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Hello, I have loaded the trial version. Can the stock # field stop rounding the numbers? I have stock in yards so I may have 2.75 yards left. The bulk editor rounds those stock numbers. Can this be changed?


Unfortunately not. Woocommerce in this field uses only integers


I was trying the free version of your plugin. I like it.

However I notice, on Sale Price, when I remove sale prices by bulk operation I end up with Sale Price ‘0.00’ on all my products on the front end. And Sale Price 0.00 appears on the products in the back end.

I was using these instructions:

This happens on Simple products and variations.

Any info would be much appreciated.


Hi, can I choose a category? I would like to display a list of a certain category.

In the paid version can we edit more than 10 at once?

Hello, yes! And you can do it also with free version if to use filtration, watch video please

Hello, I am running the Free version to see if it will do the job before purchasing,

The issue I am seeing is in using Roles I can see the Administrator is able to access the middle tab called – Bulk Edit – (inbetween Filters and Export)

However if I select the Editor role, all fields the the Bulk Edit tab are hidden frm the Editor role.

I have gone through and made sure the Editor can edit, update, delete, anything that resembles products, pages, files… but still it is not showing any info in the Bulk Edit tab.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Thank you for taking the time to reply. As I mentioned in my original message I did set the user as Editor however the “Bulk Edit” tab is not populated with anything apart from a couple of headings. The “Filter” is populated.

I even went through and set many additional individual additional flags however it made no difference.

Unless you can advise exactly what options need to be set under Roles, my feeling is there is something wrong with the plugin. At least the demo version, because it is not working correctly for Editor. It does work Ok for Administrator.



As I wrote in the previous message – The editor should have “manage_option” –

How to add it –


Presales question: Is it possible to set the Sale end date? For example if I want to have a store wide sale for 5 days.


Thank you so much :)



Hello! In FREE version, is it possible to bulk edit Weight / Width / Height / Length ..? Thanks


Weight / Width / Length – is in free version, but Height is in premium version only

Is it possible to do something as simple as bulk edit and remove a category from products? Is there a limit in the number of items that can be edited between the free & paid versions? Any responses appreciated.


1) yes. Please watch video –

2) If you mean items as products – no . as taxonomy – yes( only product category and one attribute)

hello i would like to do a price update of all my products (more than 15K products with variation ). the problem is that i can’t do them one by one as you all know . these are my pricing rules

Pricing Rules 1 – 0.01 to $10.00 — multiply price times 3 (price x 3 )

10.01 – $34.99 ——– Add $15

35.00 – 49.99 ———- Add $20

50.00 – 99.99 ———– Add $30

100.00 – 149.99———- Add $50

150.00 – 200.99———- Add $82

200.00 –249.99———–Add $100

250.00 –299.99———–Add $150

2—I am using your free version on woocommerce Anytime i try to fetch data of products with specific data example (weight from 0.05kg or weight between 0.01kg to 0.09kg) it always gives me wrong feedback . meaning wrong data.

3- when i try bulk editing all products at once or replace them with another text , i always find out later that some have bot been changed . example i tried replacing a text on website with another text . When i searched again , i saw that the text that should be replaced is still around and still in 800 products .

any help with this please ? can the premium fix all this issues ?


Ok! Please write me on support –

Paste your message and wp-admin access I will check it

why do you take a lot of time to reply to messages ?


Saturday and Sunday is weekend and nobody works, support conditions is here


In the pro version it is possible to sort products by category first, and edit the description of several products at once?

Thank you

Hi again

I’m using the bulk description editor and it doesn’t look exactly the way I want it. I want to write like this: - The pieces will arrive in a box with the signature - The pieces will be shipped in 2 days. Blablablabla, blabla bla, blalabalaal. Instead, it stays that way: - The pieces will arrive in a small box with the signature. – The pieces will be shipped in 2 days. Blablablabla, blabla bla, blalabalaal.

Is there any way I can write in the style I want? Thank you.

Oh, The same thing happens here… I want to write as a list, point 1, point 2, etc. separated.

Hi In our dessert delivery site we have 30 attributes and all 30 attributes have same 21 terms For example term is called bitter orange is out of stock When it happens we should hide/private bitter orange term from all attributes İs there any easy way to private same attribute term? Thanks


I’m not sure I understood you correctly.

In bulk editor you can change delete this term in all products –


Is your plugin works with bundle products?

Best regards, Max


This plugin can edit any data stored on the product side.

Good afternoon, I can not understand in the trial version how a product group will add an attribute without variations? Where to read in steps?

In the filters, I select a group of products. In the “bulk edit” I add attributes. In “Variations Advanced Bulk Operations”, I uncheck “Used for variations”. I press “Edit” – I get variations. I do not need variations. What am I doing wrong?



This option –

Yes, I understood what to do in 2 stages. First add attributes, and then turn off the variations.


Yes! You are right!

Hi, I wanted to see if it were possible to include the Woocommerce Min/Max Quantities feature in this. Is this a Attribute or variation?

So far so good on the free version! Thank you!


a) is it possible somehow to jump to a page number instead of just page after page ?

b) is it possible to search for Blank / Null field ? For example all empty SKU’s ? I cannot see an option for this.

thank you


1) Read this please –

2) Unfortunately not. You can add your idea here-

Hi, it would be super useful if can filter for blank fields. thanks


Ok. You can add your idea here-

Hi, I have many products (16k) with many attributes & filters. Can I sort (asc/desc) column “color” (for example) to see all products without color attribute? I tried free version, but there are no sorting options.


Unfortunately the plugin has no sorting by taxonomy

Hello ! How to make a separate product from individual products. For example, there are several sizes, how to combine them into variations?


unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature

Hi, I have purchased a plugin that allows me to add Min/Max qty rule for products – . Would the pro version display this section for bulk edit?