Discussion on BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Edit and Products Manager Professional - Products bulk edit

Discussion on BEAR - WooCommerce Bulk Edit and Products Manager Professional - Products bulk edit

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You probably changed the name of the plugin folder, which prevents automatic updates from appearing in the Wordpress dashboard. Additionally, when you try to manually update and enable it, a critical error appears.


Yes, name of the folder changed from woocommerce-bulk-editor to woo-bulk-editor to synchronize translations from

Please remove old version of the plugin manually then install it from codecanyon bundle as usual plugin. From this moment auto update from Envato will work as it worked before

How can I filter by Category. I want to edit the products from an specific category. Thanks

Perfect, thank you!

Welcome :)

Just wanted to share this plugin is great and saves our team a ton of time updating products (we have a 4000+ product online store).

We are experiencing one new bug that my team just brought to my attention. When you filter products and then click to go to the next page, it resets all the filters in the query and loads the “next page” from the entire product list as opposed to the filtered list. When you try filtering again on the second page, it resets back to the first page of the filtered list. I have updated to the latest version and tested with no other plugins installed and we still get the same issue. Just wanted to share so maybe it can be updated in a future release.

You guys are great! I didn’t know of these extra options that can be tweaked. That fixed it perfectly!

Again, I highly recommend this plugin, it makes editing products so much easier and fast. We’ve integrated all our custom fields through the settings as well and just saves us so much time. (Even more now we have this sorted out).

Welcome :) ❤️️

Pre-sale question:

As we all know that WooCommerce’s HPOS is about to be released with WooCommerce version 8.2. WooCommerce has required all the plugins to declare compatibility with it’s upcoming HPOS system. I am wondering if this plugin has any plan to enable HPOS compatibility in the near future or it’s not in the roadmap? Thanks!


The plugin is already compatible with HPOS (compatibility declared)

This is not a problem because this plugin does not affect orders

hello, i would like to buy this plugin, but i have a question: Q: can i use this or does it work with wcfm marketplace plugin with multiple vendor stores? if not, do you have any recommendation?


You can try a free version to test –

If you want the vendor to see only their own products on the bulk edit page – Please use this option –

Hi, I used your workaround to remove the sale prices. I need to to do it twice, for every language. But this still did not work on variants.


Just checked: – works, to make it for attributes you need do the same but activate switcher ‘variations’

Hi thank you, I found it. I supposed to find that switcher in that part where I was editing, not outside.

Getting this error on free and paid version: DataTables warning: table id=advanced-table – Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see

Thanks for this super great plugin. I got a question, why rowas in this list is empty?


Please write me here –

paste your license key here – -> and  wp-admin access –

Did you create these variations using global attributes (taxonomies)?

Done. Yes, taxonomies.


I answered you on the support forum -


I am currently using the free version and I am interested in upgrading to the premium version. However, I would like to confirm an important issue before proceeding.

My website utilizes the WPML plugin for multiple languages, specifically English and Arabic. I have noticed that when I change the prices in English, they are not automatically updating in Arabic. This is crucial for me as I need the changes to reflect in both languages.

Could you please clarify if the premium version of the plugin addresses this issue and ensures that price changes are synchronized between English and Arabic versions of the website?

Thank you for your assistance.

I see that there is compatibility between the WOOBE – WooCommerce Bulk Editor Professional plugin and WPML. I would appreciate your guidance on how to resolve the issue I’m currently facing.


To edit fields, you should repeat the operation for each language

You can try( ) – – in file functions.php

add_filter(‘woobe_wpml_sync_prices’, function($do){ return true; });


Is there a way to find and delete duplicate products by sku?

Kind regards


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature.

to search you need to know a specific SKU


Can you please pass it on as a feature suggestion. I believe it would add value to your plugin.

Kind Regards


Ok! I passed it to developers


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Hi, We have 2 sets of sales prices. Price A and B for some products. is it possible to set when the sales price A ends show sales price B. Thank you.


Unfortunately no, this plugin does not add new functionality to products and does not have a scheduled (automatic) editing feature.

Hi, Does this plugin support bulk edit for ACF repeater fields?

Thanks, Fredrik


Unfortunately, we do not have such information.

This plugin can only edit data that is stored on the product side

Okey, never mind. If you don’t even know what a ACF repeater filed is, its probably not supported. Thanks.


we didn’t make compatibility for these third party plugins, but compatibility depends on how those plugins store data. If in meta fields or taxonomy on the product side – it will work, otherwise not


Hello my search and filter isnt working at all for a while now for my bear bulk editor

I deleted my cache plugin the issue is still there

also how do i add it i am in plugin editor of wordpress


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hi, how can i filter only trashed products? in “product status” i can’t find trashed as value. thats a bug?


Unfortunately the plugin does not work with trashed products

Is it possible to schedule plugin actions or automate them anyhow like with a cronjob?


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature

Hello a presales question. I want to use the feature where you replace the attribute of a variable product. Lets say that I have an attribute for SIZE and it has the value of XL and this is used in variations already. I would like to replace it with Xlarge value without having to recreate the variations. is it possible ?


yes. Please watch this video –

You can try a free version –

you rock!

Great! Welcome;)

Hello – I have over 300 tags that have been used and I’m finding if I click tags when adding a product the page goes unresponsive. Is this a bug or just a limit of having a large list of selectable tags?

Hi, I downloaded the files for the v. (23-05-2023) update but the zip contains only up to v. (the last 2 updates are not in the zip file). Thank you


Intermediate versions with minimal changes are not saved in the archive

Latest version is always outside of archive folder – look please it, v.

Got it. Thank you!



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hello I tryed the free version before, but I dont find if it’s possible to select 100 products and bulk edit them to add a nex attribute (color: black) to all of them in 1 edit not on 100 edit.

Hello Please watch this video –


ajna667 Purchased

Hello so I bought the premium pluginbut not find the way to bulk modify attributes, I find on bulf edit>>additional>>”Attribute visibility” but it not possible there to edit attribute, in my use for 100 black products I have to add to attribute “color” with the option black.

Hi, does it work with the plugin Woocommerce Brands? can you filter for brands?


I think yes. but it depends on this 3rd party plugin. If this plugin uses taxonomies for brands, there should be no problem for filtering


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