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Hello, I have a question before buying your plugin.

I want to make a computer store with customization options, but some of them cost more than the basic configuration.

For the example:

This option would add the price of the variant to the basic price.

Another example: Standard price: 1300 CHF

8giga of ram: +200 CHF by clicking on it

Standard price = 1500 CHF

Hi, thanks for the question.

The plugin itself works with the already created variation options which can be used with variable type of products.

If you create a variable type of product and define your attributes and variation options, prices, etc then WooCommerce will display dropdown elements where you can choose the options from.

For example you can create a “RAM” attribute with the possible values of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, etc and assign different product prices to these. If you have multiple attributes to choose from you have to assign the prices to combinations: so if you have CPU, RAM and SSD options you will have to define the prices based on the values of these 3 attributes.

With this plugin you can change the default dropdowns to buttons to provide a more clear way for users to select the options. The plugin itself adds no other functionality to WooCommerce, so use it only once you have your site set up with the attributes.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


the plugin worked until now very good, but suddenly there is a problem. i have 2 attributes (eigenschaft). the attribute “standard” has only the variation “standard” at “siegelfolie”. until now, when choosing for example “banane”, the attribute (eigenschaft) switched automatically to “frucht” when chosing “standard” at “siegelfolie” the attribute changed automatically to “standard”. now this feature does not work anymore. could you pleas help me here?

thank you, christian


Have you added more attributes to this product, increasing the number of possible variations?

If yes try this solution:

Let me know if it works!

yes, thank you very much! obviously i had that before (i can remember that), but was overwritten through the themes-update. maybe i should use a child-theme… ;)

hello – I purchased the plugin and installed but it’s not rendering the styles on buttons.

Hello, thanks for purchasing. Can you please drop me an URL to your site? You can use the message form on my profile page. Thank you!

The plugin works great, but I need to disable it on all category pages. I only want it to work inside a product page. Can you help me?

Hello, drop me a message from my profile form with an URL to your site, to a category page and a product page and I will check your current setup.

Currently the plugin supports disabling by product IDs but I will check the possibilities.

Thank you!

Just sent.

How can I stop the plugin from rendering disabled variations (with Enable unticked in backend)?

if I set .woocombo-disabled { display: none !important; } after user selects a varition and the page reloads, all non-active varations are hidden.


Please drop me the URL of your site in a message from my profile form with the user who has purchased the item. Thank you!

Hi – my client installed your plugin and is trying to simply turn off the default selectors on their Product Page to present your button options instead.

Can you help us turn off the default drop-down selectors and let me know how it’s done?

Thank you!

Well I have tried it and it should. Drop me a message from my profile form please. I will ask for a screenshot in reply about the content of the css rules box. Thanks!

I can see that you have copied the rules with the pre tags. Please delete the opening <pre> and closing</pre> tags from the CSS rules. You should copy only from .variations until the closing bracket }


Hello, I’m very interested into this plugin.

Is it working also for digital download? For example, in my woocommerce i see fonts, I can see desktop fonts or webfonts. those belongs to two different files, but some people can also buy desktop+digital. Afterwards I have other variables, like users, 1-2-10 etc..

Is the plugin going to work for what i need?

Hello, if you have dropdown elements on your product page where you can select the variation options then yes, it should work. Drop me the URL of your site in a message from my profile form and I will pre-check.

My site is

I would like the buttons as per description in codecanyon, size and just the colout black. Can you gove me the correct coe


First align the size of the buttons and the text with the following code snippet. Add this to the css rules textarea on the settings page of WooCombinator:

.woocommerce .variations a.woocombo-entity {
    line-height: 1.3em;
    letter-spacing: normal;

(watch out when copying from CodeCanyon to not include the <pre> tags).

Drop me a message from my profile form and I will help you to define the other required CSS rules.


Здравствуйте, меня заинтересовал ваш плагин. Скажите пожалуйста: 1) он будет выводить вариации товара на странице товара, когда режим каталога включен? У меня не магазин, а каталог. Мне не нужна кнопка “в корзину” или “купить” или “заказать”. Но я хочу, чтобы вариации отображались всегда и без магазина. 2) Он совместим с работой WCFM от WC Lovers (Store manager for Marketplace and MultiVenders?


Well as far as you are using the standard WooCommerce variation dropdowns and it is not altered by 3rd party plugins or your theme it should work.

Drop me the URL of your site in a direct message from my profile form and I will do a pre-check.

Thank you!

Я бы с удовольствием сбросил вам ссылку, но я работаю над сайтом на локальном сервере…

In that case once you have your site live (or you have some staging environment where I can check) purchase the plugin and check if it is working.

If not then let me know and I will check it. If the plugin is not compatible with your theme then I will approve a refund request.


I have bought this plugin before and asked for a refund earlier.

I have just bought the plugin again and tried it again, because I would like to have the functionality to be able to click also on the disabled fields in the variations, but somehow it doesn’t work. Can you help me out?


Thanks for purchasing again. Change the setting “Disabled CSS class” on the WooCombinator options page to something else than “disabled”. You can use e.g. “disabled-item” or something (without quotes of course).

Your template already defines the disabled class as something which is not clickable. See “Disabled elements fix” in the documentation.

Let me know if it works!

Hello, thanks for the feedback. I will check your site and get back to you. Thanks!

Have you enabled the plugin on its own options page accessible from the sidebar with title “WooCombinator”?

Drop me a message from my profile form please – I will try to find out what’s going on. Thank you!


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cheonmu Purchased

Hi, Is this plugin works with other product addon plugin like WooCommerce Product Add-Ons, WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options?

WooCombinator works with the dropdowns elements generated by WooCommerce: it takes the options and renders the buttons for each option and for each dropdown element while hiding the original dropdowns.

If another plugin modifies the default behavior or the structure of the dropdown elements then WooCombinator may not be able to take the control.

Also if other plugin wants to control the variation logic then it can conflict with WooCombinator.

Once you have your site set up and running drop me a message and I will take a look. However I think it would not work this way (to control only the “standard” attributes) together with the other plugin you have linked.

Let me know if you have any questions!


cheonmu Purchased

Thanks for answering! . Lastly, I am using kind of locally developed woocommerce plugin, when i need to sell product to my country (Korea) . If i have a compatibility problem, is it possbile to request of refund?

If you report a compatibility issue in comments or on my profile page then I will take a look on the site in the next 1 – 2 days just to check if the plugin set up properly.

If the plugin is not compatible with your theme or other 3rd party plugin I will approve your refund request.

I purchased this plugin back in 2018 (my support has expired) and i’m only just getting around to installing it now.

I find it odd the same ‘disabled’ class is applied to buttons that are invalid (ie. cannot be selected as a variation) and to buttons that are valid (ie. can be selected as a variation) but are greyed out due to an alternative selection.

I would like to be able to differentiate (using CSS styling) between buttons that are greyed out because they are invalid, and greyed out because of an alternative selection.

Is this possible? Can I make this a feature request? I would renew my support and re-download an updated version if this is something you can do.

Thank you.

I ended up hiding ‘unavailable’ variations using another plugin, but if I hadn’t, alternative CSS for those unavailable variations would have been nice :)


WooCommerce does not differentiate between these two states and so the plugin does not have this information.

The plugin processes the dropdown elements rendered by WooCommerce and using event listeners to trigger changes.

The latest version of the plugin has an option to hide unavailable options if the product has only one attribute.

I am having issues with this plug in. Buttons are cut off unless I make the windows super small. Also the buttons are not greyed out for all the sold out options.

Thanks! Checked it and it looks like there is an issue with the disabled options in the dropdown elements. Let me check it in the next couple of hours. You can deactivate the plugin – I will get back to you soon. Thanks!

I wanted to drop you a message from your profile form but I was not able. Can you please drop me a message from my profile form?

sorry for the late response. I did not publish the site here is the link


Put the following snippet in the custom CSS styles textbox which can be found on the options page of WooCombinator. This will hide your themed dropdown elements.

.variations .value .theme-select {
    display: none !important;

Let me know if it works for you!

Works great, thanks