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hi, thanks for all your previous replies. I have another question:

I need to change the background color of disabled button. Say if a button is clicked, the others become inactive or disabled, correct? I was able to change the color of active button using:

a.button.woo-active{ background-color:#1E90FF !important; }

But I can’t change the background color of others inactive buttons. Please help with the CSS code.


That didn’t seem to work. I have latest version 1.0.3. Please help again! thanks

I have checked your staging site. Drop me the URL from my profile page and send me your current CSS rules. Thanks!

Solved in private message. Thanks! :)

Hi, first of all great Plugin!

Is there any known error about the compatibility with WooCommerce Composite Products. Because they are not working together.

Hey, the problem is that the parent form misses the class “variations_form”. That is a standard class rendered by WooCommerce. Looks like the composite plugin removes and replaces that.

I will try to come back with a solution: I can provide an option where you will be able to set the class of the parent form. Please give me some days to do that.

Awesome. Thank you very much!

Meanwhile the plugin has updated with a new option where you are able to set your own class. Had you got the chance to try it? Let me know if you have any questions!

I have created a product with many variations and it appears to break the WooCombinator functionality. Example of non-working product:

Working product on the same store:

Hey! Thanks for purchasing! This is a default WooCommerce behaviour: for too many variations (defaults to 30) WooCombinator checks for validity / availability only when all options are selected. Please refer to this comment and fix:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Awesome, I realized it affected the default drop downs as well right after I posted. Same as the original poster, looked for awhile and never found that snippet. Works perfectly. Thanks so much.

Hi unfortunately it isn´t working with the new Woocommerce 3.0

Hi, I have tested and it works. Drop me an URL and I will check what’s going on.

Hello, your plugin looks amazing! Will it work with the WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin to achieve the look and feel that your plugin offers, with the seemingly endless options and features of their plugin? Thank you kindly.

Hello, thank you! To be honest I don’t think so because that plugin alters the product page elements. WooCombinator works with the dropdown elements generated by WooCommerce.

Have a nice day!

Hello - Can the buttons be set for just one product, instead of globally? Thanks, John


No, the plugin will be applied to all products which has options.


Thanks you—Great plugin by the way! :)

Ciao, volevo un info prima di acquistare il plugin. ho acquistato il tema Entrada e volevo sapere se questo plugin è compatibile con il tema indicato. puoi vedere il tema al seguente link. in attesa di riscontro porgo cordiali saluti.

Uffa… will you make any updates?

It is not something which can be “fixed”, it is not the deficiency of the WooCombinator plugin.

The product you have linked is not a standard variable product (see the demo page, you can see the products with selectable options there – that is the standard WooCommerce variable product). Maybe you are using other 3rd party plugins or theme functions, I can’t see product variation options on that page.

WooCombinator works with the default, standard WooCommerce variable products.

Actually the variables are there but the theme does not show. This is the problem I’m experiencing with this theme :(


uep2381 Purchased


I bought your PlugIn today and I like it very much … however I have got a quite big problem as it is not working for me.

I have about 50 Variations and it is not greying out the ones which are not available …

For example if you select Double then the 23×23 and the 50×50 should be unavailable but they are still available …?!

Another Example Double 10×15 should also be unavailable.

I hope you can help me out here.

Thanks a lot.


uep2381 Purchased

Right after posting I saw the solution a couple of comments above me. Thank you very much problem solved!


Glad you are found that comment :) Let me know if you have any other questions! Have a nice day!


Hey there! I like your variable product attributes plugin and want to buy it, however had one question.

On selecting a different color variation on product page, instead of just changing the image on the page, can we redirect visitor to that color product page with all the images. This makes product / inventory management a lot easier.

Check this site for example:

On choosing different color it actually redirects visitor to that page. Which is perfect!

Please advise.



You can not solve it with WooCombinator alone, this plugin is not intended to do that. Maybe you can combine with other plugins. You are good to go until some other 3rd party plugin does not change how the variations works. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hello. I just purchased WooCombinator and so far, so good. However, I am trying to enable functionality whereby the ‘Add to Cart’ button is disabled and the price is not visible until all 4 variation options are selected by the shopper, just like your preview product pages.

I am using Jupiter Theme and I am not sure if it is overriding the button functionality.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This is the page, We are still building the shop.

Can you please try your site with some other, default theme? Are you experiencing the same behaviour?

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