WOOATM- WooCommerce Accordions & Tab Manager

WOOATM- WooCommerce Accordions & Tab Manager

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Nowadays, we all want a mobile-first responsive website since the majority of traffic to our sites comes from mobile devices (phones and tablets). In order to help visitors to your WooCommerce site and to improve their experience to the readability of the product descriptions and information, you might have added some more custom tabs on your WooCommerce shop. Often, users have a hard time to go through your WooCommerce product details on their mobile devices because of the tabs stacked one after another. When it comes to mobile, user experience is everything and these small details can greatly affect conversion and bounce rate.

Improve your customers experience right now with WOOATM!

With the release of V 1.1, Now you can easily add Global Tabs for the product.

WOOATM – WooCommerce Accordions & Tab Manger helps you easily replace default WooCommerce tabs with some cool and funky looking responsive Tabs and Accordions.

WOOATM also allows you to quickly and to easily customize and add extra tabs for your products so you can put more user friendly details and help the customer to know the products even better. Plus, you can add extra information such as technical specifications, videos, sizes, inquiry forms or anything else you choose that will help get more sales.

Want to replace the Tabs with Accordions? No problem, with WOOATM you can with ease and achieve exactly the look and feel you want with built-in selections of options that can easily match your tab/accordion design to fit the branding of your store.

WOOATM is a must have plugin for your WooCommerce powered store. Finally, you are not limited to the default features and can layout your Tabs and Accordions the way YOU WANT! WOOATM would also help you to add any number of extra WooCommerce tabs to your products. Using Extra Tabs you can easily have more details about your product such as Technical Specification for your product if you are selling electronics items or size chart or a video of the products if you sell clothes or even a product inquiry form to help customers inquire about any product.


  • Replaces default WooCommerce tabs with responsive horizontal/vertical tabs and accordions.
  • Automatically transforms the tabs to accordions for mobile devices.
  • Allows you to customize the look and feel of the tabs/accordions without any coding.
  • Choose from 3 different tab designs to make your website look even better and match your existing site design.
  • Choose from 3 different types of accordions to fit the look and feel of your store.
  • Add custom tabs for each product.
  • Easily drag ‘n drop the custom tabs to reorder and fit your needs.
  • Add shortcodes for tab titles and also for tab description.
  • Use the custom tabs to add an inquiry form, video embed, maps, gallery, product manual and more, quickly and easily.
  • There is option for global tab. Global tabs allows you to create tabs which will show on all the products.
  • Breakpoint width allows to set you the width from where the tabs will be converted into accordions.
  • Option for keep the first accordion expanded or you can make all the accordions closed on the page load.
  • Option for showing product tabs and accordions under product details and product summary


Version 1.7 (8th Jan 2021)
 - updated for latest wordpress and woocommerce
Version 1.6 (5th Sep 2018)
 - fixed issue for the default tabs duplicate on some custom theme
Version 1.5 (18th July 2018)
 - Added option to show tabs/accordions in product details and product summary
Version 1.4 (3rd May 2018)
 - fixed js issue for the accordions and tabs
 - fixed issue for show accordions expanded all on load
 - fixed css issue
Version 1.3 (20th June 17)
 - fixed css for tabs
Version 1.2 (13th June 17)
 - Added option for make first accordion expanded
 - Added option for make all the accordions expanded
 - Add option for make closed all the accordions on page load
 - Language file added
 - css fixed for tabs padding issue
 - removed woocommerce deprecated functions
 - Update deprecated functions with updated functions
Version 1.1 (17th March 17)
 - Fixed js issue
 - added option for global tab
 - added option for tabs to accordion breakpoint width
 - added option for make first accordion expanded or close
 Version 1.0 (28th October 15)
 - initial public release