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Its very useful! :)

Hi there,

Just a quick pre-sales question if I may—does this plugin support recurring billing in 2 checkout? If not, would it be possible for you to make the necessary customization?

Kind regards Francois Wessels

i Francois, Thanks for the question. Actually this plugin is to integrate the 2Checkout payment gateway with the woocommerce checkout, so that people can make payment at your woocommerce site with 2Checkout and you can also receive at your 2Checkout account.

If you need to receive recurring payment then it will require custom development at both before payment and also into the integration of 2checkout. Please email us to to discuss the development quote. Please send us your site info and detailed process where you want to integrate this payment gateway, etc.

I have an error when trying to pay

>> SyntaxError: JSON Parse error: Unrecognized token ’<’

Hi Alex, please submit at Ticket at with your site access info and the issue details.

You can also email us your issue details along with the site access info to

does it support inline payment? will it work with woocommerce subscriptions plugin?

Actually, it works with woocommerce checkout to receive the payment at your 2Checkout account. So, its up to you what other process do you have at your site.

Hi it doesnt work i receive this error (result“)

Please submit your site access info in a ticket at for immediate help.


I want to use “WooCommerce Subscriptions” with 2Checkout API onsite checkout.

Does this plugin support “WooCommerce Subscriptions” full features?


Actually, this plugin works at the Checkout of woocommerce and provides the facility to the customers to buy through 2Cheeckout. So, it does not have any dependency or relation with any other 3rd party plugin.

Thanks, so will it process recurring payments and revoke access on failed payment in the following months?

Those process are Not a part of the Payment gateway. Those process are handled by your site features.

Hi, does your plugin support WooCommerce 2.6.4 ?

The pay by PayPal which is enabled in 2Checkout is not coming up as an option after we installed the plugin, please respond to my support ticket I submitted. URGENT!

Replied to your ticket. Paypal is not a part of our plugin. It is separate.

Hey, i got your plugin and i can’t make it work.

I configured everything on 2checkout side as well as in the plugin settings, and i get : Bad request – parameter error

Can you help me get this working?

Surely we can help you. Please submit a Ticket at with your issue details.

does this fully support 2checkout Standard?

i do not want to use inline


Please check the DEMO and Documentation to confirm yourself. This plugin enables the 2checkout payment gateway for the woocommerce at a site.

Hello, I would like to get recent updates regarding this plugin. Is this plugin compatible with latest Wordpress and Woocommerce? I would really appreciate response from your team.

Yes. And there is a dedicated support team for this item whom you can reach at in case you need any help.

Does this plugin support Subscriptions?

This plugin is a Payment gateway, that is it enables your woocommerce site to take payment through 2Checkout.

For subscriptions process you need a different subscription plugin for woocommerce.

is this plugin functional right now?


amineCH Purchased

How can I show months as numbers on the dropdown instead of names ? this will make checkout smoother..

You need to modify in your checkout form.


amineCH Purchased

Btw, you should mention in the plugin name title that it’s an “Inline checkout” to increase your plugin sales. That’s what most people are looking for

Thank you so much for the suggestion, we shall add it to the TAG for this item.

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