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Great job, good luck! :)

Thanks :)

Next big thing for Woocommerce :)

Thank you :)

I hope I can use this tool soon.

Can we use the plugin to AB split testing on different pricing of a product? I thought that would add tremendous value to the plugin. If not currently available, can you add it in an update soon?

Hello, It does work with product variations.

Thank you.

you mean we can already set different prices for a product to AB test using the plugin?

Sorry misunderstood you at first point. No you can’t at the moment, i will add this feature on next version.

You can test the product price also?

Sorry, no you can’t. I will consider this feature on next version. Thank you.

Can the duplicate product be hidden from Google? It may make duplicate issues regarding SEO

Yes it is hidden, plugin always shows original version if robot is browsing website.

Wow! This is huge! I am amazed it took this long for someone for someone to come out with this! Congrats on making it :-) This should be a no brainer for anyone using woo commerce. You should do any promotions you can do for this because once people see that this is available they should buy it! I also vote to add the pricing a/b testing too because that is actually what we are testing right now on our site. All the best with sales!

Thank you ;)

Pricing test is coming up :)

This is probably a lot more complicated, but I’d like to be able to do a/b testing for different layouts/templates. Do you see any possibility of adding this in the future?

Hi, I will check possibilities to achieve something similar on next version. Thank you.

autoupdate available? do some advertisement and sell more license.

good idea

Is this compatible with the latest version of Woocommerce? Latest Woocommerce is 2.4.6 and this says it’s only compatible to 2.3.x

I just purchased, but then noticed it may not be up to date.

Please advise since I don’t want your plugin to break my site!

Is this plugin still active? I would really like to see price testing on this.

Hi is this plugin active and updated? Can you split test product pricing?

I would buy this if it could split test pricing. Is it possible? Or will you add this feature soon?

What a shame that the author, over a year ago, stated he would implement price testing and he never made it happen. Left A LOT of money on the table, including a purchase from me.

Any updates on price testing? I’m ready to buy once you do.

It’s possible to create a split test price with the same URL? How does the split test works in your plugin?

luckskywaljer – what do you reckon? He’s not giving support anymore and last update was feb 2015, 2,5 years ago.

This plugin is dead and should remove.