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WooCommerce has patched this, not it works, thank you.

Hi, you mean “now it works”? :) Let me know if not! Thank you!

Yes, sorry, I mean NOW it works! :)

Hi! I’m starting a contact lens store and looking for a plugin for woo commerce. Is it possible to make attributes like this with your plugin:

(Choose left or right eye and different power and so on)

Thanks in advance


WooCombinator works on the top of default WooCommerce variable type product. Basically it replaces the select elements with buttons. These buttons can be styled through CSS rules.

You can create attributes in WooCommerce for you product like (based on your example page) “Power”, “Boxes”, etc but as far as I know you can’t create a form like this (Left – Right checkbox with different attributes, etc) by default – you should use a 3rd party product configurator plugin (but please ask in a WooCommerce expert forum just to be sure) but in this case WooCombinator maybe won’t work (because it is designed to work with the default functionality of WooCommerce).

If you can achieve your product “configuration” page with the default WooCommerce variable product features then you can use WooCombinator plugin to display buttons instead of dropdowns.

Thank you!

It is possible to transfer setting from plugin Visual Attributes – WooCommerce Variable Products to your plugin? I don’t want to set 337 products to new plugin, all atributes is set but some is only text and some have image for color with paterns. My shop is hiere to look I’m used WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator to.


WooCombinator works with the attributes set for the products displaying the text provided for the attribute. Basically it replaces the default dropdown elements with buttons.

If you have turn off 3rd party plugins you will see the default WooCommerce dropdown elements. These will be replaced with buttons if you use WooCombinator. No other configuration or extra setting is needed.

Thank you!

Hi There,

I have just installed your plugin but noticed the greying out of variations that are out of stock doesn’t work, I’m just wondering how you did this in your demo as I have searched for a while now with no luck.

Product in question:

Would appreciate any help you can give.


Hello, thanks for purchasing! You mean when select an option and hide unavailable options?

That is a WooCommerce behavior: if there are too many options (like in your case) WooCommerce will send an AJAX request back to the backend only when all of the options are selected. This way every options is available until you select all of them.

By default this number is limited to 30 variations – if I’m right, and can be overriden by setting the “woocommerce_ajax_variation_threshold” filter – but it needs to be tested as it can cause performance issues on frontend.

This is the same of you disable WooCombinator and check how the dropdowns work. Unavailable options (attributes) still can be selected.

To tweak the setting you can put something like on the top of the functions.php of WP:

function custom_wc_ajax_variation_threshold( $qty, $product ) {
    return 50; // Increase default 30 to 50
add_filter( 'woocommerce_ajax_variation_threshold', 'custom_wc_ajax_variation_threshold', 100, 2 );

Days of searching for a fix for this problem and that filter never showed up once.

Thanks so much. 5*

I am having trouble with the attributes. If there are more than one attribute type, it is running on in a single line and moving to the next line instead of starting the new attribute on the next line. I can send picture if needed but you can see at under the only product listed.

Hi, thanks for purchasing!

I can see only a Coming Soon page on the domain above.

Anyway I think this should be a CSS issue. Based on your template maybe you need to align the CSS rules a little bit. Drop me a message from my profile page if you need more help.

Thank you!


Israel Purchased

If I make, for example, 3 variations of a product and 1 is active and the other are not active, the button selector is placed very far from the left, there is too much distance (see screenshot here:

How can I approach the button to the left, just besides “Color”?

Thank you so much.

Hey, thanks for purchasing!

Looks like the issue can be solved with CSS.

If you drop me a message from my profile with an accessible URL to your site I will help you to write the CSS style rules.


Israel Purchased

Thank you for your quick reply. I have already sent you the url.

This doesn’t work with only one item, as far as I can tell. It leaves it blank? Very confusing, please advise.


It should work if it works with “native” WooCommerce setup. Can you send me a demo URL from my profile page? Thank you!