(7) ”#5ba655” [“custom-css-code”]=> string(128) ” ” [“view-cart-background-color”]=> string(7) ”#5ba655” [“view-cart-padding-top”]=> string(0) ”” [“view-cart-padding-right”]=> string(0) ”” [“view-cart-padding-bottom”]=> string(0) ”” [“view-cart-padding-left”]=> string(0) ”” [“view-cart-border-color”]=> string(7) ”#5ba655” [“view-cart-border-width”]=> string(0) ”” [“view-cart-border-radius”]=> string(0) ”” [“view-cart-font-color”]=> string(7) ”#ffffff” [“view-cart-font-size”]=> string(0) ”” [“view-cart-line-height”]=> string(0) ”” [“display-checkout-background-color”]=> string(7) ”#2d4638” [“display-checkout-padding-top”]=> string(0) ”” [“display-checkout-padding-right”]=> string(0) ”” [“display-checkout-padding-bottom”]=> string(0) ”” [“display-checkout-padding-left”]=> string(0) ”” [“display-checkout-border-color”]=> string(7) ”#2d4638” [“display-checkout-border-width”]=> string(0) ”” [“display-checkout-border-radius”]=> string(0) ”” [“display-checkout-font-color”]=> string(7) ”#ffffff” [“display-checkout-font-size”]=> string(0) ”” [“display-checkout-line-height”]=> string(0) ”” [“continue-shopping-background-color”]=> string(7) ”#5ba655” [“continue-shopping-padding-top”]=> string(0) ”” [“continue-shopping-padding-right”]=> string(0) ”” [“continue-shopping-padding-bottom”]=> string(0) ”” [“continue-shopping-padding-left”]=> string(0) ”” [“continue-shopping-border-color”]=> string(7) ”#5ba655” [“continue-shopping-border-width”]=> string(0) ”” [“continue-shopping-border-radius”]=> string(0) ”” [“continue-shopping-font-color”]=> string(7) ”#ffffff” [“continue-shopping-font-size”]=> string(0) ”” [“continue-shopping-line-height”]=> string(0) ”” [“banner-before-product-active”]=> string(3) “yes” }

Id like to use this plugin. I have a small issue above. Do you offer support or should I buy something else?

Hello, contact me on

Hi! I just now updated from 1.2.2 to 1.2.4.

After the update the popup is not shown any more. I get this javascript error in the console: TypeError: jQuery(...).popup is not a function

You can test it on

Please help.

Hi i just bought your plugin, and it don’t seem to work. Nothing happens when i put the something in the cart. I have checked off everything in the admin. kind regards

Hello, this is theme issue. Buttons havent added_to_cart after click on Add tu cart button.

Sorry, my mistake, can you send me a link to your page?

Will this work if I have a buy now button on a landing page instead of a product or archive page?

Yes, it will be work.


HeWoUG Purchased

Hello, I have just installed the plugin, but a can’t get it to work. (Disabled the < Add to cart behaviour – Redirect to the cart page after successful addition and – AJAX add to cart buttons on archives >), but still nothing happens. I get this error in console:

(index):234 Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).popup is not a function at Object.success ((index):234) at i (jquery.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js:2) at y (jquery.js:4) at XMLHttpRequest.c (jquery.js:4)

The theme installed: Ignition Version: 1.200.32 By Thrive Themes

Can this be fixed?

Hello, yes, this will be fixed in new update.

Any idea when the next update (witch will fix the jquery console error) will be released ?

Hello, i buy the plugin, i installed it but is not working, the plugin is on a test version… what information you need for support this ?

i have latest version of wp and woocommerce, and i use the kuteshop plugin

thanks for help

Hello, please contact me on, i wiil fix this issue.

Hello, just bought your Plug-In and it’s not working on my Shop. What can I do? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for help


Hello, I just bought your plugin and it doesn’t work. I use the avada theme and woocommerce.

I would like a refund or instructions to make it work.

Thank you, António

Hello, for refund is some way, but i dont now exactlly how to ask.


napalobv Purchased

Hi, i just bought the item and i have the same issue as wearkamikaze with kallyas theme. Popup isn’t working in this template. Can you have a look why it isn’t working. All settings have been done. Thank you,



napalobv Purchased

If you can’t solve it, then please refund.

Hello, i am in hospital now, please ask Codecanyon to refund.