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Hi I manage an escort website. Every escort is a product with variations of price The variations are the time you book the escort, so till 2 hours,4 hours, 8hours,24hours… all the escort have the same variations.

Then there are 2 groups of escort (gold or platinium) .We use attributes for this. All gold escort have the same variations and prices All platinum escor have the same variations and prices

So I would like to bulk edit a variation price, let’s say “till 4 hours” on all the platinum escorts.

i dont know if its possible with free or paid version and how to do it I’m testing right now Thanks a lot

ok wow thanks a lot !



Hello I want to add certain attributes with out having it in the variations of the products - want to added as a bulk edit ?


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Hello! For now, we are testing Free version of Bulk Editor. I noticed that there is no “height” field. I suppose that it’s a full version feature, but I don’t see it on settings tab at all. Are my assumptions correct and the “height” field is available in premium version only?



Yes! It is available in a paid version.

Hello. I bought the professinal product today. But have the following problem. I sell “simple” products (so no variable products) for which some properties are necessary (color, size, quality, manufacturer, etc.) Unfortunately, I can not figure out how I can see and edit all these properties in the Bulk Editor. In the settings, only one property is shown to me. Second problem is that I can not change the number from 10 to 100 in the settings “Default products count per page”. Under “Default products count per page” stands in red “premium version” although I have WooCommerce Bulk Editor Professional v.1.0.3. Please help me.


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spioit Purchased

Pre purchase queation.

With this plugin i can bulk delete all products variations? (also from DB)

hello this is a pre purchase question can i make a product price ediitting by category using an automated task like cron jobs or somthing like that


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature .

I tested the trial versions and did not understand how to add a massive attribute so that it would not be used for variations.

Problem with infinity load, no error ;/


Try to deactivate all plugins except woo+woobe and do test

If no luck:

Please install and activate this plugin –

After you can see the reason for this error.

hi, is it possible to show variable products attributes/terms when listing variations?


You can see this in the title. Example:

my title is probably too long, so it does not show up. Is there a workaround?


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How to column to show and edit Custom Product Tabs content?

I notice the plugin Compatible with – Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce, and how can I show the tabs in column to edit? thanks

How can I set the default profile to load? thanks

I have the demo version but I only see one product when there are actually 5 in my store. Is this because it’s the demo? What else could be causing this?


No! it should show all products.

Try to deactivate all plugins except woo + woobe and do test.

If no luck – please drop me screenshots of the plugin settings

hello, are this plugin compatible with dokan?


I think yes. This plugin can edit any fields on the product side.

If you have a problem – write on support –

I’m trying to filter but it isn’t working. I’d like to only see product variations with “China” in the title. Seems so simple, but no products are being returned and I know there are many that exist.


Please write me on support( use contact form ) –

Paste your message and wp-admin access I will check it


Agropt Purchased

I bought a plugin, but Variations Advanced Bulk Operations is not working in it. I cannot add attributes, just nothing happens. writes 100% progress, but in fact this is the result, changes do not occur


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Hello its possible to bulk add attributes using the free version?


In the free version it is possible to work only with two taxonomies(Category, tag or attribute)

Hey. What happens if I disable the plugin after editing products? Will the changes stay or will everything will break? I want to only enable the plugin when I need to make changes. And another question. Am I allowed to buy the plugin to use single time uses on client’s website (install, make the changes, uninstall, move to another website). I have clients who only need to change stuff once. Do I need to buy a license for each one?


Will the changes stay or will everything will break?  - all changes will remain

Do I need to buy a license for each one? – Yes

Try free version –


is there option to add bulk attributes?


Yes. watch video please –

The free version only works with two taxonomies.

Really annoyed after buying the bloody premium and not being able to install the plug in. Getting a message that the folder already exists or something like that.

Ok, lets try 2 ways step-by-step:

  • go to yor site backend page wp-admin/plugins.php
  • find all plugins with name “WOOBE – WooCommerce Bulk Editor” and delete it
  • refresh the page and try to find the same plugin again and delete it if you will see it there
  • open any ftp client and go to your site plugins page
  • find and remove folder ‘woo-bulk-editor’
  • find and remove folder ‘woocommerce-bulk-editor’

After deleting in any of that ways – download Codecanyon bundle. You should unpack downloaded zip file from Codecanyon and you will find there which should be installed using page wp-admin/plugins.php

Done WAY 1… Went to do WAY 2 and there are no such folders there.


Please write me on support( use contact form ) –

Paste your message and wp-admin+FTP access

Hi, I just purchased this plugin and it’s stuck in a loading loop.


check the browser console – maybe it’s a JS error

If no luck:

Please drop write me on support –

Paste your message AND wp-admin+FTP access I will check it