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Does this support variable products?


Hi. It supports any product type. Also it is compatible with any theme.

Check this video for a quick demonstration:

Best regards. Andrei.

Hello, I have just purchased and would like to know the shortcode so I can display public collections.

I will have collections in the menu so viewers can see user generated collections

Thank you

Hello, I have tried to use [woocollect] however this doesn’t seem to be displaying public collections? – Please help

Its okay it has started to work now :)

Nice. :)

Hi there,

Demo is not working –

“Add to collection” button doesn’t work.

Hi. You must be logged in. Use the forms on this page to register a new demo account.

Sorry, but it kills the whole idea for many unregistered visitors. Does a plugin have an option for this case?

WooCommerce itself does not have an account page for visitors. So, even if I add the possibility to create collections for non-authenticated users, they will not be able to see their own collections.

I think the best option is to add a login form in collections dialog. This is what I’ll include in next update.

Look this video for demonstration:

Best regards. Andrei.

Hello, we are interested in purchasing a plugin for collections but are seeking ability to select which users are allowed to create collections. Basically disable it globally and have ability to select if collections feature is shown to a specific user role(s). Can this feature be added? Also we need the ability to just show specific collections to a public page and not all of them. Please let us know if this can be implemented for your next update. Thanks

I’ve submitted the update that includes these functions. It should be approved soon.

Hi. I’ve updated the plugin. Now it supports access to collections by user roles, plus many other functions. See the changelog and this screen:

Hello, Thanks for the update to the plugin. Three more important things we need for realistic operation to use for our live site for this plugin to make sense:

1. the ability for admin to create collection categories. So for example we have a page where we just want public collections of a particular category type to show only. For sites that have more than 1 category type this is necessary for their visitors to see public collections pages of interest.

2. social sharing is very important for collections because they have to be shared. we tend not to be for adding more plugins to a e-commerce site which just adds more load to site. If you could add a social sharing, email, and print feature that would be great. Print is great so user create a pdf via print or print color for cataloging purposes.

3. ability to show in a horizontal grid and or slider. If the collections pages are made with categories as stated in #1 a admin can also just make a visual collection category slider(ex. fall collection, winter collection(s), etc.) using Visual composer or just a post grid each having a target url that points to a specific categories collection listing multiple collections in category page(ex. fashion collections) or just a specific collection page where you see the products in the specified collections as you have now. This feature is not as important as the other tow but does now show the importance of why #1 must be done for our site.

For now we will purchase plugin in understanding that such updates will realistically be added soon. Keep up the good quality coding and steady improvements for this is holiday season(in USA especially) and a plugin like this is most useful for for the next few months. Thanks!

Hello i interested in your product. I would like to know:

1) How is “mark private” work?

2) Can i put collection like in Top menu right? Sub menu will be name of each collection.

3) Can user choose collection style like Gird or List?

4) Can i display “button” add to collection anywhere have “add to cart”? I want them always stay near together anywhere (homepage, shop page, best sale list… anywhere have add to cart button will have add to collection button.

5) is there any option to share the collection via email and socical? (if i have plugin share sociel for each product but would like collection also understand it)


Please confirm me if you can help all work, i can make purchase and give you admin for you fix it. Thanks


1. When a collection is marked as private, it is visible only to the user who created it.

2. You can create pages and use the shortcode to display the collections. Next you may include that page in the menu.

3. Only grid style is available at the moment. 2 and 3 columns.

4. You have the option to display the collection button on different positions on product page and you also have the option to display the button using the built-in function `woocollect_button()`.

5. The plugin does not have the built-in function for social sharing, but this can be easily done via a plugin that offers functions to display social sharing buttons. For example, the following code allows to display the social buttons after the collection title:

add_action( 'woocommerce_before_shop_loop', 'woocollect_social_sharing', 55 );
function woocollect_social_sharing(){
    if( is_woocollect() ){
        // The social sharing function here, to display the buttons.

Note: is_woocollect() function has been added in version 1.1.

Best regards.

Hello, a few immediate updates you need to make:

1. when we loaded you plugin and created collection we added the collection to our product widget filter and the filter identified it as the taxonomy id of 1319 (see In addition when selected it showed a list of ALL products and not the products in the collection selected. In the products list in the woocommerce product area you see “IN Collections” column but the collections are identified by their ID (see

2. there is no Woo Collections widget so if you wanted to allow user to filter/sort through all or selected collections to show the product they cannot. This MUST be updated or this plugin definitely would not make sense if it doesn’t have collection sorting on the shop page of all pages. This is the most important page on a e-commerce site.

2. as an admin we should be able to see ALL collection categories in the right column of the product page to be able to add and remove on an admin level as well. (named Collection Categories)

Thanks guys, please give a rough timing when these fixes will be put in next updates.

Hello, we have been waiting for 5 days now for a reply. If this is going to be normal for how you respond to comments, inquiries, and most of all necessary bug fixes to the site we will unfortunately have to request a refund in the next day if these issues are not addressed and go with another collection plugin. Thanks!

You should consider acknowledging that people are not using your product for fun. Most buyers are business owners or developers that have to provide a solution to their client.

Customer support response time taking a week is a long time if you have a site up and running serving customers. So using vague responses like “Soon”, “I’ll Probably”, etc. do not give other developers like us any real details to plan or development schedule around. We really like the potential of your plugin but see that your communication and development style may not fit. We requested this in previous message “Thanks guys, please give a rough timing when these fixes will be put in next updates.” You did not reply to this.

We know this plugin was not designed for admins only but if you do your research you will discover that admins prefer to have control over how features are displayed on the front-end to customer/users. We tried to delete rating but we cannot. I think once refund is done they remove our review. Good luck

Hello, Why do you refuse to issue our refund knowing that the issues with the plugin and your support reply which took over a week does not work for our business? We are not and cannot use this plugin so please accept our refund request. Thank You!

I’ve explained when I’ve rejected the refund request. The plugin works as intended. So offering a refund for a digital product just because you need something that we never promised does not makes sense.


Simple and awesome

:) Glad you like it.


Looks great. Could you add the option to only allow admins to make public collections? And customers etc can automatically only make private collections (and maybe share the direct link via mail etc).



I’ve submitted an update a few minutes ago with this option. It should be available soon. I’m sorry that it has not been included earlier. I just forgot, hope you understand. .


Thank you! No problem, i like the plugin very much.


The version 1.1.2 is available and it includes the option to specify user roles allowed to create only private collections. 



Krammig Purchased


I bought the wpweb woocommerce collections plugin a few days ago. It has nice features – however it does not work for Variable products. It has a bug where the Collection button does not show at all and only appears when the user selects the size and colour or whatever is in the lists. This is ridiculous because the consumer never even knows the option to add to collections exist if they cannot see the button. And they are idiots who have no idea how to provide support or communicate with paid users of their plugin, rude and arrogant, nor do they know what end users require, just what they as programmers want to deliver.

What I would like to know please is will your plugin work fine with variable products, in other words,

a) can I add to collections just visit a product without having to select all criteria first

b) can a logged in user have their own private collection list

c) can the site Editor view all customer collections just by selecting collections and seeing the various collection sets created by registered customers and also see who that collection belongs to.

d) can a register customer create multiple collections. Like the eBay collections process.



First of all I want to note that the button is always visible, no matter what how complex is a product.

a ) Yes. The button is always available once you are on a product page. Of course you can change the position from admin panel as well as to show it by user roles etc.

b ) Yes. Anyone is allowed to create private collection that will not be visible for anyone else.

c ) Yes. Anyone who can edit other users, can see all collections that has been created.

d ) Yes. As you see in point b, there are at least 4 collections that belongs to a single user. A user is allowed to create an unlimited number of collections or a limited number that is set up by the site administrator.

Hope this helps.

Best regards.


Krammig Purchased


Hi, can I use this plugin for posts and an additional CPT? Thanks, Francesco


No. This plugin is just for WooCommerce.



Krammig Purchased


I am going to buy your Plugin now as discussed above, however I will ask the following of you for future. You are aware of the wpweb woocommerce collections plugin, they have a very nice UI that is attractive to users. Both visually and layout. I suppose it is modelled after the eBay one.

Is there any chance you can tweak yours to make it look more friendly for the shopper, more appealing visually ? It would be appreciated.


Hi. The goal was to make plugin with a clean interface. I do not bloatware. 

However I may include several hooks that will allow to extend the plugin how you like.


Krammig Purchased

Good Morning, Thanks, appreciated your feedback. I am sure you will agree there is a difference between bloatware and an outcome that is appealing to Customers. If you could at least give us the option that would be appreciated.

Also, is there a way I can send you a couple of images ? I want to ask is using a shortcode or whatever, I can ad the ability for a customer to click on a button in a menu so he can view the Collections. I want to put an Icon next to the shopping cart icon in the top menu.


Is there a way to make this Woocommerce Collections plugin display the collections in the same gallery and display formats at this other Collections plugin?

This would make your woo collections plugin superior to any of them out there. I really need the display feature with individual gallery pages to display products from each collection.

~ L

Can you please update the plugin to work with woocommerce 3.x? Since the update the plugin isn’t working. When you click on an collection you end up on a page with all the products in the shop.


I’ve tested with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce version and all works as expected. Maybe you have another plugin that conflicts with this?


Is there any way to have the add collection button visible in the shop or anywhere else the products are displayed – not just on the main product?