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Hi, I love your plugin but I have a problema if I use it with WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin. When I clicked to a different attribute it didn’t change the image gallery. I changed the config items in admin “Trigger dropdown reset” to “Disable for every product” and “Delay activation” to “1s”. Now it works but it does flickers and it is slow. I have disabled all plugins and I changed to Twentyseventeen Theme but it doesn’t get better.

Drop me a message from my profile page please. Thank you!

Message sent. Thank you!

Sorry, I forgot to say that you can check my web with Storefront Theme or our theme MariaAlbertin. Twentyeseventeen theme does not work fine with WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin. Thank you.

Is it possible to disable this plugin for a small number of product? This is when there are too many options. Say you have Red, blue, Green variation And then every colour also had 5 sizes.

I think that would make it too complicated. Maybe just a list selector on config page of which products to opt out and that’s all. This would address the functionality with minimal complexity.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll look into it.

Hey, the has just released version (1.0.6) supports this feature: now you are able to enter a list of IDs where the plugin should not be activated.

Hi, I am wondering if you can have a look at what seems to be a usability bug asap. I am stuck. I have active support extended.

ISSUE: When you have more then 1 variation type and all variations do not match the selection becomes very confusing and stops people buying.

EXAMPLE: Consider the following simple product variation usecase. (colour & Size)

Red: Small | Medium Blue: Medium | Large

Looks like a very common situation.

What happens now is you see all option. You are presented with Red/Large and Blue/Small which do not exist. When clicked, this unlatches the whole selector and the user gets very confused and leaves. (I get confused and its my store!) I would consider this a bug.

SOLUTION : Just like native selector, if variation does not exist remove it from list or add as needed.

The challenge is if you select Red/Small above and want to switch back to Blue/Medium (or any blue), the blue has dispersed. This must be solved already somewhere else?

Would you be able to to have a look at this under support please? Perhaps I am missing something that is already available?

This is why I suggested above being able to opt out of WooCombinator on selected products.

PS: thank you for replying to this so quickly.

Actually the plugin handles three states – active (selected), inactive (not selected but selectable) and disabled (not selected and not available with the current combination or one of the options from the same attribute is already selected).

Can you send me an example URL in private message from my profile form? I’m curious about your case.

Your suggestion above makes sense of course and definitely will make to the next release. Thank you!

I have a before purchasing question. We sell fish that come from different areas, are different colors and sizes. The variations are all handled by drop-down today, We want to create this look:

Can this be achieved with your plugin?


Thanks for the question. With WooCombinator you can replace the dropdowns with buttons. The text of the buttons will be the text of the given option – the same as you see in the dropdown currently. No other information can be added through WooCombinator – so the price, sale, etc on your sample images can’t be handled with my plugin.

Hi, I love your plugin but I have a problema. When I changed a variation are flickers. With no Delay, there are not flickers but the image does not changed. So, I need to put 100ms to changed images from one variation to other. Can you please help me to find a solution with this flickering? Thanks in advance

Hi, thank you! Are you using other 3rd party plugins, for example for the images? Can you send me an URL to check how it works on your site?

Yes I am using other plugins, but I tried disabling all of them and is the same issue. One example of the page is thanks

Cool, thank you. Can you please drop me a message from my profile form? Let’s discuss it in email, it’s much easier. Now I can see a minimal flickering – that is of course because of the 100ms delay. I’d like to try two things, so please drop me a message :) Thank you!

Hi, we just bought your plugin. but we are trying to make it work without the disabling effect of the nonactive variations and without the need to click again on the button to release the selected variation, how can we do it? we need it to be just simple boxes with the same color just the selected color is changing on 1 click.


Hey, I think we can play with some css styles. Drop me the URL of your site please to check how it looks like now.

Does this plugin allow customers to choose more than one attribute before adding to cart?

In my case, I sell photo prints. A customer may want to buy more than one size print of a certain photo. I don’t want them to have to keep going back to the same image over and over to make multiple size selections to add to their cart. That would not be user-friendly.


This plugin only replaces the dropdown elements rendered by Woocommerce to clickable buttons. So if your site can be set up to work on the way you have described then the plugin will not affect this behaviour.

Thank you!

This plugin looks perfect for my needs, just need to check that as a user selects attribute options on the product page, that the price will automatically update. thanks

Hey, as long as it changes when you are using the default select dropdowns, then yes. WooCombinator hides the select elements and renders buttons instead, but under the hood it still controls the original select dropdowns. Thanks!

That’s great, and thanks for the quick reply. I just found a site that’s using the plugin in exactly the way that I need, so all is good.


1. Increase button size 2. Remove selection field

I don’t know what color you’d like to see. Try to use some color to hex tool, like this one:


Interested in the color of the text inside the buttons How to set their color?

You can change it with setting the color attribute of the .woocombo-entity elements. For example to set it to white:

.woocombo-entity {
    color: #fff;


I would like to know if this plugin does for example:

If I have size 40 in black, but that size does not have any variation for the color brown, then it does not show on the screen.

Is it possible to do this with this plugin?


This plugin basically takes your dropdown elements, hides them and renders buttons instead for every options: - it will render all available option from your site dropdown - and it will render all available option from your color dropdown

When you select an option the plugin will control your original (now hidden) dropdown options in the background and checks which options are available.

If (without this plugin) you select “40” now in your dropdown and your “color” dropdown does not contain any selectable elements then the plugin (when activated) will disables the selection on all of the color buttons, because there is no available variation.

If you drop me an URL for your site I can double-check it.


great theme, one small problem. When using the masonry display for products in a category it is putting the category thumbnail for the 2 root categories in every listing. In this example digital library should not be there. Any advice?

Hey, are you sure you dropped that comment on the right place? :) If yes, I’m not sure if the issue is caused by this plugin. Have you tried to disable it?


rell001 Purchased


Thank you for this awesome plugin!

When I updated my staging site to WooCommerce 3.3.1—I’m getting the following notification:

“Heads up! The versions of the following plugins you’re running haven’t been tested with the latest version of WooCommerce (3.3).

WooCombinator unknown”

Also, I’ve an question regarding Wordpress 5.0: Will WooCombinator be compatible with the new Gutenberg editor?



Thank you! Please give me some days to test the plugin with the latest WooCommerce – but in theory the plugin should be compatible.

For the Gutenberg editor I also have to check it – but I’m sure I need to do some developments to be compatible with it.

Have a nice day!


New release has been uploaded and waiting for approval: I’ve added the required tags to avoid the version warning on the plugin page – I’ve also tested the plugin with WC 3.3 and it works well.

Thank you!


rell001 Purchased

Great—thanks so much!

Hi, is it possible for your plugin to communicate with Gravity Forms based upon a certain variation(s) selected?

Thanks! Josh


Without custom JS code I don’t think so it is possible. What do you want to achieve?

Hello. I am having an issue where with your plugin ALL variations are displayed rather than just ones that are enabled. When I disable your plugin the disabled variations disappear.

Thanks in advanced for your help.

Hello, can you please send me the URL of your site where I can check your setup? Thank you!

Sorry wrote a support message to the wrong plugin.

Thanks for this nice one anyway ;-)

haha no problem :) have a nice day :)

Hello, I got a css problem, concerned page:

When you active an element, disabled elements got an increased padding and elements become displayed differently on each selection.

It looks like some css code from woocommerce take the hand:

.woocommerce #respond input#submit.disabled, .woocommerce #respond input#submit:disabled, .woocommerce #respond input#submit:disabled[disabled], .woocommerce a.button.disabled, .woocommerce a.button:disabled, .woocommerce a.button:disabled[disabled], .woocommerce button.button.disabled, .woocommerce button.button:disabled, .woocommerce button.button:disabled[disabled], .woocommerce input.button.disabled, .woocommerce input.button:disabled, .woocommerce input.button:disabled[disabled] { color: inherit; cursor: not-allowed; opacity: .5; padding: .618em 1em;

Especially the padding property for this selector.

Have you got some magic css that could resolve this problem ? I tried a couple hours without success.

Thanks a lot!


Hey again I finally managed it:

.value{width:350px;} .woocombo-entity.button { padding: 12px 25px !important; border-radius: 4px; }

Hi, glad to hear! Let me know if have any other questions!


Since I’ve enabled Weglot for my wordpress automatic translations, my variations is no more selectables since I switch lang.

Works great with base selectboxes.

Could you have a look please ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Thierry PROST.


Is this plugin translates your site automatically? Looks like it also changes some data attributes on the WooCombinator buttons which breaks the plugin.

Are there any way to add ignore elements or something which will not be translated? I think there is something like “Exclude blocks”. If yes, try to add the following:

If it is not working try to add the following:

But (if it works) it will ignore the translation of the rendered buttons. Basically the plugin should not translate the data-value attribute on the button elements.

Let me know if it helped or not.

Worked with the second classes that I can exclude:

It’s ok to do not have translations here and feel it resolves my problem.

Thanks a lot, fast & perfect support :)

Is it possible to select multiple values of the same variable?

For example: I have hardware products that can come with up to 6 feature/software variations from a list of 12or more within the same attribute.

If I understand you right that is even not possible with default WooCommerce setup as it works with single select dropdowns. Do you have an already working example with the dropdowns?

WooCombinator hides the default dropdowns and renders buttons instead while it still controls the hidden dropdowns in the background.


Does the plugin support changing the SKU based on the selection?


Hello, this plugin controls the original dropdown elements so if the SKU is changed without using the plugin then it should be also changed with using it.

Hello dear developer. I want to test your solution before buy because i also use cleverswatches for variation images. I need to know if these work together with my theme.

Hey, can you drop me the URL of your site in a private message? Let me check before we move on. Thanks!

check your mail