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I’m not seeing the changelog either…. Where is the “description”?

Hi, The description of this plugin on CodeCanyon, Here it is:

What if someone orders 10 different products at same time? I want to know how it will look like when lots of different parts. Because ytour examples are usually 1-2-3 product examples. You have vertical slides but they don’t look well I guess. Customers wants to see all list at one time not with scrolling.

For instance this back image is fixed to bottom right? How can I do for flexible orders?

Hi, Thanks for your pre-sale inquiry.

In the settings there is an option to auto-adjust the height of the popup. This automatically adjusts the height of the popup according to the screen size but doesn’t let it overflow and then adds the scrolling. To make this setting go to: Items Area > WooBag Visible Window and choose Auto Adjust.

For the background images, there can be different background image options for whole popup, header, items area, footer. I guess you just check the footer background. If you want to set a BG for the whole poppup, you can set it from the General Settings tab. And you can also adjust the position of the image by using the arrows in the very next option.


Hi: Does your product specifically support WooCommerce Composite and Bundled products, ensuring that components cannot be individually deleted, etc….?

Hi, Thanks for reaching out.

Please note that Woobag plugin has got nothing to do with the deletion of components. Its job is to show the items in the cart in the form of popup of various designs. Yes, however, there is an option to choose which custom variables you want to show with the products in the cart popup. Variables such as size, color etc.

I hope it answers your question.

Please feel free to contact, should there be any further questions.


Hi there! Great plugin but I’m having problems upgrading from the free version to the premium version.

The settings page has all of the customizations I made in the free version, but they are not taking effect in the full version unless I manually change each setting and change it back to the setting I want. At that point, the popup cart shows all of my customizations, but when I try to save them – I get an error: “oops, something went wrong” and I have to start all over again and it still won’t save my settings.

Is there something I missed in the upgrade process? I use nginx, redis and php7 in case there are any known issues with those.

Thanks for your help!

Sorry for the late follow up – I’ve installed the latest update and still get the same issues plus some new ones that I found when trying to add a background image from my WP Media folder. I’ll send you user access via email soon but I don’t believe I can do FTP on my server. It’s all SSH.

Are you still on Holiday? I’ve sent you admin credentials to and have not heard back from you. I mentioned this username (IOWISH) in the email. Please search your email for my request or I will need to pull the admin role soon. Thank you! P.S. – are you compatible with PHP7, NGiNX and REDIS?

Hello again. I noticed you were logged in and able to upload a background image. I also noticed that importing templates now works. There are still some bugs where I cannot close out of a preview in the backend, or use the X to delete a cart item in the frontend. Are you aware of these issues as well during your testing on my site?

I have disabled the plugin until the front cart fully works because I cannot find a way to disable the active template. You can feel free to enable the plugin if you have more testing to do.

Thank you for getting it working this far!! :)


Can I use this plugin to replace the entire cart page with just a floating cart?

And also I have minimum order requirements, so will it enable me to add a message such as ‘You must have atleast X items to order’ and hide the checkout button until they do so?

Let me know


Hi there,

Pre-order question:

Can a cart have the gift by default?



Hello, Pre-order question too ;-) Does your plugin work with all themes and Divi espacially ? I’m using woocommerce (last version) for the shop. Thanks for your answer Have a good day

Hi. Thanks for your interest. Yes, it supports that! Thanks

Ok ! good ! I will purchase in the week. Thank you so much !

The extremely sad part to the fact that you have only sold “86” of the premium version of this plugin is that – in all honesty – your free version is better! Why are you paying more attention to the free version and not fixing the upgrade issues for those of us who BUY the pro version after trying the free one? I’m almost ready to ask for my money back, even though I know that’s a long shot. Here’s the deal though – if you TEST your “paid” version on a server that uses REDIS, NGINX and PHP7, and you get it to work – you’re going to sell a LOT MORE THAN 86!!!!!! .... GUARANTEED

Hello, Could you please advise how to fix it at the sidebar with always display product in cart?

Thanks Pete

Pre-sale Question. Is this plugin compatible with pixelyoursite that can fire add to cart button while someone click add to cart button?