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hello, can i test on a site? i have some much combination on product Variations

Hey, send me the URL of your site for a preliminary check. Thank you!

Hi. Is is possible to activate this plugin on a product to product basis.

No, other options are not available at the moment to disable the plugin on certain product pages. You can disable only with providing ID of the products.

Thanks. Is there a piece of code I can place in functions.php to block this plugin say on a category or an Attribute value?

Well, no “official” way to do it currently. Maybe you can try setting the option “woocombinator_enable” to false temporarily based on some criterias but to be honest I’m not sure if it would work or not.

Hi. Are there any options of other styles.

The plugin comes with 7 predefined styles but you can write your own CSS rules.

Thanks. Is there a place where we can preview

The demo page showcases one of the styles – you can check the screenshots for the other available color styles.

Hi. Instead of graying out attributes that have no stock can we hide them?

It is possible via CSS rules but in that case the user will have to reset the options if he change his mind.

By graying out the attributes the user has the ability to click on a disabled one. In that case a quick reset will happen automatically. This behavior can be disabled.


Hey, the plugin works on the top of the dropdown elements rendered by WooCommerce – but hidden by the plugin of course.

Attribute options are grayed out if not available in the current combination – which is controlled by Woocombinator.

If it is not available but not grayed out then the number of options can be a reason – by default WooCommerce uses ajax calls to determine availability if the number of options is more than 50. You can find a fix for this in this comment:

Of course this value should be kept at a reasonable value.

Drop me a message if you need more help!

There are a lot of ifs. Can I test it before I buy it? Thank you!

As I can see there is other plugins or the theme itself modifies the default behavior of the attributes (e.g. the color selector for this product), so WooCombinator would not work here.

This is because WooCombinator works with the default dropdown elements rendered and handled by WooCommerce.

Thank you!

We have purchased the WooCombinator plugin for our client. For each product, we have three different option. I thought the plugin would hide or gray-out products options that are out of stock. This does not seem to work. Thanks for your assistance.

I just sent you a private message.

I will check it soon. In the meanwhile can you please drop a message with the user who has purchased the plugin? Because there is no purchase with your username. Thanks!

You have reached the default variation limit where WooCommerce will issue an AJAX call to check if a variation is available or not. This is done because of performance reasons.

You can try the following trick: