Discussion on WOOBE - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional

Discussion on WOOBE - WooCommerce Bulk Editor and Products Manager Professional

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Hey, Does it supports WCFM marketplace plugin ?


Unfortunately, we do not have such information.

You can test it with a free version –

If the data is stored on the product side, BEAR should modify that data without issue

Thank you for your feedback


Regarding meta fields, I used the free copy and was able to add just two to my columns (which is the restriction of free copy), and because the field names provided aren’t clear, and I can’t add any more, I don’t know for sure that the meta fields I need will show up. I just had to guess on the first two and neither were the ones I was looking for. If they do show up, I would purchase the plugin. If they don’t show up and I can’t bulk edit them, then the plugin isn’t so useful for me. Is it okay if I purchase it and then if I’m not able to access the specific meta fields I need that I can return it?

Hello To test this function, you need to try two meta fields. Unfortunately there is no other way

Do you have roadmap on for editing custom attributes? – Unfortunately no. this plugin is designed for editing products

You had said: (Just iterate over options for meta keys). That did not work for me.

1) Can you tell me exactly how to do it so I can test if the meta fields I need will be available to me. The first two I tried were not the fields I needed to see. I want to try it with other fields to see if they are being pulled through. There is no preview in the Meta fields tab so I just have to use trial and error. After the first two were an error, I cannot replace them with another field.

2) I mean custom attributes on products. For example we have a custom attribute author for each product. I also have one for modality. Will I be able to see the attribute field and which author is assigned to a given product and which modality is assigned?


1) You can delete these fields –

2) If these attributes are created as taxonomies


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Hello! There are two types of attributes in Woocommerce: Global and Custom product attributes. As I understand you could edit Global ones with this plugin. But what about Custom Ones? Can you edit with WOOBE? For example Smart Manager Plugins allows it and bulk edit also. Does similar functionality available for WOOBE?


I answered you on the forum

Unfortunately this plugin does not work with such attributes.


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Hi, Is there a limit of combinations that can be generated using your plugin?


Looks like you mean ‘Variations Advanced Bulk Operations’ -> ‘ Default combination’ – theoretically unlimited, but practically if them very a lot server will not have enough memory to create them …

I have enabled “visible for the shop manager” on “Manage stock”, “Stock quantity” and “Stock status”, but users with Shop Manager role cannot edit or adjust the stock quantity.

BEAR – Bulk Editor and Products Manager v2.0.8.1 WordPress v5.8 WooCommerce v5.6.0

And I have checked that all related capabilities for products has enabled for Shop Manager role

So i try to free version and it’s work good and i’m ready to upgrade to Pro version but my problem is i have 10k product : for searching (Meta Fields) for manufacture sku it take 3time to click filter to show the product contain specific SKU.

Note: Im using Exact (=) to filter the manufacture sku


Do you mean it is take 3 seconds to find products by SKU? Not very long time, but you can add more memory to the system and set it to wordpress to make it faster.

Read please: – 1024MB will be good

Hello , what I mean I have to click 3 times the Filter to show the SKU , This is not SKu for product this is SKu for supplier, additional field for my Product..


You mean the filter button doesn’t respond the first time you press it? Can you create a video with the issue?

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Is it possible to edit author for a lot of products at the same time? It looks like it’s showing only administrator accounts for possible authors.

Rosvaldas Purchased

Yes, works! But how do I do it in bulk for a lot of products at the same time?

Rosvaldas Purchased

Figured out already thanks


Great! Welcome;)